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Sporting Rivalry

Sporting Rivalry ….. Has long been  something that has encompassed the world , every country has teams in some sport or another , Foot Ball , Soccer  , Cricket  , Rugby , Basket Ball , Base Ball , there are many others but you get the drift . Come playing time  especially if it is country  versus country , you see the huge hype  on TV , News  Papers  , Radio , Social Media ,  my team will beat your team  and nothing will stop us , lol, but each team says the same  , each team believes the same but as we know there can only be 1 winner . The team that plays the best  , wins the day  , the team that has the best coach , manager , helpers will  ultimately  win because they have the  back up behind them  and all the support they need to have the confidence to win. Without  this proper back up it is difficult for a team to have the confidence they need , but with it  they will have a better  chance of winning .

We  have at the moment  what is called  State of Origin Rugby going to start here  , it is  1 team  from  1 state in Australia  versus another  team from another  state in Australia , this 1 coming up is Queensland  versus  New  South Wales , and the teams must consist of players that were born in either state before they are allowed to play .  Right now you cannot see , hear or do anything much that is not  coloured either  blue or maroon , as Queensland  is maroon and  New  South Wales  is blue  ,  as the  fans that love this sort of  rivalry  seem to go right off their tree it is quite funny to watch  when looking in as an outsider . Don’t get me wrong I am just as bad when my Football team is  playing  another  team , all I can see is my team and nothing else  , and also where my country is playing  another country  I’m 1 of the most fanatical  you can get as  I love my country  as much as most people do theirs.

In 1 sense it is  good to see  such  patriotism  but sometimes it also goes over the top and people do some very ugly things  that have nothing to do with sport  but tars the name of sport  anyway  the players  themselves hate to see such things going on as they just play because they love to play and they love to win  , it is just wrong that some people take it over the top  and use it .Yes a lot of players are only in it for the money  but if they are good enough  good luck to them , if you are good enough  in whatever you do why should you not  get paid for it , seems fair to me . Most players though just play for the sheer love of the game and  it motivates them  to do well and encourage  young ones to follow in their footsteps . Also it gives the young ones a sense of achievement  and purpose  if they choose sport and also motivates them to do better  and keep doing better till they are the best at what they do , this is what all senior players  hope for to teach the young to play well and play fair .

There are also unfortunately  some players , though thankfully not too many  that can be corrupted  and will throw matches  for money , even games they are playing  in themselves  are not immune to being bet against. There are so are so many  ways to bet on sport now  it ( to me ) has just got out of hand and causes way too much trouble  that it takes the fun out of it for too many . Time and again we see this illegal  betting  and thousands of  dollars  or pounds or whatever change hands , to my mind  all these adverts  for betting shops should be banned as it only makes it too easy for people to waste  money they do not  really have . If they only used money set aside for betting   and not run themselves into debt  it would be  ok  but that never happens .

Another good thing about sports and all its ramifications  is that  a lot of money  can be raised for charities  by the clubs , and  so often you will see big sports name  players  doing things  for charity , like  bike rides or swimming or marathons or something similar . I admire the way these people will spend hours doing these things to help others who need it without  thought of payment  and set aside the time to do it . Just love to see the smiles on some of the children’s  faces when their sports hero’s  come to see them  on these charity days , it brings the children a small amount of relief from whatever is wrong with them and that has to be good .  When you see whole clubs get behind a  charity or a cause it is a great thing and to see the way they throw themselves  into it  makes you believe if only for a little while  that there is still some good in the world yet , though it is getting harder and harder to find .

So all in all sports  can be a great thing it can  make us learn responsibility  to ourselves , our team mates , and others watching,  it helps us to learn how to work together    and not to try and be  a ” show  pony ”  type , if more people got into sport and learned how  to help others and  be a part of a team then the world would be a lot better off .

Autocorrect makes me say things I didn’t Nintendo.

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Favourite Song .. Why ?

