Internet … Love it or hate it , it has changed all our lives  forever , never has 1 invention had such an impact  that it has taken the entire world by storm and everyone wants it . If this is a good thing or a bad is really a moot point because like any  invention it can be used for good or evil , and  always is , it is  up to the user which way he or she uses it . There are just too many ways to use it that it can become  mind boggling if you dwell on it too much , it is 1 of those things it is better not to think too hard about , unless of course you want to give yourself a headache  lol . AS for me  I have enough of a headache  thanks  that 1 is called a husband lol  ( sorry dear  ) xx

So let us explore just what can be done with this internet , well so many things it is  amazing  but let us hope  that the uses are good rather than bad . Some of the bad ones  we try to keep away from but  somehow they catch us now and then  but if we just use a little bit of  what passes for a brain we supposedly have we can generally keep out of too much trouble . If we do get caught in it  we have  IT  tech’s  for that , thankfully I am married to 1  lol ( * waves to hubby  * )  so have no real problem  but almost everyone else knows a tech or how to get problems fixed . These days it is not too hard to get problems sorted out and usually very quickly  and we are back online .

The good things about the internet are that we can now do things from home that we used to have to go out  to do , and this may not be easy for some , like me with my back  , if it wasn’t for online shopping  my food shop would be a nightmare the pain is bad enough just doing quick shopping that cannot be done online. There are also things we cannot get in this country that can easily be purchased online and sent to you  so no need to miss out , I personally find it great for DVD’s and books  and quite often get them cheaper from overseas than  I can get them here and that is crazy  but that is how it is. Some clothing too fits into this category  things we cannot get here  again hop on internet , purchase and  Bob’s  your uncle  you have it on the way , and usually delivery is not too long from time of ordering .

Then there are all the other things we can do on ” the net ” there are countless games we can play , we can have face to face chats with people half a world away via Skype  that bit  I love and have used it many times myself , and still do as not everyone is  on Twitter or Faceache , lol some people have other things to do . (  lucky sods ) The 1 thing too that  almost everyone overlooks is how much good it does for  disabled people  , people who for 1 reason or another cannot  go out , it means they can still do everything they wish to now via  The  Net . Things they had no hope of doing before they can now do without any trouble at all , and it has made their lives so much better  for it  , so that is 1 of the better things it does. It has given people much wider horizons in their lives and we can now chat to people from all over the world without having to  find the expense of travelling and that is a great thing for all of us .

A lot of people now work in an industry that was not even in existence  just a few short years ago , so it has done a great job getting so many people into work that may not have been able to get a job otherwise . Let’s face it  IT is now 1 of the fastest growing industries  on the planet now  , and so many of  us ” ordinary people ”  need  the  IT  people too from time to time , but  if we are careful that is not too often . Most of the  IT now is used by big companies to run factories , make things , ship things, run big businesses , and you name it and almost anything can be done from the comfort of a nice office chair , and we can just let out  IT blokes get on with it and do what they do best .   WE just  need to be thankful for them and the things they do because let’s face it  they do a lot of good and get our things delivered/made  so much quicker now than ever .

So makes you wonder what on earth we did before  this internet  doesn’t it  ? How did we manage ? How has this internet  become the 1 thing that almost everyone now can’t live without  ? It is amazing to just sit back and remember what things used to be like way back when  ” before the internet ” wow yes some of us were born before the internet and yes we lived useful lives . We did not need to be sat in front of a screen all day every day like we do today and somehow we made it  , we got through and better yet we invented the dam thing lol , still not sure if it’s a good thing or not , there are pros and cons to this . Yes us  ” oldies  ” who so many like to put down were the ones that made your  lives so complicated by inventing the internet , lol so before you start putting  oldies  down think about how much they changed your lives . What would you be doing today if you didn’t have the internet ? Would you have all that you have now  ?  Would you even have a job  ? While the internet has a lot to answer for it also has a lot of things for us to be very , very thankful for  * giggles and waves to hubby again *

Looks like you have a lot on your mind. Do you wanna drink about it??

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