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Auto Corrupt

Auto Corrupt  or as everyone else calls it auto correct  …. but  how much of what it does is correction as  opposed to corruption  ? I have seen so many words changed into what it thinks you want  that are nothing like what you want , you type in a word it either gets it somewhere near right , right , or totally wrong , but more often than not it is wrong and you have to make it change  it’s mind  and that is like trying to get a man to change his mind , lol  yeah  if he has 1 ( debateable  ) Auto corrupt is so bad in it’s  application  that it must have been made by a mad  man , lol, but what better way to torment so many people  that by giving them something like this ? Also by making sure you have to have it  ? Now that’s just mean  ..

Think about it for a few minutes give people something that on the surface looks like a great tool for those who do have problems with spelling , but in reality it is just enough  out  that it makes  glaring mistakes , some very funny , some downright rude , some just way off what you want. When you are trying to do an article or whatever  and you want to use slang , Aussie style or Cockney Rhyming  Slang  , well that is when the fun starts isn’t it ? Lol  it goes into conniptions trying to get you to spell your word the way it thinks you should and not how you want it to . Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 or even 4 goes to get it to accept the word your way  , this can be very funny or very frustrating depending on what you are trying to write , not to mention that it takes a lot longer to type the  article you had hoped to do in a short time.

Add to this  that the so called genius who invented it , then decided it had to go onto every  lap top , computer, phone , tablet , into everything that requires  you  to type , even in faceache  and twitter and any sort of message service  you can think of . Now this is either very clever or very cruel , but to most people  it is just a pain in the proverbial as it has been driving us nuts for so long . There is now , as far as  I know , nothing left that does not have this  so and so thing installed  , and  most applications  now will not let you turn the damm thing off either , so no wonder we get so pissed off with it . If you are using a tablet and you try to do  more than 1 thing at a time you get disconnected  maybe just for trying to type something and having an argument with auto corrupt , that’s  enough to make the tablet drop you off line . Either that or it sends you into places you had no intentions of going  by opening up new pages and launching things you don’t want , all because you’re stuck in  an argument with auto corrupt  .

So if  I ever meet this man who did this thing you can bet I will have 1 or 3 words to him about this , it might have looked good at the start  but  he just forgot to wait long enough before  releasing  it to see if there were any flaws in it  , and trust me there are a lot . They also did not give us the option to turn it off and save us a lot of time and trouble , they just decided  that it was so good  we all had to have it whether we wanted it or not , and personally  could do without it . I know it takes me so much longer to do these blogs for 1 thing as it decides to tell me how to spell things  I don’t want changed , if it just shut up it would take lots less time .If there is a way to turn it off in all these applications  then  it is well and truly hidden as to how to do it , because they don’t want you to turn it off , mean isn’t it  ??

Another reason for not having auto corrupt is that it actually makes you have to think , wow  what a bummer ! It makes you have to learn how to spell and trust me these days there are way too many people who cannot spell it is appalling , so take the dam thing off and make  the lazy ones actually learn to spell, might save their lives 1 day  you never know . It just amazes me how many so called adult people who cannot spell, and how many of  said so called adults use  these new stupid made up so called words instead of real words. For example  amazeballs * shudder * instead of amazing  this made up crap is disgusting and any who use them  just show a lack of ability to think and to learn to spell  . Another 1 is chillaxing * shudder * instead of relaxing , how can so called adults  use these abominations instead of real words ? Sometimes  i have to read a thing 4 or 5 times to even have a clue what they are trying to say  and that’s just wrong .  How hard can it be  ?? To quote a well known character to learn to spell , to learn to write in a way most people can understand  ? Would have thought it was a nice challenge to learn to do things the right way rather than opt out for all these  rubbish words ….. makes sense to me …

I just saw a donkey crossing the road. he looked both ways before crossing. What a smart ass.

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Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

Men are from  Mars and  women are from Venus …. lol just how many times have we seen or heard  this statement  ? Why does it make so much sense and why do we always  giggle so much when we see or hear it  ? Why ? I will tell you why  it’s because it seems to be so true !! I mean look at just how many things that men do the wrong way  , or not at all or take too long to do , or don’t know how to do , and yet most of the time the things we want them to do is so easy it makes us mad  . Yet to us  it may be something that we do all the time that takes maybe 5 to 10 mins or at most 20 , and along comes the male and messes it up , because he can’t or won’t  do it the way it should be  ( our way  lol ) We all know that our way is the right way that just makes sense as we do it all the time with no trouble at all  yet they can’t? What’s with that for heavens sake  ? lol typical male I can almost hear you say  and yep I would agree with you seen it too many times . Men are from Mars  etc. etc. ………..

