Junk Mail

Junk Mail  …. That annoying pile of coloured paper that seems to materialise from nowhere  when you least expect it or want it . Everyone on the planet almost is affected  by this stuff  , and if you try to ignore it hoping it will go away  , hey presto ! next time you gird your loins to look again , yep it has multiplied !! Funny that usually you ignore something it goes away or in this case blows away but that  is a rare case  dammit , wish it would happen more often. Also if you notice you never ever get just 1 or 2 bits of junk mail  you get heaps , lol, best count  I had 1 day was 15 !! Can you imagine it  ? To be fair tho if I have to it  was  a holiday season  so to be expected  ( unfortunately )  usually it is about 6 or  so but that can be a couple of times a week at some times of the year . What we need is a way to stop the stuff breeding in the letterbox!!

While I realise a lot of people make money out of delivering this stuff , and very good luck to them for it, that does not stop it being a bloody nuisance to those who cop loads of it  through their letter boxes . They do not have to have it I suppose but just think about it for a minute , you stop the junk mail , then find out a few weeks later that something you really wanted or needed  came up on special that would have  saved you lots of $$$  but you missed it because it was in the junk mail you decided not to have anymore ?? Just how mad would that make you ? lol  So to junk mail or not to junk mail , that is the 50 million dollar question right there , is it worth all the hassles of getting rid of it just so maybe 1 day something you want or need will come up on special ? Or do you bite the bullet so to speak say , right no more for me then just hope your thing or things does not come up on a special that you need the junk mail pamphlet to claim ?  lol  yes or no , yes or no … ad infinitum ….

So we  do or do not like the junk mail but if by chance you know there is some in your letterbox  then come home after leaving it there till you come home , only to find * shock horror * someone has nicked it  !! oh the outrage * the anger  * that was  MY  junk mail * how dare you ?  lol Me personally would be quite happy to be free of it for 1 time but you would be surprised how many people actually look forward to getting it  … sad aint it  ?  lol  Yes  I have heard of these people they wait each week to get it for either  of 2 reasons  , 1. it is all the mail they get or 2. they wait to see what is on special so they can  add that to the shop for that week . So if that is the reasons people like to get it then fair enough , especially if you are watching out for a certain thing to come up , and when it does makes you glad you had the junk mail to tell you now is the time . So here we go round the  Mulberry Bush all over again , to junk mail or not to junk mail  ?? lol Great aint it  ? Dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t  …..what a quandry …

So much of it comes your  way makes you wonder how much it costs for them to produce it , and by so much  in quantity  , if it is worth it  ? Obviously it must be as they  do produce it by the ton , surely there is a better way in this electronic age ? Do they ever stop to think of all the trees that it uses or the energy wasted  on something that most people  hate anyway ? Just look at the bins on any bin day and most of the recycle bins are  loaded with junk mail  , gives you a small idea of just how much of this stuff there is ,feels like you are drowning in it sometimes  I swear . You can almost work the answer out right here , yes they know all this but because money is the great  God of this world they keep on producing it because yes it is worth it to them to and nothing  will change that .

So unless we somehow find a better way we better just , suck it up as they say and put up with it , but hey , who knows 1 day it might produce  something you really want or need , lol , but do not under any circumstances hold your breath , blue does not suit you , trust me on this  , lol ..  Also your partner might not quite like to find you like this … mind you  I wonder how many shades of blue you would turn  holding your breath  50 ? lol 🙂

I dig, we dig, he dig, she dig, they dig. It’s not a beautiful poem, but it’s very deep…


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