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Australia ……… Always referred to as  ” The  Lucky  Country ”  and I suppose it still is  but pardon me for wondering if it is so lucky anymore , while  I lived overseas  I always dreamed of coming back to the lucky country. Having now been back a while I find myself wondering is this country so lucky anymore  ? So much has changed , so many things now allowed that were not then  , so many people here  that have no respect whatever for this country that gave them a chance at a new life . Yet tell them to go back to where they came from and just hear the howls of protest , what ? They want it both ways  ? They want to live here but have things the way they want ? The laws they want  ? Then if that is what they want ………. The door out is there  …………> please use it and stop trying to make us do what you want , it is after all our country and always will be and you will not change that no matter what .

The biggest part of the problems we now have is the total miss management of the previous  government  who let anyone and everyone into this wonderful country , overrunning us with people who only want to have things the way they want it  . Along with all the so – called  immigrants who came in on illegal  boats and any other way they could , helped  by the lefties   , we now have a massive debt that we did not have before . This is the same sort of debt that has got  Greece in  so much trouble , they did the same things the lefties here  did , spent  way more than they got in , they had and still have no idea how to budget  , they do the same thing every time people are silly enough to vote them back in owing to dam short memories of the damage they have always done. If they ever learn that 1 simple thing then they will be  a better  choice to govern till then no way .

So now our beautiful , once lucky country is now in danger of going down the same plug hole that Greece is about to slide down , breaks my heart that so many people still cannot see what is in front of them , that if we let them get in again then you better start learning how to live on nothing at all  because we will be the same as Greece exactly . Once upon a time  you could look with hope and belief  forward to better things knowing that if you worked hard  you would be ok and it would all be worth it , now thanks to last government  stuff ups that has all gone down the drain and made it so much harder, and they continue to lie about the state of things * sigh * why are people so dumb ?

When people came over for holidays they used to be able to have a great time , only having to worry about the  ” Wild Life ” lol no not me either  😛  Now with so many unwanted and illegal  people here  they too run the risk of being hurt by terrorists  who snuck in here under last government , the Sydney siege  being 1 example of what has been inflicted on us , and there are so many , many more in sleeper cells  just waiting  for their time to inflict more carnage on us , all in the name of pure evil    , they are so full of hate , they hate to see people happy  so they want to destroy it all and so far are doing what they want , where they want , but at last we have a government  that cares and is trying to stop them and protect us. While all the previous so called  government   can do is lie about it and try to block what needs to be done to fix it . Makes you wonder whose  side they are on , it’s not the side of Australia that’s for sure , unless that puts more money in their own pockets then they will be .

Having said that and yes it is all very true unfortunately  , there is still our wonderful beaches , friendly people , our lovely animals ( yes the nice ones lol )  and so many great things to see and  do here it is  very well worth coming to visit . The views  from some of our outstanding  mountains and Ayers Rock to name just a couple are worth the trip  just on their own , those and the lovely bush walks and  surfing  and as  I said just before so many things to see and do , well worth the trip.  Just imagine a lovely summer night on the beach or in a lovely bush setting , or by a river or  lake , relaxing with a BBQ  just enjoying the lovely night skies . There is always too the lovely sunshine of which we have plenty , easy to get a nice tan, go swimming , surfing , diving  whatever , there are so many water sports to be enjoyed here .

I guess Australia like too many other countries these days has now got terrorist  problems , financial problems  and such like  , you have to just try to see the beauty , and here there is so much  beauty  you don’t have to go very far to see some , and it sure takes your breath away , so lovely to enjoy and to just soak up the atmosphere . It can be very hard to keep positive sometimes  but a walk in a nice  quiet bush setting  , or a lovely walk on a soft sandy beach , just listening  to the waves  pounding the shore is just the most relaxing thing you can do . For those that love camping too there are so many  great camping sites now to go to that there is nothing to stop avid campers from experiencing the bush or the seaside  easily .Then of course the lovely mountains , some of our mountain places are just as breath taking as the bush or the sea , if you like skiing or sledding or just playing in the snow then yes there is lots of that too  so something for everyone’s type of holiday .

I love a sunburnt country …. A land of sweeping plains ….. that and so much more is here , it is just a pity that people are the main problem , not the animals , or the birds , or the fish , but it’s people who spoil everything.