How many times have they said yes love would love to help , now what do you want me to do ? So you tell them  and they say ok and you leave them with it and go do something else , only to come back and find a mess . Why  ? because they didn’t know how to do it  even after you showed or told them , but in typical male fashion  they would not ask for help/directions  * sigh  *  will they ever learn ? lol nope no way , no how , never . It is the same when you are out driving and you get lost , what is the first thing a woman does  ? She asks for directions  but a male  ? lol nope not a hope a male will never ask for directions , it is a male thing  I confess  I will never understand . Your typical male too will always  put off doing what you ask  instead of seeing that the sooner it’s done the sooner you can relax and do what you want to do . I find if  I do it myself after all that then I know  he’s done it  lol and  I tell him that , and wonder why  I ever bothered at all to even ask him to help . Men are from Mars etc. etc. etc. …….

Men have many talents but helping a woman with chores is definitely not 1 of them  , have you ever watched a man try to fold washing  ? lol it is 1 of the funniest things  I have ever seen  , or even to hang the  washing out  ? Again it is a riot  , they have no clue  nor do they want 1 , I think that is because they know if they do , do it right they will keep getting asked to help , see? they have an ulterior motive in seeming to be so inept , when in actual fact if they really wanted to  they could do it the right way , they just don’t want to the sneaky buggers lol . They know exactly what they are doing and that part of things they do extremely well indeed , why do it right  ? If they  do it will only mean they think  ( if men can think lol ) that it will lead to more requests for help and they may not want to have to again . Men are from Mars etc. etc. etc. ….

Ask a male to do something sometimes the 1st thing you will hear is oh would love to help but I just have to go and get something at the shops , or sorry love but  I have a job to finish , or sorry love got to go  meet a friend  I promised to , so many excuses for not wanting to do something that if they did it right the first time  ( our way  ) it would be all done and dusted in no time flat . They seem to see a simple  job such as taking out the garbage or the recycling or even just putting a bit of washing away  or cleaning up their desk , jobs that can be done ( by a woman ) in just a few mins at most , but they see each job as an all day thing  that bites into their  free time . If only they stopped and thought …errmm there’s that idea they can think again it don’t happen but if they could and did the jobs would be done  , fun would be had and all with no hassles  at all , but they just don’t seem capable * sigh * Men are from  Mars etc. etc. etc. ……..


So what to do about this ? Well there is the easy way and just do it yourself  or make the job you want help with so easy that even they can’t mess it up or ( heaven forbid )  if it is important enough get someone in to do it and make the male pay the bill . Sometimes just the threat of making them have to pay for something is enough to get them moving  lol , trust me it works well .  So either we keep at them or keep our sanity  whatever we do you just can’t  escape the knowledge that Men are from  Mars and  Women are from Venus  and nothing will change that any time soon  lol Do we want it to ? Do we want to change them  ? lol now there is a fifty million dollar question for you I have no idea and right now can’t be bothered  thinking about it as  I have chores to do  lol … Men are from mars etc. etc. etc. ….

Figuring out that you’ll probably never figure it out is the first step of really figuring things out.

What if I could Have ..

What if  I could have  ………. Done any of the things  I had dreamed of doing when still a child ? There are so many things I wanted to do , mostly as a way of escape , but the thing that  I had most wanted to do was be a nurse . I loved the way those people  gave of themselves  as they did the job that not everyone is cut out for . Lets face it some of the things they have to do  is just plain messy  and might make you feel like  being sick , but these dedicated people do it without question . Now even  though I was never allowed to follow my dreams I am really happy that some of my family have done what I could not , and seem to love doing it  .My other dream was to sing and  even had lessons with a wonderful teacher who said  I was very good  , but that too was ripped off me  .

So what if  I could have done it  ?  Where would  I be now  ? Who would I be with ? Would  I have such wonderful children and grand children  and great grand children ? Would  I be as happy as  I am now with a man who actually knows what love means , it is not just a 1 way  street with him . Would  I be rich  ? would  I even still be here  ?  Would I be famous ? Questions , questions, questions…………….Questions that may be hard if not impossible to answer ……

So let’s answer them if we can   , 1st answer  is  I have no idea , because if  I could have done what my heart wanted it would have taken me on a completely different path altogether  and may not have ended up here  . Who knows what part of the world I would be in now , or if  I would be happy or wishing I had not been able to do what  I had dreamed of for so long . Then also if  I had achieved my dreams 1 or the other would  I have ever met the father of my children ?  Would  I even have any children ? I often sit and think about this and my head just goes round in circles  with the thought of what if I could have , my mind works up a scenario for either of the things  that  I had wanted to do so much when I was little , then I wonder  if it was for the best that  I was not allowed to .

