You Are Not Alone

You are not alone ….. Don’t you find it amazing how many people think they are the only ones on this earth  ? Have they not ever noticed all the other millions of people ? How can they not know that there are others and that everything they do has an impact on someone else ? Do they not know that there is not a single thing they do that does not have an impact on someone else  ? Unless they live alone , on an island , with no other human contacts, with no other humans living there  then yes they do have an impact  , so how come there are so many  who think they are the only ones on earth ? Or that the things they do , do have consequences , I am amazed at how many do think that , that they can do what they like  and it will not matter .

Every single 1 of us has an impact on those around them  even if it is just on the garbage men , because they do leave garbage behind them 1 way or another it is unavoidable . Then there is the impact of shopping , everyone has to go to the shops at some point as we all need food, clothes, shoes , etc. you  get the idea we even have an impact on the TV we watch because if we do not like a program then it gets taken off , and if the public transport is not good enough we even can have an impact on that too  . When you stop to think about it there are just so many things  we do have an impact on  there is not enough room here to mention them all  so how anyone can think they have no impact at all is truly amazing  makes you wonder if the lights on but nobody is home in their heads doesn’t it  ?

If we had no impact on anything or anyone else  then how would the food shops know what to get in  , the clothes shops the same  and all the other shops the same , how would they know ? Also if we have no impact then how would they know where we need more hospitals, homes, roads , trains , etc. If we have no impact   then how would all the public transport know when to run ? know when we need them and where we want to go  ? How would hospitals know how many doctors and nurses they  need  ? or restaurants know how many staff they need or what sort of food and wines  they need to order . If we have no impact  then why oh why do we need all these things  ? How would these things have come into being  ? It is only because of our impact on our everyday lives that  makes these things just right and makes it all work . How would our local pubs know what beer to get or what wine or what sort of food or entertainment to provide  ?

No doubt you have heard the saying  ” no man is an island  ”  well this is 100%  true as we all matter we all interact , we all impact  if we didn’t  then our whole existence would not work . We need each other to interact with we cannot live alone and we do have impact on each other , society as we know it would fall into an unimaginable  mess if we all tried to live alone and have no impact on anything or anyone else it just does not work . I mean where would you get your every day needs from if you do not  interact or have impact on others  ? How would suppliers know when to re supply or public transport know when to run ? Where would we live  ? It is a lovely idea to think we can live without others but it just does not work, it will to a small extent  but only a small extent and not as much as we would want it . I know I sure wish I could live without so many people impacting on me especially the dam noisy neighbours up stairs  here  never had such noisy neighbours in my life before and hate it  . We could try living in space but even that is fraught with danger  lol but boy it would be peaceful * sigh *  yes please  🙂

The reason I chose this topic is to remind people that every time they cross a road against the lights because A) they are too dam impatient or  B) got their heads in their phones and do not even notice the light changes . These people  quite often get run over and then the consequences are awful , if they are not killed  they are injured , and what about the poor bugger that hit them ? Anyone ever think of them  ? and the night mares  they will have most likely forever after ? No they do not think of them at all , so wrapped up in themselves they do not even realise there are others around who they can hurt  permanently  1 way or another . Also the ones  who think nothing of pinching something that belongs to someone else  thinking to themselves it’s ok they won’t miss this  , they have others  , how do they know that  ? the very thing they pinched could mean the very world to those who they pinched it off .


So unless you already live on an island , or in space  , or in a dark cave somewhere then you do have an impact and you do interact with others so you do need to have a bit of care , have said it before but will say it again …….

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction  …… and i think it is high time people started to learn this before they hurt someone else , maybe fatally , so come on people wake up  , and yes even if it is only careless words they too can have a fatal effect , so watch where you go , what you do , and most importantly what you say or write …You Are  Not  alone ……..

My password is SupermanHulkThor, its the strongest password I can think of…

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