Drugs …….. Drugs  are in every facet of our lives  it seems , we have drugs to put us to sleep , drugs to wake us up, drugs to make us eat , drugs to stop us eating , drugs to make us feel good  , drugs to make us feel bland , drugs for everything we do or are . The worst thing about all this is that these drugs that have invaded every part of our existence now  are quite legal , and are advertised continually on all media . The big drug companies  are making billions because we as a society  have been brainwashed into thinking we must have all these drugs to be healthy . Vitamin A B C D E …etc etc etc  ad infinitum  you name a letter there is a drug attached to it , they keep hounding you with advertising making it seem that you dare not refuse to have these drugs or you will be sick or worse yet die , it is crazy  stuff  but they do not stop and will not unless someone makes them .

They do not want you to actually stop and think about this  , they dare not have you realise that in 99%  of cases we do not need any of them , all we need is eat right and keep away from all this artificial junk they keep trying to ram down our throats , quite literally  they will stop at nothing, the advertising these days  is now aimed at our children so that they are brainwashed early to  thinking that they must have these . This  kind of advertising  to me is insidious  making the kids think they will not  be healthy if they don’t have  them . They have even stooped to making them into candy  so the kids and now adults too will be able to swallow them so much easier . Nothing like convincing the kids that they need this candy , so then the kids will hound the parents into getting it for them , what a sneaky way to do it , but it works as well they knew when they started making  these things . What better way to win a battle than by stealth using the kids we love to wheedle and whine at us to get us to buy them for them.

These days we are bombarded so much with the advertising  for this junk  that we are not  even given time to think about what really is in these things , what  they actually contain , they know if we think too long  we will see that we do not need any of it , very few of the things we need for a healthy body  can be got this way . All we need to do is use a modicum  of sense to see  that all we really need is a healthy diet  and exercise and our bodies  will be just fine . There is no need whatsoever  for us to fill ourselves with all this  ” stuff ” that they try so hard to convince us that we  just have to have if we want to live  a healthy life . Convince us we need them and  just sit back and watch the  money roll in , that is what they  are doing and  it is working a treat  they are making billions ,and all the time making up even more of them  so we will keep taking them.  * sigh * it all works too dam well and we use these things  by the truck load when we do not need any of  them .

I  will bet here and now that if we really bothered to look into just what is in them , what the actual ingredients are  we would be horrified , if we knew what each individual  ingredient that they put in these things did we would be horrified . Each 1 of these things  that they combine  has something bad , so imagine what combining  them would do to us 1 is enough without  adding to it  . The chemical  analysis  of each of these things  did we know it would  absolutely horrify us , yet they put them all together , add some sugar , make it pretty and  Bob’s your uncle   , tell us how much we need it and ” ka-ching ” sit back and watch the money roll in , works all the time and billions are made off it and in reality we need none of it , just need to be more  healthy in our diet  it’s as  simple as that .

Doctors are no better  they see you , then decide ok now you need to take this drug and that drug , and the other drug  when is a lot of cases again  we don’t need them at all , just need to change a few things in our lives . Doctors like the drug companies are too ready and too willing to pump us full of drugs  to ” keep us quiet  ” rather than fixing the real problem . They too are motivated by the drug companies , use our drugs and we will give you kick backs , it works all too well with them too as most are so busy they too just accept what the drug companies tell them and prescribe them. Who needs illegal  drugs ? The drug companies have got the game sewn up and it is all 100 % legal  how sick is that  ? How have we become so easy to lead , to be so easily convinced we need all this stuff ? It is an indictment  on us as a society that we have let this happen , and yes it is our fault we have become so busy we just let them convince us that we need all this .

What is even more horrifying is that I just saw on TV this morning that even the very plastics we use for toys, containers, bottles , you name it have now been found to have chemicals in them that are dangerous  to us , no they are not drugs  but it is the same principle tell us we can’t live without them and sit back and watch the money roll in . We have become so lazy in some cases or too busy to actually take the time too look at what we are doing to ourselves , it’s high time we woke up  I think .   Wake up before we do irreparable damage to ourselves and our country  , wake up before it is too late if it is not already , those plastics for a start are so bad for us and our environment   that we really need to stop using them and all the countless drugs we have been convinced we need   , it has to stop .
The only animals you eat before they are born and after they are dead.

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