Money  …….  It makes the world go round so we are indoctrinated with from the cradle  , if we do not have it we get in trouble , it rules the world more effectively than any government  ever could as no single society  can manage it’s affairs without money . They can not build the infrastructure their society needs , they cannot  provide the services they need , in short they can do nothing without money.  It is not the money so much as how it is used , who benefits from the expenditure and who gets hurt by it , the system that has developed now in the whole world has it that the few rich countries rule the rest , and that to me is just not right . Instead of helping the poorer countries to help them selves to build up their economy and get themselves in a better financial position  , they prefer to just  ” lend  ” them money and charge them exorbitant  interest fees for the privilege . The lure of all the money and of being in such a dominant position is too much for the rich countries , they get off on the power that it gives them .It is all too easy for them to just print more money to keep themselves in the top spot .

Even The Bible says The Love of Money is the root of all evil , please note the phrase  The Love Of … that is so true it is not funny , these super rich countries will do anything to have even more money , never mind if it hurts other countries or other people , as long as they are in charge that is all that counts to them . They have no thought  to the repercussions of what they do , all that matters is the money and the more the merrier . Why else would they maneuver countries or people to agree to terms and conditions  that when looked at closely are just impossible , but as they have the upper hand because they have all the money they force very effectively people and countries to sign away their very lives just to get what they need . Then when payment time  hits they ruthlessly demand payment with little or no regard to the circumstances  of the ones who have to pay it back .

They just take what they are owed and if there is a shortfall think nothing of foreclosing , taking everything that people or countries have  just to get maybe a few $$$$  that may not have as yet been paid back , it must be paid right on the dot or  everything is lost , no time limit extensions , no nothing just foreclosure . They will not  often give them even a couple of days  over the time limit  to get the few  $$$  that are still owed , it wont matter to them that its only a few $$$$  and they just need a few days  they will take everything right then , have seen this  myself in real life , they are heartless all that matters is the money . Money as  I said to almost all people these days is the only thing  that anyone wants , and that the rich have in abundance but will not share or help anyone with , most rich people are very selfish.The rich get rich and the poor get poorer  and never the twain shall  meet .

So right from the womb almost we are told , you must get an education  so you can get a job , so you can earn lots of money , all you really need in life is money . So with that thought is it any wonder the crime rate is so high ? When  right from the start we are told ” make money ..make money ”  nothing else matters you need nothing else in life. We are told don’t bother  with love or friendship or looking after others  as that will just cost you money and you have to keep it all for yourselves . Also whatever you do don’t get married  , that will cost you even more money and if you want to be rich that will not help. To be rich …sad but true  that is about all people aspire to these days , nothing else matters and too many  will do almost anything to get that money   that is what matters most to them. Way too many will however do whatever it takes to make money , legal or not , only the money matters .

Why else do such things as gambling , game shows  offering money , or any other such ” get rich quick ” schemes  do so well ? People will do anything to get more money as  I said  so will try all these things and more  never realising that the odds against winning anything  from any of these is astronomical  in the billions to 1 , yet they still try it all its just so sad to see the desperation . Rather than try to work out a better  way to get what they need as in change of lifestyle or helping others , or  doing more for themselves  they still try these things . Them when it all comes crashing down on them  the aftermath is awful , they blame others , for what they did not think through themselves .

So we have become a world full of people that  are greedy , selfish , too quick to try  the get rich schemes , rather than a caring people that care not for themselves so much  , but rather help where they can . We as a people seem to have forgotten the simple principle of , if we help others we in turn can get help if we need it , as they say , you scratch my back and  I’ll scratch yours  , its said in fun but is actually very true . Too many have been hurt by the  I ,I, I, society  and all they focus on is themselves . I  fear it is way too late now  to change things money has taken over as the number 1 God  of this world and I cannot see that ever changing  more is the pity . There is nothing it seems that you cannot do these days if you have enough money , forget principles , forget caring just go for the money ..

I have taken myself hostage. If you ever want to see me again, send me one hundred dollars….

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