You say ‘pervert with a telescope’ … I say ‘biological astronomer’.



Patience  ….. This is something that unfortunately not too many people have these days , everything is now! now! now ! No one can seem to wait more than 5 minutes for anything or anyone  anymore . The world seems to have just gone right off it’s collective rocker with everyone wanting things done right now this minute or else  ! Sheesh what is with people ? Just because we can do everything at a million miles an hour doesn’t mean we should  !  Does anyone at all ever these days stop to think about this  ? Has anyone stopped and just looked at the society  we have created  ? At the kind of kids we have bought up ? What they now expect ? Why did they get like that  ? If you ever wonder how it all happened  please , go to your bed room and take a look in the mirror  that’s how it happened  .

When have you ever seen a kid  out shopping with parents  behave itself  ? Mostly  they see something they want  and scream and yell till they get it  , and the sad thing is they usually do get it  ( to shut them up )  anyone but me see how wrong this is  ? The more the kid screams is proof of how impatient the kid is , even if  parent said yes ok you can have it but wait till I finish the shopping  , well that won’t go down well , the kids want it the second they decide they do or else  , and the rest of the shoppers have to put up with the screaming till said parent is quite  ready to pay for it.  not a single thought for others that might be hurting because of the noise  , the kid must have it when the kid says. Kids these days have been got used to getting things instead of time with the parents  , it seems easier to give them something  ” to shut them up ” rather than your time.

How many times have you been out shopping  for the weekly/ fortnightly / monthly  food shop  and had to stand in the check out queue  for what seems like an eternity  ? Add to the line up only half of the check outs even open  with people  lined up everywhere waiting to pay  , why are these other check outs not open  ? Do they want people to get their food there or not  ? Trouble is a lot of people pick the wrong time of day to shop , sometimes that cannot be helped but mostly you can pick the slower times. Though I will never understand why all the check outs are not open all the time especially when the shops are busy and there are lots of people waiting  . ( this is why I food shop online )  there other reasons but that is the main reason I do . I wonder how many just leave the trolley there and say sod it not got the time or patience for this now  and walk out .

Next we   go to the post office, all counters may be open but the line in front always seems to crawl and it always seems that everyone in front of you has at least a million things to post . Why is it that no matter how hard you try it always works out that they are in your line , this is  yet another testing of  if you do or do not have patience . Then of course  when Xmas comes around then you can triple  your wait time in the post office , it is 1 of the worst places for slow moving  queues . It is not only that you can collect or send mail that makes it slow  but the fact that you can also  pay bills , do your banking , get travellers cheques , buy presents  so is it any wonder that the lines in there move so very slow ? Really hate having to go to the post office  these days  and it used to be so easy once. Add more services and watch the queues  grow and trust me the post offices around here  sure have a snail would be quicker .

The the next patience test , your going to a game  either  football  , soccer , tennis,  basketball , you name it any game is the same , it seems like everybody and his dog is in front of you  and paying for their tickets with coins ! Grrrr $1 ,$2  etc . etc. etc. and yes once again in your queue in front of you . The supporters of the teams  playing are often going off and  ragging the supporters of the other team and that too adds to time wasted trying to get to your seat . It seems that everyone waits till you do  to decide to go to the game , so everyone turns up at the same time   Arggghhh  seen it so many times it’s not funny  but you do finally get to your seat Yay !  lol

To me though the best test of your patience  is husbands grrrr  ( yes you dear 😛 )  husbands can be a pain in the proverbial at the best of times  but try being married to the  King of  Procrastinators !!  The amount of times I have so wanted to kick him up the bum is  beyond a joke , get so tired of it at times , but if he wasn’t such a good husband   then things would be very different  somethings are worth it  but dear …….  lol … Just wonder how many other wives think like  I do if also married to a procrastinator  , it sure teaches you  patience like nothing else does  if you love them enough . I just tell him I did myself so I would know he did it  …lol  get sick of asking . Also yes  I know there are women like that too so  I am not just picking on males lol I do know women procrastinate  but  seriously doubt they are as bad as men   , truly i don’t think women are as bad as men for it  they couldn’t possibly  be , could they  ? lol nahh never happen  … * smiles *

Occasionally, I like to agree with my husband just to watch the look of fear, confusion and nervous-anxiety on his face….