How many others  I wonder ever  sit back and think about  where they are now and where they had really wanted to be when they were very young , and if where they are now is as good or maybe better than what they first wanted . If they ever sit and ponder and  work out the pros and cons and are happy with the way things turned out in the end  ?I know I for 1 am very happy now but it has taken many , many years to get here and it has been very painful at times , but I am happier now than I have ever been . I won’t for 1 minute say all is rosy it isn’t  but at least I have the love I always longed for but never got , so what problems we have can be sorted out because we do it together . I am now not just 1 person fighting for survival , have now got someone who has the same dreams as  I have and will back me up at all times , as  I will for him no matter what  that is what true love is and does  2 becomes 1 .

To be honest  this is a question  that can send you  nuts ( yes  I am already ) lol but the longer you ponder , the more you think  the more your head goes in circles , so maybe its not a good idea , but sometimes we do need to sit and realise how much  better most likely we are now than what might have been if we had actually got  what we thought we wanted . At the time we first set out as kids we have such dreams and ideas about what we want to do with our lives  that really at the time we make these plans  we are a bit young to have  all the information we need to make the right choices . Maybe if we had got what we wanted the 1st time it may have been a disaster , it might have ended up with us in all sorts of trouble we can never know , when we are that young the mind has no real boundaries  has not yet been  battered around by life  , or by people , or situations beyond our control .

The 1 thing  I am really happy about is that  I grew up before all the ” wonderful technology ” that we have today was even thought of . Don’t get me wrong most of it is wonderful but  a lot is not and I dread to think what it would have been like had these things all been around when I was growing up , have a feeling it would have made things a lot worse but that is something  I will never know for sure but is good to think about sometimes.  So basically  all the questions  I asked have no real answer we can only speculate  and ponder  , but my thought is  just do what is right and  be kind to others and pray often then you will have a better chance of being happy .

There is something so unique about me, that even I can’t figure it out…

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone ….. Don’t you find it amazing how many people think they are the only ones on this earth  ? Have they not ever noticed all the other millions of people ? How can they not know that there are others and that everything they do has an impact on someone else ? Do they not know that there is not a single thing they do that does not have an impact on someone else  ? Unless they live alone , on an island , with no other human contacts, with no other humans living there  then yes they do have an impact  , so how come there are so many  who think they are the only ones on earth ? Or that the things they do , do have consequences , I am amazed at how many do think that , that they can do what they like  and it will not matter .

Every single 1 of us has an impact on those around them  even if it is just on the garbage men , because they do leave garbage behind them 1 way or another it is unavoidable . Then there is the impact of shopping , everyone has to go to the shops at some point as we all need food, clothes, shoes , etc. you  get the idea we even have an impact on the TV we watch because if we do not like a program then it gets taken off , and if the public transport is not good enough we even can have an impact on that too  . When you stop to think about it there are just so many things  we do have an impact on  there is not enough room here to mention them all  so how anyone can think they have no impact at all is truly amazing  makes you wonder if the lights on but nobody is home in their heads doesn’t it  ?

If we had no impact on anything or anyone else  then how would the food shops know what to get in  , the clothes shops the same  and all the other shops the same , how would they know ? Also if we have no impact then how would they know where we need more hospitals, homes, roads , trains , etc. If we have no impact   then how would all the public transport know when to run ? know when we need them and where we want to go  ? How would hospitals know how many doctors and nurses they  need  ? or restaurants know how many staff they need or what sort of food and wines  they need to order . If we have no impact  then why oh why do we need all these things  ? How would these things have come into being  ? It is only because of our impact on our everyday lives that  makes these things just right and makes it all work . How would our local pubs know what beer to get or what wine or what sort of food or entertainment to provide  ?

No doubt you have heard the saying  ” no man is an island  ”  well this is 100%  true as we all matter we all interact , we all impact  if we didn’t  then our whole existence would not work . We need each other to interact with we cannot live alone and we do have impact on each other , society as we know it would fall into an unimaginable  mess if we all tried to live alone and have no impact on anything or anyone else it just does not work . I mean where would you get your every day needs from if you do not  interact or have impact on others  ? How would suppliers know when to re supply or public transport know when to run ? Where would we live  ? It is a lovely idea to think we can live without others but it just does not work, it will to a small extent  but only a small extent and not as much as we would want it . I know I sure wish I could live without so many people impacting on me especially the dam noisy neighbours up stairs  here  never had such noisy neighbours in my life before and hate it  . We could try living in space but even that is fraught with danger  lol but boy it would be peaceful * sigh *  yes please  🙂

The reason I chose this topic is to remind people that every time they cross a road against the lights because A) they are too dam impatient or  B) got their heads in their phones and do not even notice the light changes . These people  quite often get run over and then the consequences are awful , if they are not killed  they are injured , and what about the poor bugger that hit them ? Anyone ever think of them  ? and the night mares  they will have most likely forever after ? No they do not think of them at all , so wrapped up in themselves they do not even realise there are others around who they can hurt  permanently  1 way or another . Also the ones  who think nothing of pinching something that belongs to someone else  thinking to themselves it’s ok they won’t miss this  , they have others  , how do they know that  ? the very thing they pinched could mean the very world to those who they pinched it off .


