Characters in Pubs

Characters in  pubs …….. For all of us who have ever been to a pub  you know as well as  I how many characters there can be in them , so many different people , so many different stories . Have you ever wondered why a person goes to a pub ? My guess is that  almost all people would answer this with , because they are alcoholics , to a point this maybe  true , but  things these days are so different you really can no longer say that . The pubs themselves are so vastly different now that they are almost unrecognisable  from the places they once were . In those times it really was just a place to go to get your alcohol  wants and not a lot more , but now you can get meals , play games , bet ( not a good thing  ) but you can and  gamble also with the games  , that is not really a good thing but it is a fact of life  now .

So to the characters , 1st there are the usual ones who do just come in for a drink and not much else  ,2nd , then there are  the ones who come in for a meal as well , and lets face it the meals these days are so cheap and so nice it  is nice to be able to sit and have a meal you did not have to cook , nor do you have to clean up after  . The meals these days when you sit and work out the costs , are so much cheaper to have there than if you bought the ingredients, cooked it, then cleaned up after, would cost you lots more to do at home. 3rd. then are the people who come in just for company , who  are mostly alone  and get a bit sick of talking to themselves , so a nice couple of drinks and maybe a meal , and company  is all they want  . 4th . then there are those that come in just for the  card tournaments , all they want is to play cards , have a few drinks , a chat , and try to win . There are quite a lot of these as a lot just love to play cards against others to see how good they are , or if they need to  get better at it .

5th . then are those that come in just for the  Karaoke  ( yikes ) we know 1 such errrr I shudder to call him a gentleman as the noise that he makes is almost unbearable , but mostly those that sing are not too bad at all , and depending on the host of the night , lol, could make a comment here about this but will be good  ( yes  I can be good  ) lol so there 😛 , some of the  people that sing also are just fantastic 1 man  sang opera and was so good he almost bought the house down, a brilliant singer  he should be on stage .  6th . then are those that just come to meet up with friends after work  that they cannot meet anywhere else much and the pub is the best meet up place . They have been working all week and long to relax , so head to the pub  to meet friends , have meals, have a few drinks , making a very enjoyable time for all . It makes a long working week with all the stresses seem worth it after all, a good place to let off built up stresses .

7th. then , and I must admit that there are some people who abuse this  by  not buying even 1 drink or anything , I for 1 would not allow it , if you’re in a pub at least you get 1 drink or something.  Having  said that what  I am referring to is the sports  , that are usually shown on the big screens , some people have no access to  some of the big sports  any other way so go to the pub to see them. You can get boxing , cricket , football , soccer, rugby , you name it  you can see it on the big screens mostly , combine that with a drink or 3 and  maybe a meal and again a very relaxing time .

So all in all whatever you may think about pubs , they do have a very good use for those who  cannot always be in touch with all these things , and not everyone, in fact at the pub we go to mostly, hardly ever  do you see any drunken behaviour , as the security and the way the place is run  seems to make this  not very likely . Most people now seem to see it as just a meeting place to catch up and relax a while . 8th, then are those who come in for lunch and a few drinks between shifts , usually just a lunch and maybe 2 beers , makes the rest of the working day a little more relaxed . So forget  what you think you know , and just try it, its more than just a place to get drunk now , it is  way more than that , and these changes  are mostly all for the  good , as most people we see  control them selves quite nicely , and do just have a few then  go home. So try it and if you still do not like it then no harm done and you need not go back  , just do not judge before you  have tried it.

I remember when I was a child  I was dragged to the pub when my father wanted a drink , shoved in a corner with a soft drink , and forgotten for hours while he boozed on . Thankfully this sort of thing  mostly does not or cannot happen now , people have got a bit more sense and pubs are run way more efficiently  than in those bad old days . I know how much  I hated it  but was given no choice in the matter , so can well and truly see  how much the pub scene has changed over the years .I would be the 1st  to say not all changes are good  but in this case  I think they are , it is all in the way you handle  yourself , not the place , do not blame the place till you know for yourself.

Mary, mary quite contrary, watched her garden thrive. The cops found seed of a very odd weed; Now she’s doing three to five.

One thought on “Characters in Pubs

  1. In Oz, my first thought would not have been pub, unless I wanted to down a few. Over here, the drink is an incidental, it’s mainly for good grub if peckish and the ale is for taste. For entertainment and drink in Oz, it would have been the Leagues Club or RSL. In my last years in Oz, pub meals had gone to a new level and it was becoming a bit British in ways.

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