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Cats ..Cats ..Cats ..

Cats..Cats ..Cats … love em or hate em they , like the internet are everywhere these days , people from all walks of life have them , like the internet , lol I see a similarity here don’t you ? Like the internet they  can be fun or a pain in the proverbial , they also ,like the internet can be had by anyone who wants them  and can afford them .  They again like the internet can at the same time make you laugh or make you want to kill someone or something  , they can be nice or they can be right little buggers  and do nothing you want them to . Like the internet they need  molly coddling  and if not used exactly the  right way will turn on you at a moments  notice  and make you wish you didn’t have  it/them . Also like the internet they can be  all over you like a rash  or refuse to even talk  to you , or they may just strut around and  talk only when it suits them , charming huh ? How many times have we had internet connection problems  that only responds if it feels like it  , just like cats .At least the internet does not leave scratches all over you when it decides to turn on you , and you can boot the internet ( not a good idea for cats )

In ancient times cats were worshipped and  you got the impression the little sods knew they were and acted all uppity  in accordance , they got pampered and treated better than most people did , that unfortunately still happens today , people still look after cats better than family sometimes. Some people too treat them as human and humanise them way too much forgetting that they are after all just animals , and no they do not have souls to be worried about. Having said that I am not saying anything about not having cats just let’s keep it real and remember they are  cats not people and people must come first . I myself have been to places  where the cat is number 1 , and you dare not move it if it is on a chair you want to sit on . There are too many people  who just let the cat run the house and that too is sad , they are lovely , they are friendly , and have had some myself over the years , but refuse to treat them as people , you can love them and look after them without going overboard  as too many people do.

Myself   for me , my favourite cats are the big ones  lions, tigers, cougars , panthers , etc . etc. such majestic  animals who really are the kings of the jungle , lol would not want to argue with 1 at any time . Love em from a distance is my motto  so  they cannot get  upset with you and decide you will do for lunch lol . Just love watching documentaries  about them watching the proud way they walk  giving way to nothing and no one mostly , lol not too much will scare 1 of them , they would just eat any problems , lol, now there’s a thought … I wonder  ??   Bugger nope we can’t do that  sometimes for sure that would seem like a great idea , some people just ask for it  as they just don’t want  to use what passes for the brains they are supposed to have . * Sigh  lmao * I can see the population declining at a  very fast rate if we could just eat our problem people lol mind you again…hmmmm…. more space for all ….grrr …lol dammit …the answer is still no …. what a pity .

Cats love em or hate em have their very own style of living , on their own or in packs or in the jungle or  if they have gone feral , they simply just do whatever they want to …lol what a life huh ? Have you ever seen a cat take orders  ? Or a cat that does what you want it to  ? Ever seen a cat move off a chair or couch or something  so you can sit on it  ? Not a bit of it they do what they want when they want  and you either crack the  rag with them and get rid of them , lol, not too many will do that , or  as usual you let them  be boss  and pander to them . I’m sure you have noticed how a cat will always strut around with tail held high , they are saying  I am here  , I am cat  , I am the boss , and as I said too many people let them do and be just that  , that to me is just very wrong. Yes they are good company and a lot of fun but they, after all is said and done are still just animals  and should be treated as such , nicely but not over the top. They can be loved and appreciated without  making it a big issue and letting them run the show .

My other and  most favourite  cat is 1 of the team that plays for  The  Geelong Cats !!  Go you mighty Cats !! Lol to me the best type of cat to be in love with , good looking, friendly ( very lol ) look after them selves and give you lovely smiles  when you smile at them , good  to perve on too , lol but  i didn’t say that shhhhhh. Theses cats also give you equal amounts of pleasure ( when they win  ) or anguish ( when they lose  ) lol just like real cats  there is the pleasure and pain bit , but at least these cats can and will improve behaviour and not strut about with tails in the air. These too are the type of cat you just can’t give up , very addicting lol but a harmless addiction , I have been addicted to them for years and see no sign of ever stopping So they might lose at times  that is to be expected , no team can win every game  , lol if only , would be  wonderful  , but we still love them and always will , you don’t just abandon them because they have a few losses.

