Who Am I .. Where Am I ??

Who am I …Where am I  ?

You have no idea just how many times  I have asked myself this question since  coming back to Australia  from living in the  UK for almost 6 years . When  I left there to come home I was so sure all would be just as  it was when  I left , and all that  I knew about my home country would still be the same , maybe with a few small changes  . Well never could anyone have been more wrong  ,  I have been astonished to the point of wondering where in the world I was  . This is not the right place this is not my country  , it was never like this before  i left  and surely almost 6 years is not that long …is it ? How could things have changed this much  ? How could so many things be so very different ?

When i got back first thing I saw was  that the worst possible government  had been put in and had destroyed  it , had put into so much debt I doubt it will ever be out of it . Then to make matters worse they get voted out , so now just block everything the elected government  was elected to do, so saying we do not care what you voted we will still see you do not get it , total and utter disaster for this country it will only get worse too from here . No one seems to have the guts to do the right thing so just stop those that want to do it , so wrong.

Next thing I found was that when you go to hotels and  bars and clubs now kids are all over the place , they never used to be allowed in  until they were 16 , so whose bright idea was it to change that  ? Why did they think that exposing small children to drinking , gambling , and fighting was a good thing  ? Not to mention that people who do not have small kids now have nowhere to go where they can relax and have a drink or a meal in peace , there is nowhere to escape screaming kids, kids allowed to scream because parents do not care  1 bit how much that noise might be hurting  someone who is forced to listen to it . Unless you wish to walk out on your meal or your  drinks then you have no escape , these are the worst sort of parents and are doing irreparable  damage to the kids but they do not seem to care at all .


Before  I left too there was at least still a modicome of respect for other people , the people that we come across in shopping centres  and just walking  about in the  malls and parks and all those places  . Now no one gives a toss about anyone or anything but themselves , even if they bang into you its your fault and you get the abuse . People used to care about others and help when  some was needed now all they do is photograph it to put it on social media  and no help is given . Ask anyone for help  and about all you get is a dirty look and abuse , it never used to be like this .

The streets used to be safe to walk day or night  , no matter what time it was even as much as 6 years ago it was not too bad , but now there are places you dare not walk , some even in the daytime much less at night . I will not walk alone at night anymore either and  I used to walk for miles at night as this was the best time to walk and a lot less people were about to worry about. It  has  all changed so very much in that  short a time it has me scratching my head in amazement that  it has got like this .

So many times  I have stopped and thought about something or other that has changed  and just shook my head and wondered where I was  , this couldn’t be the same country  I left could it  ? How could so many things change and how could people let it happen ? Why did they sit back and say  yeah it is ok lets just ruin the country it will be ok as no one will object ? As it has been proved to me too many times since  I got back it seems everyone just sat back and let it happen , am so disgusted that this once lovely country is now no better than anywhere else we  do not like .

I sat here and tried to think of 1 single thing that has changed for the better since  I left , and you know  I just could not think of a single thing , how sad is that ? My own country too it is just not right ….

So if ever you see me standing  looking dazed and confused  it is because  I have come across yet another thing that really makes me wonder …. Where am I ? Who am I  ?

They Always Say…Stand & March For What You Believe In… I Do!!! Everytime I Believe I will Have pizza, I Stand and March To The Fridge!

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