Choices  …..Choices we make  in life , how many times have we heard people condemn others for making the wrong choices , in  life  , in love, in work , you name it  there are so many choices we have to make on a daily basis , never knowing till it happens what those choices will lead us to. Every day and in every way we  have to make choices , how we make them is  what makes us who we  are , and  makes how we react to others , some choices are very good , some are very bad  , or  some make not a lot of difference at all so no need to worry about them. How do you make yours ? With your heart  ? Or with your head  ? Do you   stop to think things through ? Or just go with the  usual Aussie  stance of  ” She’ll be right mate  ? ”  That works to a point but can also have disastrous  effects , to me it is always a good thing to think a thing through  and not go jumping to conclusions , that is the path to trouble  .

I wonder though how many people who so blithely  say when something goes wrong  for someone else ” oh well you just made the wrong choice  ”  have they never  ever stopped to think that maybe , just maybe it was not a wrong choice by that person that made it all go wrong  , but something someone else did that ruined it  ? Do people ever  stop to think ( I doubt it  )  that maybe the person made the right choice  ,but something or someone else  messed it up ? So that a very  good choice  someone made is now a very bad  1 thanks to outside influences , but somehow people do not stop and look at the whole  problem , they just see what they want to see and do not look close enough , if they did they would find out what really happened  .  It seems like everyone these days is judge , jury , and executioner , even if they know the truth or not  , what they think is right , is right regardless and that sort of thinking ruins lives and families and jobs , it is way past time people started to actually think and look at all the problems  not just at the surface , at what they think is the answer .

I mean do you think  it was my choice  to be in that car accident all those years ago ? That has had me in constant pain ever since  ? Was it my choice that the idiot who hit me was looking at 2 people in the back seat of his car and did not even see me till he hit me  ? Was that my choice  ? No it was not  , if  I had , had any choice it would never have happened  , and I would now be the fit aerobics  instructor  I was at the time  , and would not  be having to cope with so much pain on a daily basis . Yes  it  is something you learn to cope with but it was not my choice that did it to me  , I am just using it as an example of how wrong people can be when  saying that someone has made bad choices , I never had a choice  , so how does that fit in with people’s theories  ? So don’t you think it is high time people started to look at other people  who are in trouble and stop blaming them for  bad choices and find out first what actually happened  ? That makes way more sense to me than just blithely saying  ” you made the wrong choice ”

The reason I covered this subject today is that there seems to be a whole lot of blaming  of people for things that have happened   when quite possibly it is not even their fault , we need to slow down, look at the truth , then make a decision  . More importantly we need to help where we can and stop being so judgemental of others , this world today  has become so judgemental it is just amazing  , I mean who put them in charge  ? Who made them boss ? Did they even look at the problem first  ? Did they check out the facts first ? Or just make a decision  off the top of their heads  ? Whatever way  that sort of judgemental attitude has just got to stop it is  too dangerous , has too many bad side effects . Come on everyone we can do better  than this , we are better than this  , we do have  the skill to be able to help rather than judge and be a hinderance to people who just need a bit of help . Too many people will just take 1 look at a person and right then and there put them in a category  and will not look further  and  will them write  them off as useless , or a pig ( if they are over weight ) without  ever looking into the truth  to see if there are medical reasons for it or not  .

So before you pass judgement on someone or something  please take time to look at all the problem , not just what is on the surface  , but all of it , then you can make the right choices as to whether  to help or not  , or just walk away and leave  it behind .  Sometimes that is the only way to handle things , sometimes just being there is help enough , if we can just stop being judgemental for a while we might actually see what is really going  on  , and that might  just help in the long run . We  sure need more helpful people than judgemental ones , have seen way too many judgemental ones and seen the damage they have caused to people  , just hope we can learn not to be this way . The  more we can learn to help others the more we actually do for ourselves it has benefits  helping others , not that that is why you help , you help because you can .

I need a bank to do two things for me: give me a loan and leave me alone ……….

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