So all in all then Cats … you always have them either in your life or in someone you knows life , you can never escape them entirely , but then who want to ? It is only the big ones that can cause you any real trouble and the small ones are all ok if you  treat them the right way , and not over the top ….. Miow … lol

Women and cats will do as they please  and men had better just get used to it  …


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Internet … Love it or hate it , it has changed all our lives  forever , never has 1 invention had such an impact  that it has taken the entire world by storm and everyone wants it . If this is a good thing or a bad is really a moot point because like any  invention it can be used for good or evil , and  always is , it is  up to the user which way he or she uses it . There are just too many ways to use it that it can become  mind boggling if you dwell on it too much , it is 1 of those things it is better not to think too hard about , unless of course you want to give yourself a headache  lol . AS for me  I have enough of a headache  thanks  that 1 is called a husband lol  ( sorry dear  ) xx

So let us explore just what can be done with this internet , well so many things it is  amazing  but let us hope  that the uses are good rather than bad . Some of the bad ones  we try to keep away from but  somehow they catch us now and then  but if we just use a little bit of  what passes for a brain we supposedly have we can generally keep out of too much trouble . If we do get caught in it  we have  IT  tech’s  for that , thankfully I am married to 1  lol ( * waves to hubby  * )  so have no real problem  but almost everyone else knows a tech or how to get problems fixed . These days it is not too hard to get problems sorted out and usually very quickly  and we are back online .

The good things about the internet are that we can now do things from home that we used to have to go out  to do , and this may not be easy for some , like me with my back  , if it wasn’t for online shopping  my food shop would be a nightmare the pain is bad enough just doing quick shopping that cannot be done online. There are also things we cannot get in this country that can easily be purchased online and sent to you  so no need to miss out , I personally find it great for DVD’s and books  and quite often get them cheaper from overseas than  I can get them here and that is crazy  but that is how it is. Some clothing too fits into this category  things we cannot get here  again hop on internet , purchase and  Bob’s  your uncle  you have it on the way , and usually delivery is not too long from time of ordering .

Then there are all the other things we can do on ” the net ” there are countless games we can play , we can have face to face chats with people half a world away via Skype  that bit  I love and have used it many times myself , and still do as not everyone is  on Twitter or Faceache , lol some people have other things to do . (  lucky sods ) The 1 thing too that  almost everyone overlooks is how much good it does for  disabled people  , people who for 1 reason or another cannot  go out , it means they can still do everything they wish to now via  The  Net . Things they had no hope of doing before they can now do without any trouble at all , and it has made their lives so much better  for it  , so that is 1 of the better things it does. It has given people much wider horizons in their lives and we can now chat to people from all over the world without having to  find the expense of travelling and that is a great thing for all of us .

A lot of people now work in an industry that was not even in existence  just a few short years ago , so it has done a great job getting so many people into work that may not have been able to get a job otherwise . Let’s face it  IT is now 1 of the fastest growing industries  on the planet now  , and so many of  us ” ordinary people ”  need  the  IT  people too from time to time , but  if we are careful that is not too often . Most of the  IT now is used by big companies to run factories , make things , ship things, run big businesses , and you name it and almost anything can be done from the comfort of a nice office chair , and we can just let out  IT blokes get on with it and do what they do best .   WE just  need to be thankful for them and the things they do because let’s face it  they do a lot of good and get our things delivered/made  so much quicker now than ever .

So makes you wonder what on earth we did before  this internet  doesn’t it  ? How did we manage ? How has this internet  become the 1 thing that almost everyone now can’t live without  ? It is amazing to just sit back and remember what things used to be like way back when  ” before the internet ” wow yes some of us were born before the internet and yes we lived useful lives . We did not need to be sat in front of a screen all day every day like we do today and somehow we made it  , we got through and better yet we invented the dam thing lol , still not sure if it’s a good thing or not , there are pros and cons to this . Yes us  ” oldies  ” who so many like to put down were the ones that made your  lives so complicated by inventing the internet , lol so before you start putting  oldies  down think about how much they changed your lives . What would you be doing today if you didn’t have the internet ? Would you have all that you have now  ?  Would you even have a job  ? While the internet has a lot to answer for it also has a lot of things for us to be very , very thankful for  * giggles and waves to hubby again *

Looks like you have a lot on your mind. Do you wanna drink about it??