So unless you already live on an island , or in space  , or in a dark cave somewhere then you do have an impact and you do interact with others so you do need to have a bit of care , have said it before but will say it again …….

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction  …… and i think it is high time people started to learn this before they hurt someone else , maybe fatally , so come on people wake up  , and yes even if it is only careless words they too can have a fatal effect , so watch where you go , what you do , and most importantly what you say or write …You Are  Not  alone ……..

My password is SupermanHulkThor, its the strongest password I can think of…

Daft Questions

Daft Questions  …. How many times  have we either asked or  had asked of us daft  questions  ?  My guess is it numbers in the  thousands  lol there is always someone asking a daft  question . Ask any mother she will tell you without  any hesitation that yes she had  so many daft  questions from her offspring  that it just makes her head spin sometimes  . Why is the sun only out  in the day time   ? Why is the moon  only out at night  ? why is the sky blue ? why does it rain ? lol am sure you can remember a time when your children were young these sorts of questions and many others as well , while it drives us nuts  , it is in reality the only way children learn about things  to ask  daft  questions . The more they ask these sorts of questions then the more they learn which will hopefully help them on life’s  path  as they get older . Supposing the daft questions they ask and keep on asking don’t get them  in too much trouble  lol and they stop asking .

Ever been to a restaurant  for dinner  and  when you  get there they ask  , can I get you a table  ? No don’t bother  I will just sit on the floor with my dinner , then they ask can I get you a menu ? no thanks I will just have a wild guess at what you have to offer , don’t need a menu , so after some time passes they come and ask , would you like to order ? no I will just sit here and watch everyone else eat  I am not hungry  just came here  for the sake of it , then next question , can  I get you a drink  ? no its ok  I’m not thirsty  don’t need a drink I’ll just watch everyone else . When you look at it like that it is funny they are asking questions they have to ask but  by themselves they look to be such daft questions it makes you just laugh ,but they do have a purpose .

When we go shopping again more daft questions , like , you walk in a shop and wait to be served , then the sales person comes up and says , can I help you  ? nahh no worries I just want to stand here all day and watch others  don’t  want anything . So you finally say what you want then comes next daft question , would you like a bag for those  ? nahh it’s ok I will just take them to the car 1 at a time , then the daftest question of all I think , how would you like to pay for those  ? LOL  given a chance  I would rather not have to pay , but finally we trot out cards or cash and pay for them , and once again  such seemingly daft questions do have a reason for being asked , even if they too drive you nuts at the time as the answers are mostly so obvious .

Go on public transport and see a full bus or train and with a bit of luck someone will say , would you like a seat ? you say ” yes please ” but in your head you think nope I will just stand here for the next hour  it doesn’t  matter  I  don’t really need it . At least thankfully there are people who are nice enough to give up a seat for those who really need it  despite what seems like yet another  daft question . Go to the theatre anytime and when you go into the darkened room you are asked , can  I show you to a seat  ? lol nahh I’ll just fumble and grope and trip over  everyone here till I find a seat it’s ok  no worries you will know when  I found a seat as the people  I trip over or stand on will have gone quiet  and stopped  swearing at me , you just stay here its all ok .

Some of the daftest questions  can come from the least likely places , for example , go to a hospital  if you feel sick or sore  and the first thing you get asked  do you need to see a doctor  ? nahh I’m just here to watch everyone else  my broken arm will take care of itself  or this vomitting will just stop all by itself  no need to bother the doctor  . I mean really  , you do not go to a doctor or a hospital unless you really have to so why on earth  do they have to ask ? It is more than obvious you need a doctor , unless you are 1 of  those that just like to be a pest and find any excuse to be there  . I mean you stumble and stagger in with maybe blood everywhere and yet they have to ask  ?

So when you really think about it  , and think about  all the daft questions  you have either asked or been asked , while some may be annoying at the time most have good reasons for being asked  and are not quite as daft as it first seemed. Ever been waiting at a bus/train station and someone  comes up and asks , is this where the train/ bus stops ? nahh nope I’m just  sitting here for the fun of it  , I just like sitting on hard wooden seats waiting for public transport I get a kick out of it .  So next time you are tempted to ask or get asked a daft question just remember if it was not for daft questions how would we know what is going on  , or where we are going or anything ? Daft questions though very annoying  do actually have their uses like em or not , so suck it up buttercup and be prepared …like a good girl scout  …lol

Word of the day: SQUUZZLING,…when you are looking at something confusing – cross between ‘squiz’ and ‘puzzling’