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Nick Names

Nick Names …. Just how many nick names do we use ? We have them for everything almost , for people , for things, for places, for events , there are more but that is enough for now lol . Makes me wonder just which country has the most , I know we are among the worst for them but have heard a lot from other places round the world too .

Here if its a lovely day we might say  its a bottler mate , meaning a lovely day , if we really like something like  a beer , or some kind of food we say its grouse mate , if we are saying goodbye to someone its hoo roo mate , see ya later alligator , or if its really really good we say bewdy bottler mate . We use mate for  almost everyone we meet in real life not just on social media , so when we meet someone up the road or in the shops its  howdy mate how ya goin  ? At a get together in the back yard its a barbie , you all know ” throw another shrimp on the barbie ”  Im sure not too many  people  do not know this . We have become a nation of giving anything and everything a nick name of some sort or other , why I do not know but it is the way it is  and we all love it . It is part of what makes us unique as a country .

We are off to the rubbety  dub dub , meaning were off to the pub , or lets go see the coat hanger  and the sails  , meaning the  Harbour Bridge  and The  Opera  House , maybe lets go to the strip see what’s hanging  meaning lets go to  Kings Cross and see what’s going on there . If we are off to the rock to have a gander then we are off to Ayers Rock to have a look , or maybe a Captain Cook , which also means have a look . When we have been flat out like a lizard drinking , means we have been so busy we have not had time for anything much but work. When that happens  its no fun at all and we need to relax with a tinnie or 3 , meaning a beer or 3 , or  it could be lets go fishing  in the tinnie , meaning a small aluminium  boat which is also called a tinnie , lol you confused yet  ?? Wait I know you want more , so you soon will be …

If you hear someone talking about the bloody tin lids and how much trouble they are  , we are obviously talking about the children or kids  or tin lids , anyone will do  all 3 mean the same thing  . When someone says dammit  I need to use the dog and bone , means they need to use the phone , or if someone asks to use the dunny  , they are wanting to use the toilet . Going walkabout  covers a couple of things , can mean you have had enough and are pulling up stakes and leaving , or  just that you need to go shopping or to go for a walk. I use the term walkabout too for when  I am off twitter and faceache for a while for whatever reason , just means , be back some other time . My bag of fruit needs cleaning  , means my suit need cleaning ,  the idiot box I am sure you will know means the  TV , and given the amount of idiots on it at times the name is about right  , have to love  DVD’s  for the times when there are just too many idiots on it .

Bangers and mash is about the same here as in the  UK , we  also have a dogs eye  when hungry with dead horse , meaning a pie with sauce , if anything is described as a dogs dinner it means that it is 1 great big mess , all over the place like a dogs dinner . If someone is up -chucking then move away it means they are being very sick and you don’t want it all over you . If by any chance you’re doing the  last lager waltz it means last drinks at the club or pub and you are wobbling your way home , if you can find it by this stage  lol . You know the drill , 3 steps to the  North and 2 to the South and we are doing the last lager waltz * hic *  usually feeling no pain or much at all right now  lol .

Some of the nick names  we used to use now we can not as some how this dam political correctness has ruined  things , we used to call Italians and Greeks Wogs , and it was meant as an endearment  was never  a rude saying but you would not use that term today or risk getting your  lights put out , meaning  a punch in the face . Another 1 was  chinks  for Chinese or Japanese or anyone with slanty eyes , was all said in fun and all races used to call each other these names  and loved it  , but again you can’t do that now or risk trouble . Another well known  nick name here is 2 words together  , oi mate , meaning hello to someone you know  , or did ya bring ya grog along ? meaning did you bring your beer with ya  ? Most times we use the term grog  it is always beer , beer can be called  grog, amber liquid, booze ,  wine is  not mentioned much we just seem to focus on beer for some reason . To blow the froth off ya grog  is to have a good beer with a nice head on it ………….no not that …lol …

So if you are asked to just go ” up the road a bit  ” be prepared for a road trip of anything between 1 to 10 days  duration , it means the distance from where you leave to the place you are going to no matter how far away its still just   up the road. After all a country this big  does not need to worry about how far it is , no one cares either  lol as we all know the term and are prepared. So we go up the frog and toad ( for the pommies ) lol  for as far as 100  miles or as little as 1 mile its all the same to us .


Got an awesome watch for my birthday. It was waterproof, shockproof, fireproof, bulletproof, acidproof, childproof & scratchproof. I lost it already.



The Pink Revolution

The Pink Revolution …..  So what exactly is this revolution ? No it is not some  retro 60’s or 70’s Rock Band  , it is a group of people who under this name work tirelessly  to raise awareness of Cancer , yes the big C , I was made aware of just how big this movement is and how  hard they work just recently ,also of the absolute dedication these people have for this cause . I am not usually an advocate of anything that even remotely looks like a charity , but this is 1  I see that is doing an astonishing job . These people go to extraordinary  lengths to help the patients they have who have the dreaded big  C , they put in hour upon hour  of time looking  after  their patients  , as they know what the patients are going through , and know sometimes all they need is a little love rather than medication  and are happy to do so for them .

