The Pink Revolution

The Pink Revolution …..  So what exactly is this revolution ? No it is not some  retro 60’s or 70’s Rock Band  , it is a group of people who under this name work tirelessly  to raise awareness of Cancer , yes the big C , I was made aware of just how big this movement is and how  hard they work just recently ,also of the absolute dedication these people have for this cause . I am not usually an advocate of anything that even remotely looks like a charity , but this is 1  I see that is doing an astonishing job . These people go to extraordinary  lengths to help the patients they have who have the dreaded big  C , they put in hour upon hour  of time looking  after  their patients  , as they know what the patients are going through , and know sometimes all they need is a little love rather than medication  and are happy to do so for them .

So how did I become aware of this ? and of the dedication of the people involved ? A recent cricket match I was watching  ( as  I am a sports nut  )  had turned the whole of the Sydney Cricket Ground  Pink , it was re markable to see this  great ground so bedecked in bright pink . 1 of the main and leading lights of this movements is 1 of our very favourite  cricketers Glen McGrath , having lost  his wife to this terrible disease he decided to do all within his power to try to fight this insidious thing . So was born The  Pink Revolution  and it is now a yearly thing , that on that day on that ground everyone wears pink in some way  , and all the stands are decorated in pink . All entrance fees and other money raised all goes into the  McGrath Foundation , so if you have any thing to contribute please look them up online and donate . There is still so very much to do , and they really need it  .

As someone who has lost personally  too many friends and family to this dreaded disease  I will now try to help in this way , not 1 for any charity as when  I badly needed help they would not even talk to me much less help me . So since then  I have turned my back on anything that remotely looks like a charity , that plus the fact that too many of these so called charities just use the money for  ”  administration ” it is very rare for me to speak out in favour of 1 at all , but this is dear to me as I have seen too much suffering and death because of it , and would love to help stop anyone else from going through this if at all possible . It is a cruel and insidious thing and needs beating .

We see so many advances in  medicine and science  but as yet no cure for this dread disease , tho there have been some remarkable breakthroughs  in the research it is still a long way from curable , so much more time, money and effort is still needed if it is to be beaten at all . Time though is something a lot of people do not have enough of unfortunately so if possible research needs to be hurried up , as even if there is a breakthrough it still has to be tested and trials done , and all that takes such a long time but is very necessary . So many of the people working on this give their all and spend hour upon hour   staring into a microscope or at test tubes or  something , and they need  all the help they can get if any real progress is to be made . I have heard recently of some  new breakthroughs and hope with all my heart that this is true , as so many , many lives depend on it if they are to survive this awful thing .

Next time you look at your family , your husband, your wife, your children, anyone you love  and they are Cancer free be thankful and do what you can to help those who are not so lucky and are battling this awful disease . You will not know by looking at them as a lot of people who suffer  this and other diseases and /or injuries to their bodies do not show anything , but that does not mean they are not in pain  for 1 single second , it is all too easy to hide pain when you have constant pain , you get to be very good at hiding it and even people around you may not know how much pain you are in . Too many people think that if someone looks ok to them then they are ok and  as  I well know this is totally wrong , you never , never judge a book by its cover as almost 100% of the time you will be wrong.

So in closing this blog I once again ask if you can at any time help please do as it could just as well be you that has this dreaded thing  , and it may be you who needs the help . If you are healthy and your loved ones are healthy then be very thankful and try to spread the thankfulness around as much as you can .          <—- please help in anyway you can , thank you  🙂

I usually add a joke here but this time  I just want to say thanks to  God that , though I am in pain all the time it is not this awful disease . Thank You God ………..



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