Holidays/ Holidaze

Holidays that wonderful time of the year when finally you can forget work and spend time with family , the time you have waited all year for , the time to get away for a while to concentrate on yourself and your  loved ones instead of work. The year  seems to go so slowly sometimes for some , but for others  it takes ages  to make them see they do need to take a break , lol , took  over 2 years to get hubby to realise he needed to take a break ( sorry dear ) so finally we got some time together . Finally time for me to realise  I did actually have a hubby and was not imagining  it  all, finally a time to not have to be just talking to myself instead  lol , get sick of  expert advice ….

So a great time off down south to see family and friends , and see places hubby still had not had a chance to see for himself , for example  the  MCG he had seen it before but not done the tour , so this time he did the tour  and loved it as he had heard a lot about it but we had not had time to go there for him to do it . So 1 more  thing done in a list of things we wanted to do , and people we wanted to see , and places we wanted to go to . As hubby follows the same football team as me ( real footy too not soccer or rugby )  the headquarters of the club was a must see and a small souvenir  bought . Walking round the home town of our footy team and  seeing  the place again after a long time was also good for me as  I too had not been there in a long time . Also visited the town where all my children were born and  he had never been to before , had a great time  meeting family  we had not seen for ages , having a family lunch etc. The 1 thing  I do know is that after all the time it had been since  I was last there it had changed a lot , too much for my liking .

Then off to yet another town from the past for a look see and to catch up with more family , stay with  son and his wife and the children , 1 a real little whirling dervish , lol , boy  the energy she has is amazing  she wore me out in 5 mins flat , glad  I can escape lol , have no idea where she gets all that energy from but boy  it should be bottled .  Was lovely to spend the time with them  after again not seeing them for quite some time  , and to see again the town they live in after a long time . Amazing how much the kids have grown , sure makes me feel old , lol,  but they are sure doing well , but the town there too had changed a lot, and hubby got to see a historic town as well another place he had not been to before , so it was well worth the time there .

Holidaze…… This is the time when it all screeches to a halt , when you finally get home , start to unwind from all the fun and start the process of getting back into work mode . Time  to make sure all is set for the return to work , mostly all done in a daze as you really do not want to go back to work. Do not want to go back to work because after finally taking the  break  you now realise there is life outside  work and also some family . All this time no matter how long  it has been between breaks  you seem to forget there is life outside work , all you think about is work, colleagues , getting to and from work , and making sure all the bills are paid , and once back at work  you  slip back into work mode and then the holidaze finally recedes  into the back ground for another year … or 2  ..

So whether  it is holiday time or holidaze time it all makes  life interesting   and it can be awfully boring for you and your family without this experience  so we all need it to keep sharp and appreciate the time we do have together and the fun we have at those times . Fingers crossed here that it will not be so long until  our next break  we had such a good time , and it was so lovely to have hubby around for more than 5 mins. at a time , got used again to having someone else to talk to . Now have to go back to the routine of work , home, work, home etc, and  I go back to yelling at the  TV or talking to myself  lol , here we go again , till next time * sigh * oh well such is life  at least he has a job , and 1 that he loves so we are not complaining at all . Just very happy he has such a good job and we have our love to support each other , it all  works  very well even if it does get a bit stressful at times it is all good  .

Holiday time is a time we all usually look forward to  and really so we should  as we all need time to be with friends or family  or just to be alone , whatever way we choose to spend our holidays it is very good for us to have this break . Think about what  it would  be like if we never had a holiday , never took a  break  , how much things around us would change and we would never  even notice . That would not be good at all because even tho  we may not notice what’s going on around us it all impinges on us anyway so it is way better to try and keep up , even if we  do not really want to , this is where the holiday comes in to use as catch up as well .

Whoever said, “All men are created equal”, obviously has never been to a nude beach!!

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