Annoying Advertising

Annoying Advertising ….I know we all hate  having the programs we watch interrupted by these  but some of them are actually funny some are factual , but some are just wrong on so many levels it is not funny  . Will come to those in a minute , but for the most part they tell us what we can buy  , what services are available  to us , that sort of thing  and where to get our cars serviced , get petrol , and  in general  tell us what we need to know . Some TV  channels too are way over the top as to how many of these adverts they put into the programs  , there used to be a law  that says  you will only have so many in a 1 hour block , but some ,now shove way more than that in an hour . So how did this come about  ? I wonder what has happened  to what used to be advertising  standards  board  , guess like anything else that was good it is no longer in operation  or they do not care anymore.

There are so many adverts on  TV now that are just wrong  that is why  I say the so called standards board has quit. There are so many that show all too plainly that to steal, lie , cheat, and many other things are all ok , that it  does not matter  .   I am disgusted , when did we let this start and why ? For heavens sake if  I went to the fridge to get something  I put there and it was gone , then that is stealing pure and simple , yet we make jokes about it  ?  Oh it must have been 1 of the others  … <—-that is wrong it is theft  , why are we teaching kids this? Or we go out in a car and someone calls  and asks  did we take it  ? What happens  ? We say no , no I did not take it  .. <—— lying  is that right to teach the kids  ?  Then we sit back and complain about the things our kids are learning , start blaming everyone but ourselves for letting it happen . We let these sorts of adverts go out all the time so who is really to blame  ? When did we decide to bin the truth  and  tell our kids lying is quite ok ?

Then there are the ones  I hate the most , the ones that have decided that we are all deaf, we are all stupid so they  have  to YELL VERY  LOUDLY  at us 1st thing that happens here is the mute button , so nothing  gets heard for all those companies that use this  kind of advertising I tell you  it  will not work , will never work , we are not stupid and do not  need yelling at . What possible thought  ( if any  ) went through the minds of the people who dreamed up yelling at us to try  and sell us things , its just amazing to me that anyone ever thought like that . If your product is so bad you think that the only way to sell it is to yell at us then you have a worthless product  and need to get something better .

As well as all that you have now what they call  ” infomercials ” all these are , are another way to not have to put on an actual program but sit back and let the adverts run , and thats all they are just longer adverts , who also sometimes use the yelling technique  but for longer . This is how the the  TV stations get around the very loose controls on advertising  about how many can be used in an hour . By calling them  ” infomercials ” that dodges it very nicely , they are not now adverts , very sneaky, underhanded , and wrong , some shows  I refuse to watch at all now  because in 1 hour you are lucky to get 15 mins. of actual program , and that too is just wrong. Would you pay an employee to work for an hour but let them get away with just working for 15 mins. of that hour ? Pay them for 45 mins. that they do nothing  ? If you would then you have way more money than sense  .

Are the  TV stations all so broke now they can’t pay their stars to actually be there  and doing things for  more than 15 mins an hour  ? If this is the case then they need to re think how they do what they do , because the way they do things now is just robbery really , they rob us of the shows we want to see  and fill the time up  with adverts or  ” infomercials ” how can this be right  ? Or even legal when you think about it  , it is robbery a very  subtle robbery but it is nevertheless no matter how they dress it up . If I pay for something or for a service  I expect all of what  I pay for , not just a small portion of it , I am the 1 spending the money so  I should have the say in what  I get , sure this is the right way  to do it yes ?

I could amaze you with the things I don’t know and terrify you with the things I do know.

A Very Merry Christmas to all and  I hope The  New Year will be better than the last 1  🙂


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