Auto Corrupt

Auto Corrupt  or as everyone else calls it auto correct  …. but  how much of what it does is correction as  opposed to corruption  ? I have seen so many words changed into what it thinks you want  that are nothing like what you want , you type in a word it either gets it somewhere near right , right , or totally wrong , but more often than not it is wrong and you have to make it change  it’s mind  and that is like trying to get a man to change his mind , lol  yeah  if he has 1 ( debateable  ) Auto corrupt is so bad in it’s  application  that it must have been made by a mad  man , lol, but what better way to torment so many people  that by giving them something like this ? Also by making sure you have to have it  ? Now that’s just mean  ..

Think about it for a few minutes give people something that on the surface looks like a great tool for those who do have problems with spelling , but in reality it is just enough  out  that it makes  glaring mistakes , some very funny , some downright rude , some just way off what you want. When you are trying to do an article or whatever  and you want to use slang , Aussie style or Cockney Rhyming  Slang  , well that is when the fun starts isn’t it ? Lol  it goes into conniptions trying to get you to spell your word the way it thinks you should and not how you want it to . Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 or even 4 goes to get it to accept the word your way  , this can be very funny or very frustrating depending on what you are trying to write , not to mention that it takes a lot longer to type the  article you had hoped to do in a short time.

Add to this  that the so called genius who invented it , then decided it had to go onto every  lap top , computer, phone , tablet , into everything that requires  you  to type , even in faceache  and twitter and any sort of message service  you can think of . Now this is either very clever or very cruel , but to most people  it is just a pain in the proverbial as it has been driving us nuts for so long . There is now , as far as  I know , nothing left that does not have this  so and so thing installed  , and  most applications  now will not let you turn the damm thing off either , so no wonder we get so pissed off with it . If you are using a tablet and you try to do  more than 1 thing at a time you get disconnected  maybe just for trying to type something and having an argument with auto corrupt , that’s  enough to make the tablet drop you off line . Either that or it sends you into places you had no intentions of going  by opening up new pages and launching things you don’t want , all because you’re stuck in  an argument with auto corrupt  .

So if  I ever meet this man who did this thing you can bet I will have 1 or 3 words to him about this , it might have looked good at the start  but  he just forgot to wait long enough before  releasing  it to see if there were any flaws in it  , and trust me there are a lot . They also did not give us the option to turn it off and save us a lot of time and trouble , they just decided  that it was so good  we all had to have it whether we wanted it or not , and personally  could do without it . I know it takes me so much longer to do these blogs for 1 thing as it decides to tell me how to spell things  I don’t want changed , if it just shut up it would take lots less time .If there is a way to turn it off in all these applications  then  it is well and truly hidden as to how to do it , because they don’t want you to turn it off , mean isn’t it  ??

Another reason for not having auto corrupt is that it actually makes you have to think , wow  what a bummer ! It makes you have to learn how to spell and trust me these days there are way too many people who cannot spell it is appalling , so take the dam thing off and make  the lazy ones actually learn to spell, might save their lives 1 day  you never know . It just amazes me how many so called adult people who cannot spell, and how many of  said so called adults use  these new stupid made up so called words instead of real words. For example  amazeballs * shudder * instead of amazing  this made up crap is disgusting and any who use them  just show a lack of ability to think and to learn to spell  . Another 1 is chillaxing * shudder * instead of relaxing , how can so called adults  use these abominations instead of real words ? Sometimes  i have to read a thing 4 or 5 times to even have a clue what they are trying to say  and that’s just wrong .  How hard can it be  ?? To quote a well known character to learn to spell , to learn to write in a way most people can understand  ? Would have thought it was a nice challenge to learn to do things the right way rather than opt out for all these  rubbish words ….. makes sense to me …

I just saw a donkey crossing the road. he looked both ways before crossing. What a smart ass.

One thought on “Auto Corrupt

  1. I do my own spellchecking – smarty pants could always spell. Love the pink bloggedness. Shall blogroll in a few minutes.

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