Favourite song  … Have you ever noticed how music follows you all your life  ? How it  changes over the  years , what we heard when we were small , soon changes to something else  and then to something else again. As we grow up there is always music somewhere  in the back ground , some that makes us happy , some that makes us sad  , and some just make us relax  and enjoy the moment . Music itself has changed so much over the years and every generation says of the changes , music is not as good now as it was in my day , doubt there  is a person alive who won’t look back and say  music was better when  I was young  .  So what is it about music that so gets into our way of life that  we almost cannot do without it  ? What is it in music  that so stirs us up  ? It is used for stirring up trouble, for advertising , for meditation , for worship , for so many things  it is something that is just there  all the time in the back ground  moving us  1 way or another .

I remember  when I was young  it was all  rock and roll , it was all up beat dance music  , and we could all sing along  to whatever song was on at the time. We knew  every word every connotation  every nuance of the song we were singing  and we loved it . Funnily enough my favourite song at the time was 1 that a lot of people tried  to tease me with , but were soon disappointed when they found out I loved the song . The song was by The Beach Boys  and  I just loved it  , Help Me Rhonda  , that was the 1 I would stop for and sing along with the most much to the irritation  of them who wanted to tease  me with it  , lol still love it to this day  as I am proud of my name and no amount of teasing will ever  put me off  it. So it was 1 up for me when these people got pissed off when the teasing did not work , lol tuff  huh ? Love it when a plan comes together  …..  lol

I think my next favourite song was 1 by The  Proclaimers  that I used to sing all the time , I Will Walk 500 Miles , lol and yes I used to sing it to myself when walking , I used to walk many miles  at this time and it was 1 I would sing to myself to get me moving . There were no  walkmen or things like  that , which i would not use anyway like people do today as it makes us forget to watch where we are going . Any song that had a nice up beat  rhythm  was the kind of song I would sing as I walked along  * sigh I miss being able to walk those miles now  * but hey ho you don’t always get what you want do you  ? When I was in full walk mode would walk up to 15 miles at a time and never notice it , always  singing to myself 1 song or another   that made me feel good , too many  to try and put here though , but it gave me the feeling of freedom and peace to walk to that up beat music.

Then of course there are all the songs that are used for sports , for  club songs , and for promotions  , and to gee up the  fans and stir them up , and some of those songs are really good for stirring up  fans . Then we have songs used to enter into competitions , like  Eurovision   which happens to be on  now , pity we as a country  we have not yet worked out it is rigged and we will most likely  never win , all the European based countries  all vote for each other it is all political they are told who to vote for . Some of the songs that come out of it though are really good  it is just a pity that it is not a fair competition  , I feel for the entries that go into it in all good faith .

Then of course there are the songs used for National Anthems ,  every country  and principality  has their own song and  almost always it is a song that  makes you proud to be from that country . They are usually  good strong songs with an uplifting tune and makes the people from that country feel proud to be a part of their country . I know how our National Anthem makes me feel  when it is sung right  and not changed  by someone  who thinks they can sing it better , I like it sung the way it was written not how someone thinks it should be  sung.  Too often people will sing a song  and sing it different to the way it was written and it just sounds all wrong to me , usually turn them off when that happens . If you are going to sing someone’s songs  then sing it  the way it was meant to be not with any changes. If you could have written it better then that would be the 1 we were singing  not what you thought .

Of all songs though there is 1 that for a long time while hubby and  I were still half a world  away from each other that  I could not hear without crying , as it hurt me that we were still so far apart . We were only so far apart for so long  owing to bureaucracy  , dam paper work  kept us apart for many months more than it should  have  and that hurt us both  but we finally got it all  sorted and could be together . The song  ? It was  1 by Aerosmith  , I still have it on DVD in a movie I watch all the time , the song is ” I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing ”  Every  time I heard that song while unravelling the paper nightmare it would make me cry as I was missing my man so very much , even to this day it moves me  as  I remember what it used to do to me  , but over all I would still rate that song as my favourite because of the memories attached  to it , and the happiness we  got in the end  .

