Every Single Time

Every Single  time  …. What is it we do every single time  , despite saying every single time that we will not do this again ever  ? What is it that we just can not help ourselves from doing  , over and over again despite knowing its silly and we should stop , we just do not  . ??

It is getting in and cooking  way too much food , we go to the shops , we see the bargains , we say  ” Oh must get some of that too  ” The shopping trolley  gets fuller and fuller and the bill goes higher and higher  and it starts to look as though we are getting enough food in for a month . When in fact all this food piled high in the basket is for 1 day  !! Yikes !! Can you believe it  ?? All this is for 1 day , our brain says we have  say 4 people coming for the day  so we need enough for a month for those 4 people for just 1 day , amazing isnt it  ? Yet every single year we do the same thing over and over and we say every time never again  .. lol  yeah right  ..

So what is this 1 day that throws all reason out the window  ? Why it is  Christmas Day of course , the day the family come over and all get together for this supposedly happy family day , yeah maybe  ,  not always but sometimes it is a happy day . Mostly though it is a day of eating  , from the time we first get up , till the time the last 1 leaves , it is non stop eating  hence the thought ( a wrong 1  lol )  that we must have enough food in to feed an army !! So we pile up the food in the trolley and get set to then pile on the pounds after eating way too much of said food , silly really  but we still do it each and every time . Each time too a lot get sick that night or the next day after eating all that food , but does it stop us  ? Not on your life … lol … we tell ourselves that  ” it is only for 1 day ”  and that is ok we think , mostly  it is ok as we do only eat like that once but sometimes its not too .It is like being hooked but for just 1 day its crazy but we do it  ..every time  …

So what is it that makes us do this every year even tho we swear we will not ever do it again ? Well I for 1 think it is the fact that a lot of the things we have in for Christmas can only be bought once a year , if we could get these things  all the time would we then be able to control the urge to feed an army rather than just a few people  ?  I rather think we would be able to as it would be  just another food item and 1 we had been able to have all year . I think the food shops all plan it that way so they can make a bigger profit , they have things set up so that a lot of the stuff we love at Christmas can only be bought then and not any other time  of the year . It is common knowledge that the shops are all out for just making a profit and you and  I are the only way to do that  , so what better way to do it than to control when we can get some things and when we cant ?

So for 1 day every year we get all this lovely food in that we know we cannot get any other time and just go bonkers over it and gorge because we love it so much. Not just food either there is also lollies , and alcohol , and other things  that because we cannot get them all year round we overdo it at this time of year , every year despite knowing what the out come may well be * sigh *  We never learn , we never remember so round and round it all goes  and again we say , right that is it we will not do this again ever ….hmmmm  heard that before too somewhere …lol

What we should do , and  I emphasize ” should  ”  is get enough for  the day and just enough , or get twice as much and put the rest away till next year so we can save money next time , but what ever the best thing to do is you can count on it that we will do exactly as we have done every year and get 10 times as much as we need . when it comes to this 1 day of the year we always will do the same thing , cannot see it changing anytime soon  can you ? Trouble is we set our hearts on all the goodies we can only have once a year  and we look forward to it so much reason does not come into it , so every year we get too much , we cook too much , we eat too much …lol  here we go again.

Now from that day for who knows how long we have a great pile of  left overs , and there is only so much you can do with left overs after all . How long we eat left overs  is only proportionate  to the size of the trolley we filled up before  the big day , if we used a tiny bit of sense  it wont be for too many days but if we did not then  it can take a long time to get through it all or give it away , silly things we are  …lol  Will we ever learn ?? lol nope no way no how .

Wow just got this  1 in before the new year …lol… Happy New Year !!!!

What do you mean NEW YEAR?……I haven’t finished with the old one yet.!!

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