Cuddles  …. I just love cuddles and find it so very relaxing to be in the arms of someone who wants you to be there and shares the same liking of cuddles . I find a cuddle is a great way of relaxing  , of feeling safe  , of feeling loved , there is nothing as nice as falling asleep in the arms of someone who loves you as you know that you are both safe and loved . I am so lucky  as  I can do this most nights , depending on hubbys work shifts , and just treasure those nights , and waking up in the morning to  more cuddles .

Science has now proved  over and over again that cuddling is so good for you  , it releases tension and prolongs life they now say . Always suspected that it had  good benefits but now it seems that  I was right all the time , lol makes a nice change to be right . It also lifts your mood and your spirits  to start or end the day with a nice cuddle from someone who actually  wants to be there doing it . During the day too for no reason other than  you both want to is also a good time for a cuddle , in fact  I cannot think of a single time when it is not good to have a cuddle  , errrmmm except maybe in the middle of a supermarket  , or a shopping center lol think there might just be 1 or 2 places you should not cuddle but there are not too many thankfully  .

It is almost as much fun being jumped on and cuddled by a 6 1/2 year old  who loves  you and has been waiting for you to get there  , lol even if said 6 1/2  year old never stops bouncing or talking for more than 10 seconds at a time . At least you know that for those few mins  she is quiet as she wants to cuddle you so she must sit still to get the cuddle . Those sorts of cuddles  from children and grand children etc. are so very special , given out of love and wanting to  give them to you .All you need is to be braced and warned in advance lol as it gets quite bouncy with some little ones who have no idea of pain ( thankfully ) and do not realise in their exuberance they might hurt you , so being ready is good it helps a lot  . ( trust me  ) lol

Cuddles when meeting someone you have not  seen for ages ,  either family or friends it all feels the same if it has been a long enough time since you met . A cuddle to say hello is so relaxing and  makes you feel good to see these people again  and hopefully they feel the same way and return the cuddle with the same feeling you do . You can always see this type of cuddle at airports and bus depots and such as  people getting off trains and planes see the ones they have come to visit and the smile that lights up the face  soon shows how they feel and then comes the cuddle , feels so good  .

It is a pity  that cuddling is not something you can make compulsory but yes  I know something  that is forced is not the same  , but it would be so nice if people cuddled more and fought less , world would be a much better place then . More cuddles less fighting , sounds good to me  just wish there was a way it could be made to happen more  as  I am a very cuddly person and thankfully hubby is the same so we have lots of cuddles and  always feel better for it . I find too starting a day with a nice cuddle puts my mind in a nice place to deal with whatever the day brings, and if there is something bad  to cope with , once again a cuddle helps so much to ease the pain.

There are times especially when a cuddle cures a thousand ills , like when a little 1 falls and  scrapes a knee along with a band aid a good cuddle sure helps . Even watching a sad movie  is better when sitting cuddling someone  makes the sad  bits  that little easier to take  , and  it all feels so much better . Wouldnt it be nice if you could have cuddles prescribed by the doctor and you could get them when you really need 1  ? Not everyone is as lucky as  I am  and cannot get a cuddle when they need 1 so if this could be done it would help so many a lot  .

I am not saying for 1 minute that a cuddle is the cure for everything but boy it sure helps  and sure makes you feel better , we need more people to resort to cuddles  rather than violence  even that would make  a huge difference  in the world . I know  I am dreaming here  but you cant be had for wanting things to change  for the better now can you ? If you can then it really is a sad and sorry world we live in  , and it sure does seem like it is heading that  way at a  rate of  knots and that makes me so sad  ..

I’m trying to kick dairy and now I’ve got the milk shakes.

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