Daft Questions

Daft Questions  …. How many times  have we either asked or  had asked of us daft  questions  ?  My guess is it numbers in the  thousands  lol there is always someone asking a daft  question . Ask any mother she will tell you without  any hesitation that yes she had  so many daft  questions from her offspring  that it just makes her head spin sometimes  . Why is the sun only out  in the day time   ? Why is the moon  only out at night  ? why is the sky blue ? why does it rain ? lol am sure you can remember a time when your children were young these sorts of questions and many others as well , while it drives us nuts  , it is in reality the only way children learn about things  to ask  daft  questions . The more they ask these sorts of questions then the more they learn which will hopefully help them on life’s  path  as they get older . Supposing the daft questions they ask and keep on asking don’t get them  in too much trouble  lol and they stop asking .

Ever been to a restaurant  for dinner  and  when you  get there they ask  , can I get you a table  ? No don’t bother  I will just sit on the floor with my dinner , then they ask can I get you a menu ? no thanks I will just have a wild guess at what you have to offer , don’t need a menu , so after some time passes they come and ask , would you like to order ? no I will just sit here and watch everyone else eat  I am not hungry  just came here  for the sake of it , then next question , can  I get you a drink  ? no its ok  I’m not thirsty  don’t need a drink I’ll just watch everyone else . When you look at it like that it is funny they are asking questions they have to ask but  by themselves they look to be such daft questions it makes you just laugh ,but they do have a purpose .

When we go shopping again more daft questions , like , you walk in a shop and wait to be served , then the sales person comes up and says , can I help you  ? nahh no worries I just want to stand here all day and watch others  don’t  want anything . So you finally say what you want then comes next daft question , would you like a bag for those  ? nahh it’s ok I will just take them to the car 1 at a time , then the daftest question of all I think , how would you like to pay for those  ? LOL  given a chance  I would rather not have to pay , but finally we trot out cards or cash and pay for them , and once again  such seemingly daft questions do have a reason for being asked , even if they too drive you nuts at the time as the answers are mostly so obvious .

Go on public transport and see a full bus or train and with a bit of luck someone will say , would you like a seat ? you say ” yes please ” but in your head you think nope I will just stand here for the next hour  it doesn’t  matter  I  don’t really need it . At least thankfully there are people who are nice enough to give up a seat for those who really need it  despite what seems like yet another  daft question . Go to the theatre anytime and when you go into the darkened room you are asked , can  I show you to a seat  ? lol nahh I’ll just fumble and grope and trip over  everyone here till I find a seat it’s ok  no worries you will know when  I found a seat as the people  I trip over or stand on will have gone quiet  and stopped  swearing at me , you just stay here its all ok .

Some of the daftest questions  can come from the least likely places , for example , go to a hospital  if you feel sick or sore  and the first thing you get asked  do you need to see a doctor  ? nahh I’m just here to watch everyone else  my broken arm will take care of itself  or this vomitting will just stop all by itself  no need to bother the doctor  . I mean really  , you do not go to a doctor or a hospital unless you really have to so why on earth  do they have to ask ? It is more than obvious you need a doctor , unless you are 1 of  those that just like to be a pest and find any excuse to be there  . I mean you stumble and stagger in with maybe blood everywhere and yet they have to ask  ?

So when you really think about it  , and think about  all the daft questions  you have either asked or been asked , while some may be annoying at the time most have good reasons for being asked  and are not quite as daft as it first seemed. Ever been waiting at a bus/train station and someone  comes up and asks , is this where the train/ bus stops ? nahh nope I’m just  sitting here for the fun of it  , I just like sitting on hard wooden seats waiting for public transport I get a kick out of it .  So next time you are tempted to ask or get asked a daft question just remember if it was not for daft questions how would we know what is going on  , or where we are going or anything ? Daft questions though very annoying  do actually have their uses like em or not , so suck it up buttercup and be prepared …like a good girl scout  …lol

Word of the day: SQUUZZLING,…when you are looking at something confusing – cross between ‘squiz’ and ‘puzzling’

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