I tried being normal once. It scared me and I vowed to never to do something so insane again. You normal people are WEIRD! Weird I tell you!!

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Driven By Time

Driven by time  …. I would think that almost everyone  knows how this is  , everything we do these days  is at a certain time   and/or  has to be done  by a certain time , and look out if it is not  . Even the food we eat has a time limit on it , the drinks we have unless it is just water from the tap also has a time limit on it . All of our transport has times on  , miss a time  you miss the transport , right now I can not  think of a single thing in our lives that does not have a time limit on it , everything has a use by date  ( some people I know  too should have 1 ) lol . So  how did we manage to do this to  get to this point  ? Why have we done this  to ourselves  ? Back  just a few years ago  there was not the hustle and bustle that there is now , seems the further we go forward  the further backwards we go in  timing ourselves and things  , the days these days go so fast and have us clock watching 24 hours  a  day  so we don’t miss something or someone, this makes us stress out so much  but we don’t know how to fix it .

Have you noticed too that even the products we buy , and not talking about food now but  lets start with electrical things , fridges , TV’s , radios , washing machines , stoves , so many things now are only made to last at the most 5 years . Somethings only last till 2 years as that is how long the warranty is on them  , once that time is up * bingo *  product dies , have seen this so many times with things , and these new  * smart phones *  are the worst  , almost to the minute that the warranty is up , they  die and you have to get a new 1  . Same with fridges and stoves and  washing machines. Years ago  a fridge or a washing machine particularly used to last for years , sometimes up to 10 years  before they needed replacing . Then the manufacturers  had a think and decided this was not good for them  , so they designed products that would die within a certain time , planned obsolescence  they called it  , I call it robbery as they did this to make sure we had to spend more money more often  to add to their pockets . Things that used to last 10 years and more now are lucky to make it to 5 years , if they do you have been lucky .

As well as this all our clothes are made cheaply now so they too will not last long so we have to replace them  more often as well , unless we make our own , and not many do this we have no choice but to get more  when  they wear out . Don’t know how many remember  cassette tapes but they too used to last a long time  , now you have trouble even finding any , either that or  you cannot find a tape player to play them on , time has marched past them  ,  as well as vinyl records , though I have noticed some may be making a come back . DVD’s  too do not last , just noticed  1 of my favourites  has  gone off and won’t play properly  so now will have to try and replace that  , seems there is nothing much that does not have a use by date . When you look at the relatively short time DVD’s  have been around  it is annoying that this 1 has  gone off so soon  . To be honest sitting here writing this I am reminded  about  how much even computers have  changed  , some of the first ones  you would be very hard pressed to get to work at all now , the technology has changed so much  they are now past their use by date . Parts we used keep to repair or rebuild our computers now are worthless because they will not work in the new systems .

So  when you sit and work it all out every part of our lives now are driven by time and this to me is not a good thing as we are  always having to keep up or get left behind. Being left behind is not an option either as we need to keep up or find ourselves in trouble  with out of time technology, food, devices,  white goods, etc. you name it if we don’t keep up we just make things very hard for ourselves , we have to keep up we have no choice . We can’t take the risk too much of using out of date things  especially food as you don’t know what it is likely to do to you if you eat it , sometimes it is ok but not always and who wants to take the risk of eating out of date food ? So really speaking  unless we go back to the times when life was so much more simple and  technology free to a point  there is no way to stop this continual  running  to keep up .  It is a never ending drain on us  and the trouble is what gets lost in the mad pace to keep up is our family life , we have to run so much  we just do not have the time anymore to just relax with family or friends and that is a big loss . Friends and family are so important and it is a pity that things have got to this stage  , and even sadder is the fact that we call it progress . I call it  going backwards , seems the more we try to do the less we actually achieve …think about that for a few minutes you will see what  I mean … Yes we are driven by time and I don’t see an end to that anytime soon  but it does not mean  I have to like it  as  I lose too much  together time with  my hubby  and  family as no one has time for each other anymore  …. I for 1 don’t like this at all ……….


