Instructions ? What Instructions ?

Instructions ? What Instructions  ? ……. How many times have we heard the men in our lives  ( yes it is always men lol  ) say this very thing when they have failed at something  ? Like  putting together flat pack furniture , like fixing the car , like putting  a new plant in the garden ( yes they do come with instructions too  ) or doing some cooking ? There are just so many things that come with instructions  that almost all men ignore as a routine , they think they know better that they are good enough not to need any silly instructions. Those are for the  women , they are the ones who need to be told how to do anything like this  , they are  ” Blokes ” what do they need any silly instructions  for ?

So the women quite rightly decide it is  probably better if they make themselves scarce  and  go out for a coffee or a drink or to meet someone or shopping  , lol, anything to not be there when it all goes very wrong and the  ” Bloke ”  has messed it all up and  more than likely has at least half a dozen bits left over and it doesn’t work . Exactly what any woman would expect  to happen as she knows only too well all about men and instructions . Maybe there should be a special class that all  males  must take at school  on  ” how to read instructions ” and it should be compulsory , lol asif we could  get that working.

When in doubt …give it a clout  …

Too many men think this is the right way to fix things , lol , just look at a certain TV  presenter who always tries to fix a car motor up by hitting it with a hammer  , and as usual that does not work . So when hitting it with a hammer  does not work , what to do  ?  Read the instructions  ? lol dont be daft we still don’t need those . We will still muddle on till the women  get so fed up they either get the instructions out and make the  ” Bloke ” read them under pain of suffering  , or she gets a tradesman in to do it properly  and makes  the big tuff  ” Bloke ”  pay for it , serves him right really if he had bothered to read the instructions  things would not have gone so badly wrong , and there would not be so many bits left over and all over the floor.

When in doubt …. read the instructions ….

It really does get down to this eventually but if the blokes we so love won’t do it then sometimes they have to be forced , what else can you do ? At this point  I must point out that  I am so very lucky I have 1 of those very rare specimens of the male of the species  that actually reads the instructions  before he starts so we do not end up with tons of bits left over . I feel so sorry for all the poor women out there who have the usual kind of male lol we do not need instructions  types , they must go out of their minds when the male has to do something like this. How many bits and pieces of things have you come across that have been put together using the  method of ” she’ll be  right mate  ” school of thought , even though that school of thought does not work  it is still the 1 most loved and used by men the world over . What man wants to admit he cannot do something that easy  that he needs  instructions  to do it  ? None that  I know of  lol , I mean what difference does it make if the wardrobe is a bit wonky or a bit lop sided , as long as it stands upright who cares  ? Also what difference if you put a plant in the wrong place or the wrong depth or wrong place  ? As long as it stays alive  for more than a week or 2 its all ok right  ? Wrong  lol and the fun part is that men will never learn , they do the same thing every time  it never ceases , makes you wonder why you bother sometimes lol’

The reason you got  flat pack or asked the male to fix the car or plant the plant was to save money , but more often than not lol by the time the error  is fixed it has cost more money to correct * sigh  *  men  sheesh  * So in the end instead of trying to do the right thing and save a bit by getting the male to do it  you may just as well pay a little more and get the professionals to do it  , they get it right first time  with no need for  fix ups later , and no spare parts . Think  the spare parts that do not get used enough is what passes for brains in males who keep on doing the same thing all the time regardless of success  or failure.

If you swallow a Christmas decoration, does that give you tinselitis?

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