So how did I become aware of this ? and of the dedication of the people involved ? A recent cricket match I was watching  ( as  I am a sports nut  )  had turned the whole of the Sydney Cricket Ground  Pink , it was re markable to see this  great ground so bedecked in bright pink . 1 of the main and leading lights of this movements is 1 of our very favourite  cricketers Glen McGrath , having lost  his wife to this terrible disease he decided to do all within his power to try to fight this insidious thing . So was born The  Pink Revolution  and it is now a yearly thing , that on that day on that ground everyone wears pink in some way  , and all the stands are decorated in pink . All entrance fees and other money raised all goes into the  McGrath Foundation , so if you have any thing to contribute please look them up online and donate . There is still so very much to do , and they really need it  .

As someone who has lost personally  too many friends and family to this dreaded disease  I will now try to help in this way , not 1 for any charity as when  I badly needed help they would not even talk to me much less help me . So since then  I have turned my back on anything that remotely looks like a charity , that plus the fact that too many of these so called charities just use the money for  ”  administration ” it is very rare for me to speak out in favour of 1 at all , but this is dear to me as I have seen too much suffering and death because of it , and would love to help stop anyone else from going through this if at all possible . It is a cruel and insidious thing and needs beating .

We see so many advances in  medicine and science  but as yet no cure for this dread disease , tho there have been some remarkable breakthroughs  in the research it is still a long way from curable , so much more time, money and effort is still needed if it is to be beaten at all . Time though is something a lot of people do not have enough of unfortunately so if possible research needs to be hurried up , as even if there is a breakthrough it still has to be tested and trials done , and all that takes such a long time but is very necessary . So many of the people working on this give their all and spend hour upon hour   staring into a microscope or at test tubes or  something , and they need  all the help they can get if any real progress is to be made . I have heard recently of some  new breakthroughs and hope with all my heart that this is true , as so many , many lives depend on it if they are to survive this awful thing .

Next time you look at your family , your husband, your wife, your children, anyone you love  and they are Cancer free be thankful and do what you can to help those who are not so lucky and are battling this awful disease . You will not know by looking at them as a lot of people who suffer  this and other diseases and /or injuries to their bodies do not show anything , but that does not mean they are not in pain  for 1 single second , it is all too easy to hide pain when you have constant pain , you get to be very good at hiding it and even people around you may not know how much pain you are in . Too many people think that if someone looks ok to them then they are ok and  as  I well know this is totally wrong , you never , never judge a book by its cover as almost 100% of the time you will be wrong.

So in closing this blog I once again ask if you can at any time help please do as it could just as well be you that has this dreaded thing  , and it may be you who needs the help . If you are healthy and your loved ones are healthy then be very thankful and try to spread the thankfulness around as much as you can .          <—- please help in anyway you can , thank you  🙂

I usually add a joke here but this time  I just want to say thanks to  God that , though I am in pain all the time it is not this awful disease . Thank You God ………..



Who Am I .. Where Am I ??

Who am I …Where am I  ?

You have no idea just how many times  I have asked myself this question since  coming back to Australia  from living in the  UK for almost 6 years . When  I left there to come home I was so sure all would be just as  it was when  I left , and all that  I knew about my home country would still be the same , maybe with a few small changes  . Well never could anyone have been more wrong  ,  I have been astonished to the point of wondering where in the world I was  . This is not the right place this is not my country  , it was never like this before  i left  and surely almost 6 years is not that long …is it ? How could things have changed this much  ? How could so many things be so very different ?

When i got back first thing I saw was  that the worst possible government  had been put in and had destroyed  it , had put into so much debt I doubt it will ever be out of it . Then to make matters worse they get voted out , so now just block everything the elected government  was elected to do, so saying we do not care what you voted we will still see you do not get it , total and utter disaster for this country it will only get worse too from here . No one seems to have the guts to do the right thing so just stop those that want to do it , so wrong.

Next thing I found was that when you go to hotels and  bars and clubs now kids are all over the place , they never used to be allowed in  until they were 16 , so whose bright idea was it to change that  ? Why did they think that exposing small children to drinking , gambling , and fighting was a good thing  ? Not to mention that people who do not have small kids now have nowhere to go where they can relax and have a drink or a meal in peace , there is nowhere to escape screaming kids, kids allowed to scream because parents do not care  1 bit how much that noise might be hurting  someone who is forced to listen to it . Unless you wish to walk out on your meal or your  drinks then you have no escape , these are the worst sort of parents and are doing irreparable  damage to the kids but they do not seem to care at all .


Before  I left too there was at least still a modicome of respect for other people , the people that we come across in shopping centres  and just walking  about in the  malls and parks and all those places  . Now no one gives a toss about anyone or anything but themselves , even if they bang into you its your fault and you get the abuse . People used to care about others and help when  some was needed now all they do is photograph it to put it on social media  and no help is given . Ask anyone for help  and about all you get is a dirty look and abuse , it never used to be like this .