First you tell me to be myself, then you tell me to stop being an idiot. Make up your what’s it to be?!

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Choices  …..Choices we make  in life , how many times have we heard people condemn others for making the wrong choices , in  life  , in love, in work , you name it  there are so many choices we have to make on a daily basis , never knowing till it happens what those choices will lead us to. Every day and in every way we  have to make choices , how we make them is  what makes us who we  are , and  makes how we react to others , some choices are very good , some are very bad  , or  some make not a lot of difference at all so no need to worry about them. How do you make yours ? With your heart  ? Or with your head  ? Do you   stop to think things through ? Or just go with the  usual Aussie  stance of  ” She’ll be right mate  ? ”  That works to a point but can also have disastrous  effects , to me it is always a good thing to think a thing through  and not go jumping to conclusions , that is the path to trouble  .

I wonder though how many people who so blithely  say when something goes wrong  for someone else ” oh well you just made the wrong choice  ”  have they never  ever stopped to think that maybe , just maybe it was not a wrong choice by that person that made it all go wrong  , but something someone else did that ruined it  ? Do people ever  stop to think ( I doubt it  )  that maybe the person made the right choice  ,but something or someone else  messed it up ? So that a very  good choice  someone made is now a very bad  1 thanks to outside influences , but somehow people do not stop and look at the whole  problem , they just see what they want to see and do not look close enough , if they did they would find out what really happened  .  It seems like everyone these days is judge , jury , and executioner , even if they know the truth or not  , what they think is right , is right regardless and that sort of thinking ruins lives and families and jobs , it is way past time people started to actually think and look at all the problems  not just at the surface , at what they think is the answer .

I mean do you think  it was my choice  to be in that car accident all those years ago ? That has had me in constant pain ever since  ? Was it my choice that the idiot who hit me was looking at 2 people in the back seat of his car and did not even see me till he hit me  ? Was that my choice  ? No it was not  , if  I had , had any choice it would never have happened  , and I would now be the fit aerobics  instructor  I was at the time  , and would not  be having to cope with so much pain on a daily basis . Yes  it  is something you learn to cope with but it was not my choice that did it to me  , I am just using it as an example of how wrong people can be when  saying that someone has made bad choices , I never had a choice  , so how does that fit in with people’s theories  ? So don’t you think it is high time people started to look at other people  who are in trouble and stop blaming them for  bad choices and find out first what actually happened  ? That makes way more sense to me than just blithely saying  ” you made the wrong choice ”

The reason I covered this subject today is that there seems to be a whole lot of blaming  of people for things that have happened   when quite possibly it is not even their fault , we need to slow down, look at the truth , then make a decision  . More importantly we need to help where we can and stop being so judgemental of others , this world today  has become so judgemental it is just amazing  , I mean who put them in charge  ? Who made them boss ? Did they even look at the problem first  ? Did they check out the facts first ? Or just make a decision  off the top of their heads  ? Whatever way  that sort of judgemental attitude has just got to stop it is  too dangerous , has too many bad side effects . Come on everyone we can do better  than this , we are better than this  , we do have  the skill to be able to help rather than judge and be a hinderance to people who just need a bit of help . Too many people will just take 1 look at a person and right then and there put them in a category  and will not look further  and  will them write  them off as useless , or a pig ( if they are over weight ) without  ever looking into the truth  to see if there are medical reasons for it or not  .

So before you pass judgement on someone or something  please take time to look at all the problem , not just what is on the surface  , but all of it , then you can make the right choices as to whether  to help or not  , or just walk away and leave  it behind .  Sometimes that is the only way to handle things , sometimes just being there is help enough , if we can just stop being judgemental for a while we might actually see what is really going  on  , and that might  just help in the long run . We  sure need more helpful people than judgemental ones , have seen way too many judgemental ones and seen the damage they have caused to people  , just hope we can learn not to be this way . The  more we can learn to help others the more we actually do for ourselves it has benefits  helping others , not that that is why you help , you help because you can .

I need a bank to do two things for me: give me a loan and leave me alone ……….