Patience  ….. This is something that unfortunately not too many people have these days , everything is now! now! now ! No one can seem to wait more than 5 minutes for anything or anyone  anymore . The world seems to have just gone right off it’s collective rocker with everyone wanting things done right now this minute or else  ! Sheesh what is with people ? Just because we can do everything at a million miles an hour doesn’t mean we should  !  Does anyone at all ever these days stop to think about this  ? Has anyone stopped and just looked at the society  we have created  ? At the kind of kids we have bought up ? What they now expect ? Why did they get like that  ? If you ever wonder how it all happened  please , go to your bed room and take a look in the mirror  that’s how it happened  .

When have you ever seen a kid  out shopping with parents  behave itself  ? Mostly  they see something they want  and scream and yell till they get it  , and the sad thing is they usually do get it  ( to shut them up )  anyone but me see how wrong this is  ? The more the kid screams is proof of how impatient the kid is , even if  parent said yes ok you can have it but wait till I finish the shopping  , well that won’t go down well , the kids want it the second they decide they do or else  , and the rest of the shoppers have to put up with the screaming till said parent is quite  ready to pay for it.  not a single thought for others that might be hurting because of the noise  , the kid must have it when the kid says. Kids these days have been got used to getting things instead of time with the parents  , it seems easier to give them something  ” to shut them up ” rather than your time.

How many times have you been out shopping  for the weekly/ fortnightly / monthly  food shop  and had to stand in the check out queue  for what seems like an eternity  ? Add to the line up only half of the check outs even open  with people  lined up everywhere waiting to pay  , why are these other check outs not open  ? Do they want people to get their food there or not  ? Trouble is a lot of people pick the wrong time of day to shop , sometimes that cannot be helped but mostly you can pick the slower times. Though I will never understand why all the check outs are not open all the time especially when the shops are busy and there are lots of people waiting  . ( this is why I food shop online )  there other reasons but that is the main reason I do . I wonder how many just leave the trolley there and say sod it not got the time or patience for this now  and walk out .

Next we   go to the post office, all counters may be open but the line in front always seems to crawl and it always seems that everyone in front of you has at least a million things to post . Why is it that no matter how hard you try it always works out that they are in your line , this is  yet another testing of  if you do or do not have patience . Then of course  when Xmas comes around then you can triple  your wait time in the post office , it is 1 of the worst places for slow moving  queues . It is not only that you can collect or send mail that makes it slow  but the fact that you can also  pay bills , do your banking , get travellers cheques , buy presents  so is it any wonder that the lines in there move so very slow ? Really hate having to go to the post office  these days  and it used to be so easy once. Add more services and watch the queues  grow and trust me the post offices around here  sure have a snail would be quicker .

The the next patience test , your going to a game  either  football  , soccer , tennis,  basketball , you name it any game is the same , it seems like everybody and his dog is in front of you  and paying for their tickets with coins ! Grrrr $1 ,$2  etc . etc. etc. and yes once again in your queue in front of you . The supporters of the teams  playing are often going off and  ragging the supporters of the other team and that too adds to time wasted trying to get to your seat . It seems that everyone waits till you do  to decide to go to the game , so everyone turns up at the same time   Arggghhh  seen it so many times it’s not funny  but you do finally get to your seat Yay !  lol

To me though the best test of your patience  is husbands grrrr  ( yes you dear 😛 )  husbands can be a pain in the proverbial at the best of times  but try being married to the  King of  Procrastinators !!  The amount of times I have so wanted to kick him up the bum is  beyond a joke , get so tired of it at times , but if he wasn’t such a good husband   then things would be very different  somethings are worth it  but dear …….  lol … Just wonder how many other wives think like  I do if also married to a procrastinator  , it sure teaches you  patience like nothing else does  if you love them enough . I just tell him I did myself so I would know he did it  …lol  get sick of asking . Also yes  I know there are women like that too so  I am not just picking on males lol I do know women procrastinate  but  seriously doubt they are as bad as men   , truly i don’t think women are as bad as men for it  they couldn’t possibly  be , could they  ? lol nahh never happen  … * smiles *

Occasionally, I like to agree with my husband just to watch the look of fear, confusion and nervous-anxiety on his face….


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