The streets used to be safe to walk day or night  , no matter what time it was even as much as 6 years ago it was not too bad , but now there are places you dare not walk , some even in the daytime much less at night . I will not walk alone at night anymore either and  I used to walk for miles at night as this was the best time to walk and a lot less people were about to worry about. It  has  all changed so very much in that  short a time it has me scratching my head in amazement that  it has got like this .

So many times  I have stopped and thought about something or other that has changed  and just shook my head and wondered where I was  , this couldn’t be the same country  I left could it  ? How could so many things change and how could people let it happen ? Why did they sit back and say  yeah it is ok lets just ruin the country it will be ok as no one will object ? As it has been proved to me too many times since  I got back it seems everyone just sat back and let it happen , am so disgusted that this once lovely country is now no better than anywhere else we  do not like .

I sat here and tried to think of 1 single thing that has changed for the better since  I left , and you know  I just could not think of a single thing , how sad is that ? My own country too it is just not right ….

So if ever you see me standing  looking dazed and confused  it is because  I have come across yet another thing that really makes me wonder …. Where am I ? Who am I  ?

They Always Say…Stand & March For What You Believe In… I Do!!! Everytime I Believe I will Have pizza, I Stand and March To The Fridge!

4 Letter Words

4 Letter words ….. You can count on the fingers of 1 foot just how many people won’t  right away think of  something dirty right there… this is what has become of our world these days that the very first thing people will have thought of seeing that a dirty word. It never used to be this way  , it used to be that we would think of something like  work lol that to some people is still a dirty word and  I can understand that too . As a lot of people these days are in jobs that they do only because they have to , not because they want to , so yes to them work is a dirty word , and  that is understandable as we need to have work to even have a hope of living these days so it is very hard.

Love also is a 4 letter word and how many would have thought of that  the first time they were asked what is the first 4 letter word they thought of  ? Love is a powerful word can heal a lot of hurts and  make a lot of people happy , lets face it people who have love in their lives are usually much more relaxed and happy . They say love can heal all wounds and I must say that to me  I do agree with this as finding such a love when I did  just over 10 years ago now has healed a lot of hurts  I had  , and made me feel so much better than I ever did before , so for me it worked.

Hurt is also a 4 letter word that unlike love  can cause  so much pain and  heartache , too many people these days seek only to see how much pain ,another 4 letter word  that goes hand in hand with hurt , that they can cause other people or races because for some reason they think the colour of a persons skin matters . These sort of people are so twisted inside they are only happy when causing the most pain and hurt , hate to think what bought them to this state , feel so very sorry for them . Hurt and  pain have become so entwined   together now it takes up most of our lives , we see the results all around us on the news , in the papers , everywhere we turn it is there .

Pets another 4 letter word , but a good one as these pets treated the right way can bring so much joy and love to peoples lives who may not have anyone else to love . A lot of people these days prefer to live alone just with a pet or 2 to have for the love side of their lives , and with the way people are today who can blame them really ? Pets can bring a lot of joy and love also a lot of trouble , but you wish to have a pet that is to be expected , bit like husbands  too really lol, lot of trouble and work ( ooppss  ) sorry dear  lol . would not change it for the world tho …lol

True  another 4 letter word that these days is sadly lacking , there is so much that is  told to us  that we are assured is true but turns out to be anything but true , you just have to  research everything these days to find what is true  and what is not . There is so much advertising , and things you see on TV or in the papers or wherever that is claimed to be true  that is nothing like it   that too many people now do not trust anyone or anything and really who can blame them  ? People these days and corporations have learned to twist something that is true into something entirely different yet swear that what they are saying is true , and sadly too many people get caught up in this false  truth , you have got to learn to read what we now know as the  T,s and C,s  if we do not we can be caught badly .Those  T,s and  C,s  have been used to a fine degree these days and they hide the real truth so it is essential to read them before doing anything at all .

Tool another 4 letter word that is a good 1 and no I do not mean a person , lol, tho some could be called 1 of these  that  I know , but we will not go there . Tool as in a device or thing that is helpful to us , that can make life easier for us if we use it  , say a mower to cut the grass , a mixer to make a cake  , a stove to cook it in, a refrigerator  to keep food in , and ad infinitum it goes on as to how many tools we have and can use to help us , the other kind of tool usually just gets into trouble lol, but a bad tool is   not worth having  ( even if you love him )  lol , but a good one can be priceless and to be kept as long as possible in as good a condition as possible  .

Well guess I could go on for hours with 4 letter words , there are so many of them a lot good a lot bad  , but I wont lol just will say here that whatever word you use be careful as a lot of  the meanings of the words we use today have been changed and you may think it means 1 thing but it now may mean something entirely different  .

If you knew what I considered to be my “best behavior” it’s doubtful you’d advise me to be “on it”.

My IQ? … With google or without?