Favourite Song .. Why ?

Favourite song  … Have you ever noticed how music follows you all your life  ? How it  changes over the  years , what we heard when we were small , soon changes to something else  and then to something else again. As we grow up there is always music somewhere  in the back ground , some that makes us happy , some that makes us sad  , and some just make us relax  and enjoy the moment . Music itself has changed so much over the years and every generation says of the changes , music is not as good now as it was in my day , doubt there  is a person alive who won’t look back and say  music was better when  I was young  .  So what is it about music that so gets into our way of life that  we almost cannot do without it  ? What is it in music  that so stirs us up  ? It is used for stirring up trouble, for advertising , for meditation , for worship , for so many things  it is something that is just there  all the time in the back ground  moving us  1 way or another .

I remember  when I was young  it was all  rock and roll , it was all up beat dance music  , and we could all sing along  to whatever song was on at the time. We knew  every word every connotation  every nuance of the song we were singing  and we loved it . Funnily enough my favourite song at the time was 1 that a lot of people tried  to tease me with , but were soon disappointed when they found out I loved the song . The song was by The Beach Boys  and  I just loved it  , Help Me Rhonda  , that was the 1 I would stop for and sing along with the most much to the irritation  of them who wanted to tease  me with it  , lol still love it to this day  as I am proud of my name and no amount of teasing will ever  put me off  it. So it was 1 up for me when these people got pissed off when the teasing did not work , lol tuff  huh ? Love it when a plan comes together  …..  lol

I think my next favourite song was 1 by The  Proclaimers  that I used to sing all the time , I Will Walk 500 Miles , lol and yes I used to sing it to myself when walking , I used to walk many miles  at this time and it was 1 I would sing to myself to get me moving . There were no  walkmen or things like  that , which i would not use anyway like people do today as it makes us forget to watch where we are going . Any song that had a nice up beat  rhythm  was the kind of song I would sing as I walked along  * sigh I miss being able to walk those miles now  * but hey ho you don’t always get what you want do you  ? When I was in full walk mode would walk up to 15 miles at a time and never notice it , always  singing to myself 1 song or another   that made me feel good , too many  to try and put here though , but it gave me the feeling of freedom and peace to walk to that up beat music.

Then of course there are all the songs that are used for sports , for  club songs , and for promotions  , and to gee up the  fans and stir them up , and some of those songs are really good for stirring up  fans . Then we have songs used to enter into competitions , like  Eurovision   which happens to be on  now , pity we as a country  we have not yet worked out it is rigged and we will most likely  never win , all the European based countries  all vote for each other it is all political they are told who to vote for . Some of the songs that come out of it though are really good  it is just a pity that it is not a fair competition  , I feel for the entries that go into it in all good faith .

Then of course there are the songs used for National Anthems ,  every country  and principality  has their own song and  almost always it is a song that  makes you proud to be from that country . They are usually  good strong songs with an uplifting tune and makes the people from that country feel proud to be a part of their country . I know how our National Anthem makes me feel  when it is sung right  and not changed  by someone  who thinks they can sing it better , I like it sung the way it was written not how someone thinks it should be  sung.  Too often people will sing a song  and sing it different to the way it was written and it just sounds all wrong to me , usually turn them off when that happens . If you are going to sing someone’s songs  then sing it  the way it was meant to be not with any changes. If you could have written it better then that would be the 1 we were singing  not what you thought .

Of all songs though there is 1 that for a long time while hubby and  I were still half a world  away from each other that  I could not hear without crying , as it hurt me that we were still so far apart . We were only so far apart for so long  owing to bureaucracy  , dam paper work  kept us apart for many months more than it should  have  and that hurt us both  but we finally got it all  sorted and could be together . The song  ? It was  1 by Aerosmith  , I still have it on DVD in a movie I watch all the time , the song is ” I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing ”  Every  time I heard that song while unravelling the paper nightmare it would make me cry as I was missing my man so very much , even to this day it moves me  as  I remember what it used to do to me  , but over all I would still rate that song as my favourite because of the memories attached  to it , and the happiness we  got in the end  .

I tried being normal once. It scared me and I vowed to never to do something so insane again. You normal people are WEIRD! Weird I tell you!!

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