Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

Men are from  Mars and  women are from Venus …. lol just how many times have we seen or heard  this statement  ? Why does it make so much sense and why do we always  giggle so much when we see or hear it  ? Why ? I will tell you why  it’s because it seems to be so true !! I mean look at just how many things that men do the wrong way  , or not at all or take too long to do , or don’t know how to do , and yet most of the time the things we want them to do is so easy it makes us mad  . Yet to us  it may be something that we do all the time that takes maybe 5 to 10 mins or at most 20 , and along comes the male and messes it up , because he can’t or won’t  do it the way it should be  ( our way  lol ) We all know that our way is the right way that just makes sense as we do it all the time with no trouble at all  yet they can’t? What’s with that for heavens sake  ? lol typical male I can almost hear you say  and yep I would agree with you seen it too many times . Men are from Mars  etc. etc. ………..

How many times have they said yes love would love to help , now what do you want me to do ? So you tell them  and they say ok and you leave them with it and go do something else , only to come back and find a mess . Why  ? because they didn’t know how to do it  even after you showed or told them , but in typical male fashion  they would not ask for help/directions  * sigh  *  will they ever learn ? lol nope no way , no how , never . It is the same when you are out driving and you get lost , what is the first thing a woman does  ? She asks for directions  but a male  ? lol nope not a hope a male will never ask for directions , it is a male thing  I confess  I will never understand . Your typical male too will always  put off doing what you ask  instead of seeing that the sooner it’s done the sooner you can relax and do what you want to do . I find if  I do it myself after all that then I know  he’s done it  lol and  I tell him that , and wonder why  I ever bothered at all to even ask him to help . Men are from Mars etc. etc. etc. …….

Men have many talents but helping a woman with chores is definitely not 1 of them  , have you ever watched a man try to fold washing  ? lol it is 1 of the funniest things  I have ever seen  , or even to hang the  washing out  ? Again it is a riot  , they have no clue  nor do they want 1 , I think that is because they know if they do , do it right they will keep getting asked to help , see? they have an ulterior motive in seeming to be so inept , when in actual fact if they really wanted to  they could do it the right way , they just don’t want to the sneaky buggers lol . They know exactly what they are doing and that part of things they do extremely well indeed , why do it right  ? If they  do it will only mean they think  ( if men can think lol ) that it will lead to more requests for help and they may not want to have to again . Men are from Mars etc. etc. etc. ….

Ask a male to do something sometimes the 1st thing you will hear is oh would love to help but I just have to go and get something at the shops , or sorry love but  I have a job to finish , or sorry love got to go  meet a friend  I promised to , so many excuses for not wanting to do something that if they did it right the first time  ( our way  ) it would be all done and dusted in no time flat . They seem to see a simple  job such as taking out the garbage or the recycling or even just putting a bit of washing away  or cleaning up their desk , jobs that can be done ( by a woman ) in just a few mins at most , but they see each job as an all day thing  that bites into their  free time . If only they stopped and thought …errmm there’s that idea they can think again it don’t happen but if they could and did the jobs would be done  , fun would be had and all with no hassles  at all , but they just don’t seem capable * sigh * Men are from  Mars etc. etc. etc. ……..


So what to do about this ? Well there is the easy way and just do it yourself  or make the job you want help with so easy that even they can’t mess it up or ( heaven forbid )  if it is important enough get someone in to do it and make the male pay the bill . Sometimes just the threat of making them have to pay for something is enough to get them moving  lol , trust me it works well .  So either we keep at them or keep our sanity  whatever we do you just can’t  escape the knowledge that Men are from  Mars and  Women are from Venus  and nothing will change that any time soon  lol Do we want it to ? Do we want to change them  ? lol now there is a fifty million dollar question for you I have no idea and right now can’t be bothered  thinking about it as  I have chores to do  lol … Men are from mars etc. etc. etc. ….

Figuring out that you’ll probably never figure it out is the first step of really figuring things out.

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