Nick Names

Nick Names …. Just how many nick names do we use ? We have them for everything almost , for people , for things, for places, for events , there are more but that is enough for now lol . Makes me wonder just which country has the most , I know we are among the worst for them but have heard a lot from other places round the world too .

Here if its a lovely day we might say  its a bottler mate , meaning a lovely day , if we really like something like  a beer , or some kind of food we say its grouse mate , if we are saying goodbye to someone its hoo roo mate , see ya later alligator , or if its really really good we say bewdy bottler mate . We use mate for  almost everyone we meet in real life not just on social media , so when we meet someone up the road or in the shops its  howdy mate how ya goin  ? At a get together in the back yard its a barbie , you all know ” throw another shrimp on the barbie ”  Im sure not too many  people  do not know this . We have become a nation of giving anything and everything a nick name of some sort or other , why I do not know but it is the way it is  and we all love it . It is part of what makes us unique as a country .

We are off to the rubbety  dub dub , meaning were off to the pub , or lets go see the coat hanger  and the sails  , meaning the  Harbour Bridge  and The  Opera  House , maybe lets go to the strip see what’s hanging  meaning lets go to  Kings Cross and see what’s going on there . If we are off to the rock to have a gander then we are off to Ayers Rock to have a look , or maybe a Captain Cook , which also means have a look . When we have been flat out like a lizard drinking , means we have been so busy we have not had time for anything much but work. When that happens  its no fun at all and we need to relax with a tinnie or 3 , meaning a beer or 3 , or  it could be lets go fishing  in the tinnie , meaning a small aluminium  boat which is also called a tinnie , lol you confused yet  ?? Wait I know you want more , so you soon will be …

If you hear someone talking about the bloody tin lids and how much trouble they are  , we are obviously talking about the children or kids  or tin lids , anyone will do  all 3 mean the same thing  . When someone says dammit  I need to use the dog and bone , means they need to use the phone , or if someone asks to use the dunny  , they are wanting to use the toilet . Going walkabout  covers a couple of things , can mean you have had enough and are pulling up stakes and leaving , or  just that you need to go shopping or to go for a walk. I use the term walkabout too for when  I am off twitter and faceache for a while for whatever reason , just means , be back some other time . My bag of fruit needs cleaning  , means my suit need cleaning ,  the idiot box I am sure you will know means the  TV , and given the amount of idiots on it at times the name is about right  , have to love  DVD’s  for the times when there are just too many idiots on it .

Bangers and mash is about the same here as in the  UK , we  also have a dogs eye  when hungry with dead horse , meaning a pie with sauce , if anything is described as a dogs dinner it means that it is 1 great big mess , all over the place like a dogs dinner . If someone is up -chucking then move away it means they are being very sick and you don’t want it all over you . If by any chance you’re doing the  last lager waltz it means last drinks at the club or pub and you are wobbling your way home , if you can find it by this stage  lol . You know the drill , 3 steps to the  North and 2 to the South and we are doing the last lager waltz * hic *  usually feeling no pain or much at all right now  lol .

Some of the nick names  we used to use now we can not as some how this dam political correctness has ruined  things , we used to call Italians and Greeks Wogs , and it was meant as an endearment  was never  a rude saying but you would not use that term today or risk getting your  lights put out , meaning  a punch in the face . Another 1 was  chinks  for Chinese or Japanese or anyone with slanty eyes , was all said in fun and all races used to call each other these names  and loved it  , but again you can’t do that now or risk trouble . Another well known  nick name here is 2 words together  , oi mate , meaning hello to someone you know  , or did ya bring ya grog along ? meaning did you bring your beer with ya  ? Most times we use the term grog  it is always beer , beer can be called  grog, amber liquid, booze ,  wine is  not mentioned much we just seem to focus on beer for some reason . To blow the froth off ya grog  is to have a good beer with a nice head on it ………….no not that …lol …

So if you are asked to just go ” up the road a bit  ” be prepared for a road trip of anything between 1 to 10 days  duration , it means the distance from where you leave to the place you are going to no matter how far away its still just   up the road. After all a country this big  does not need to worry about how far it is , no one cares either  lol as we all know the term and are prepared. So we go up the frog and toad ( for the pommies ) lol  for as far as 100  miles or as little as 1 mile its all the same to us .


Got an awesome watch for my birthday. It was waterproof, shockproof, fireproof, bulletproof, acidproof, childproof & scratchproof. I lost it already.


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