Dreams ..

Dreams … Now right here I am not talking about the dreams we have for ourselves , our lives, our families  lives , this time  I am talking about he dreams we have at night when we are supposed to be sleeping .  Those times when for no real reason we wake up partly  and wonder what  woke us  as whatever it was did not really  wake us all the way up  just enough to disturb our sleep. In the morning we wonder what happened but do not much worry about it  as we still got enough sleep . These little annoying dreams are the most common and occur the most  but as such are not to be worried about  .. as usually we do not  even remember them they  make so little impression on our brain  we cannot even recall them so no need to worry about it  .

The dreams that do worry us are the ones  that seem so real , seem to last for a long time and when we wake up we can even remember all of them . Some of this type of dream can really unsettle us and make us  worry  and wonder  what it all means . Some of  these dreams too can repeat over and over , some can even scare us silly and  wonder what we did wrong to cause this to happen ,and can give us a very guilty conscience,  can even cause us not to be able to get back to sleep . Some are so lovely  and peaceful and make us want to get up and go  , or to have whatever it was we were dreaming of  practical or not . Some are of people or places or things we want or have or places we want to go to or places we have been .

So why does this happen ? If you believe all the nonsense it is all meant to tell us something , things we should be doing, or scared of , or places we should go to . The truth is they are nothing more than the fantasies of an overactive brain  and a life too busy  to give the brain enough exercise  , so when you try to sleep it  goes off on a tangent because it has not done enough that day . Also it just means  that  you need to give it more to do , maybe more reading  , more talking to people , more things like that , maybe some games that challenge it . Sometimes it just means it is bored and wants more to do  , it is nothing to be scared of just means you need to change a few things to keep it busy . It is like every part of the body use it or lose it  , it will get lazy . After all the brain is just another muscle that needs to be exercised so it stays fresh and alert , it like all the other muscles gets lazy when not used  enough , and the brain is the most underused muscle  in the human body , and it controls all of the body , enough for us to need to keep it fit  .

The 1 thing it is not  is a warning of any kind , never ever believe these charlatans that make money out of their so called  ” interpretations ”  like all these so called psychics   who say they can read your future , they are nothing more than an over active brain that wants more to occupy it . Those people are nothing but leeches taking money from gullible people , they can no more see the future than I can  walk on the moon , they are all lies and meant only to make money out of the gullible . That industry now is so big it is  amazing , that and those who ” read ” star signs that too is another  industry designed to rip off the gullible  and it too works  way too well as people these days will believe anything these charlatans  tell them. This alone tells us how far down the human race has gone that they are even willing to listen to these crooks much less pay them for the privilege , it is just wrong and crazy .

So if you dream a lot or a little  just realise your brain is trying to tell you it would like a bit more use please , and do not go off looking for ” interpretations ” you do not need them you only need to give it enough work while you’re awake and it will be fine , no need to waste money or scare yourself with these charlatans and what rubbish they tell you  so save your money and be happy  . When you think of how many of these people there are and how much they make that alone should tell you how many they are ripping off and should warn you . If they really  could see the future then why are they still working  ? why do they still get killed ? or sick ? or robbed ? surely they know what’s going to happen and can protect themselves  ? Why also are they not  millionaires  ? Most of them  have not a lot more money than you or  I have  so why  ? If they know the future  ? makes no sense whatever .

So have  fun with your dreams , do not let them get to you , they mean only you need to exercise your  brain more , if everyone did this the world would be a better place and we would be a lot better off  in every way ….. so dream on without fear ….

Remember that without stupidity there wouldn’t be intelligence, and without ugliness there wouldn’t be beauty, so the world needs you after all. -.

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