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Drugs …….. Drugs  are in every facet of our lives  it seems , we have drugs to put us to sleep , drugs to wake us up, drugs to make us eat , drugs to stop us eating , drugs to make us feel good  , drugs to make us feel bland , drugs for everything we do or are . The worst thing about all this is that these drugs that have invaded every part of our existence now  are quite legal , and are advertised continually on all media . The big drug companies  are making billions because we as a society  have been brainwashed into thinking we must have all these drugs to be healthy . Vitamin A B C D E …etc etc etc  ad infinitum  you name a letter there is a drug attached to it , they keep hounding you with advertising making it seem that you dare not refuse to have these drugs or you will be sick or worse yet die , it is crazy  stuff  but they do not stop and will not unless someone makes them .

They do not want you to actually stop and think about this  , they dare not have you realise that in 99%  of cases we do not need any of them , all we need is eat right and keep away from all this artificial junk they keep trying to ram down our throats , quite literally  they will stop at nothing, the advertising these days  is now aimed at our children so that they are brainwashed early to  thinking that they must have these . This  kind of advertising  to me is insidious  making the kids think they will not  be healthy if they don’t have  them . They have even stooped to making them into candy  so the kids and now adults too will be able to swallow them so much easier . Nothing like convincing the kids that they need this candy , so then the kids will hound the parents into getting it for them , what a sneaky way to do it , but it works as well they knew when they started making  these things . What better way to win a battle than by stealth using the kids we love to wheedle and whine at us to get us to buy them for them.

These days we are bombarded so much with the advertising  for this junk  that we are not  even given time to think about what really is in these things , what  they actually contain , they know if we think too long  we will see that we do not need any of it , very few of the things we need for a healthy body  can be got this way . All we need to do is use a modicum  of sense to see  that all we really need is a healthy diet  and exercise and our bodies  will be just fine . There is no need whatsoever  for us to fill ourselves with all this  ” stuff ” that they try so hard to convince us that we  just have to have if we want to live  a healthy life . Convince us we need them and  just sit back and watch the  money roll in , that is what they  are doing and  it is working a treat  they are making billions ,and all the time making up even more of them  so we will keep taking them.  * sigh * it all works too dam well and we use these things  by the truck load when we do not need any of  them .

I  will bet here and now that if we really bothered to look into just what is in them , what the actual ingredients are  we would be horrified , if we knew what each individual  ingredient that they put in these things did we would be horrified . Each 1 of these things  that they combine  has something bad , so imagine what combining  them would do to us 1 is enough without  adding to it  . The chemical  analysis  of each of these things  did we know it would  absolutely horrify us , yet they put them all together , add some sugar , make it pretty and  Bob’s your uncle   , tell us how much we need it and ” ka-ching ” sit back and watch the money roll in , works all the time and billions are made off it and in reality we need none of it , just need to be more  healthy in our diet  it’s as  simple as that .

Doctors are no better  they see you , then decide ok now you need to take this drug and that drug , and the other drug  when is a lot of cases again  we don’t need them at all , just need to change a few things in our lives . Doctors like the drug companies are too ready and too willing to pump us full of drugs  to ” keep us quiet  ” rather than fixing the real problem . They too are motivated by the drug companies , use our drugs and we will give you kick backs , it works all too well with them too as most are so busy they too just accept what the drug companies tell them and prescribe them. Who needs illegal  drugs ? The drug companies have got the game sewn up and it is all 100 % legal  how sick is that  ? How have we become so easy to lead , to be so easily convinced we need all this stuff ? It is an indictment  on us as a society that we have let this happen , and yes it is our fault we have become so busy we just let them convince us that we need all this .

What is even more horrifying is that I just saw on TV this morning that even the very plastics we use for toys, containers, bottles , you name it have now been found to have chemicals in them that are dangerous  to us , no they are not drugs  but it is the same principle tell us we can’t live without them and sit back and watch the money roll in . We have become so lazy in some cases or too busy to actually take the time too look at what we are doing to ourselves , it’s high time we woke up  I think .   Wake up before we do irreparable damage to ourselves and our country  , wake up before it is too late if it is not already , those plastics for a start are so bad for us and our environment   that we really need to stop using them and all the countless drugs we have been convinced we need   , it has to stop .
The only animals you eat before they are born and after they are dead.

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