Sporting Rivalry

Sporting Rivalry ….. Has long been  something that has encompassed the world , every country has teams in some sport or another , Foot Ball , Soccer  , Cricket  , Rugby , Basket Ball , Base Ball , there are many others but you get the drift . Come playing time  especially if it is country  versus country , you see the huge hype  on TV , News  Papers  , Radio , Social Media ,  my team will beat your team  and nothing will stop us , lol, but each team says the same  , each team believes the same but as we know there can only be 1 winner . The team that plays the best  , wins the day  , the team that has the best coach , manager , helpers will  ultimately  win because they have the  back up behind them  and all the support they need to have the confidence to win. Without  this proper back up it is difficult for a team to have the confidence they need , but with it  they will have a better  chance of winning .

We  have at the moment  what is called  State of Origin Rugby going to start here  , it is  1 team  from  1 state in Australia  versus another  team from another  state in Australia , this 1 coming up is Queensland  versus  New  South Wales , and the teams must consist of players that were born in either state before they are allowed to play .  Right now you cannot see , hear or do anything much that is not  coloured either  blue or maroon , as Queensland  is maroon and  New  South Wales  is blue  ,  as the  fans that love this sort of  rivalry  seem to go right off their tree it is quite funny to watch  when looking in as an outsider . Don’t get me wrong I am just as bad when my Football team is  playing  another  team , all I can see is my team and nothing else  , and also where my country is playing  another country  I’m 1 of the most fanatical  you can get as  I love my country  as much as most people do theirs.

In 1 sense it is  good to see  such  patriotism  but sometimes it also goes over the top and people do some very ugly things  that have nothing to do with sport  but tars the name of sport  anyway  the players  themselves hate to see such things going on as they just play because they love to play and they love to win  , it is just wrong that some people take it over the top  and use it .Yes a lot of players are only in it for the money  but if they are good enough  good luck to them , if you are good enough  in whatever you do why should you not  get paid for it , seems fair to me . Most players though just play for the sheer love of the game and  it motivates them  to do well and encourage  young ones to follow in their footsteps . Also it gives the young ones a sense of achievement  and purpose  if they choose sport and also motivates them to do better  and keep doing better till they are the best at what they do , this is what all senior players  hope for to teach the young to play well and play fair .

There are also unfortunately  some players , though thankfully not too many  that can be corrupted  and will throw matches  for money , even games they are playing  in themselves  are not immune to being bet against. There are so are so many  ways to bet on sport now  it ( to me ) has just got out of hand and causes way too much trouble  that it takes the fun out of it for too many . Time and again we see this illegal  betting  and thousands of  dollars  or pounds or whatever change hands , to my mind  all these adverts  for betting shops should be banned as it only makes it too easy for people to waste  money they do not  really have . If they only used money set aside for betting   and not run themselves into debt  it would be  ok  but that never happens .

Another good thing about sports and all its ramifications  is that  a lot of money  can be raised for charities  by the clubs , and  so often you will see big sports name  players  doing things  for charity , like  bike rides or swimming or marathons or something similar . I admire the way these people will spend hours doing these things to help others who need it without  thought of payment  and set aside the time to do it . Just love to see the smiles on some of the children’s  faces when their sports hero’s  come to see them  on these charity days , it brings the children a small amount of relief from whatever is wrong with them and that has to be good .  When you see whole clubs get behind a  charity or a cause it is a great thing and to see the way they throw themselves  into it  makes you believe if only for a little while  that there is still some good in the world yet , though it is getting harder and harder to find .

So all in all sports  can be a great thing it can  make us learn responsibility  to ourselves , our team mates , and others watching,  it helps us to learn how to work together    and not to try and be  a ” show  pony ”  type , if more people got into sport and learned how  to help others and  be a part of a team then the world would be a lot better off .

Autocorrect makes me say things I didn’t Nintendo.

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