4 Letter Words

4 Letter words ….. You can count on the fingers of 1 foot just how many people won’t  right away think of  something dirty right there ..lol… this is what has become of our world these days that the very first thing people will have thought of seeing that ..is a dirty word. It never used to be this way  , it used to be that we would think of something like  work lol that to some people is still a dirty word and  I can understand that too . As a lot of people these days are in jobs that they do only because they have to , not because they want to , so yes to them work is a dirty word , and  that is understandable as we need to have work to even have a hope of living these days so it is very hard.

Love also is a 4 letter word and how many would have thought of that  the first time they were asked what is the first 4 letter word they thought of  ? Love is a powerful word can heal a lot of hurts and  make a lot of people happy , lets face it people who have love in their lives are usually much more relaxed and happy . They say love can heal all wounds and I must say that to me  I do agree with this as finding such a love when I did  just over 10 years ago now has healed a lot of hurts  I had  , and made me feel so much better than I ever did before , so for me it worked.

Hurt is also a 4 letter word that unlike love  can cause  so much pain and  heartache , too many people these days seek only to see how much pain ,another 4 letter word  that goes hand in hand with hurt , that they can cause other people or races because for some reason they think the colour of a persons skin matters . These sort of people are so twisted inside they are only happy when causing the most pain and hurt , hate to think what bought them to this state , feel so very sorry for them . Hurt and  pain have become so entwined   together now it takes up most of our lives , we see the results all around us on the news , in the papers , everywhere we turn it is there .

Pets another 4 letter word , but a good one as these pets treated the right way can bring so much joy and love to peoples lives who may not have anyone else to love . A lot of people these days prefer to live alone just with a pet or 2 to have for the love side of their lives , and with the way people are today who can blame them really ? Pets can bring a lot of joy and love also a lot of trouble , but you wish to have a pet that is to be expected , bit like husbands  too really lol, lot of trouble and work ( ooppss  ) sorry dear  lol . would not change it for the world tho …lol

True  another 4 letter word that these days is sadly lacking , there is so much that is  told to us  that we are assured is true but turns out to be anything but true , you just have to  research everything these days to find what is true  and what is not . There is so much advertising , and things you see on TV or in the papers or wherever that is claimed to be true  that is nothing like it   that too many people now do not trust anyone or anything and really who can blame them  ? People these days and corporations have learned to twist something that is true into something entirely different yet swear that what they are saying is true , and sadly too many people get caught up in this false  truth , you have got to learn to read what we now know as the  T,s and C,s  if we do not we can be caught badly .Those  T,s and  C,s  have been used to a fine degree these days and they hide the real truth so it is essential to read them before doing anything at all .

Tool another 4 letter word that is a good 1 and no I do not mean a person , lol, tho some could be called 1 of these  that  I know , but we will not go there . Tool as in a device or thing that is helpful to us , that can make life easier for us if we use it  , say a mower to cut the grass , a mixer to make a cake  , a stove to cook it in, a refrigerator  to keep food in , and ad infinitum it goes on as to how many tools we have and can use to help us , the other kind of tool usually just gets into trouble lol, but a bad tool is   not worth having  ( even if you love him )  lol , but a good one can be priceless and to be kept as long as possible in as good a condition as possible  .

Well guess I could go on for hours with 4 letter words , there are so many of them a lot good a lot bad  , but I wont lol just will say here that whatever word you use be careful as a lot of  the meanings of the words we use today have been changed and you may think it means 1 thing but it now may mean something entirely different  .

If you knew what I considered to be my “best behavior” it’s doubtful you’d advise me to be “on it”.

My IQ? … With google or without?

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