Australia ……… Always referred to as  ” The  Lucky  Country ”  and I suppose it still is  but pardon me for wondering if it is so lucky anymore , while  I lived overseas  I always dreamed of coming back to the lucky country. Having now been back a while I find myself wondering is this country so lucky anymore  ? So much has changed , so many things now allowed that were not then  , so many people here  that have no respect whatever for this country that gave them a chance at a new life . Yet tell them to go back to where they came from and just hear the howls of protest , what ? They want it both ways  ? They want to live here but have things the way they want ? The laws they want  ? Then if that is what they want ………. The door out is there  …………> please use it and stop trying to make us do what you want , it is after all our country and always will be and you will not change that no matter what .

The biggest part of the problems we now have is the total miss management of the previous  government  who let anyone and everyone into this wonderful country , overrunning us with people who only want to have things the way they want it  . Along with all the so – called  immigrants who came in on illegal  boats and any other way they could , helped  by the lefties   , we now have a massive debt that we did not have before . This is the same sort of debt that has got  Greece in  so much trouble , they did the same things the lefties here  did , spent  way more than they got in , they had and still have no idea how to budget  , they do the same thing every time people are silly enough to vote them back in owing to dam short memories of the damage they have always done. If they ever learn that 1 simple thing then they will be  a better  choice to govern till then no way .

So now our beautiful , once lucky country is now in danger of going down the same plug hole that Greece is about to slide down , breaks my heart that so many people still cannot see what is in front of them , that if we let them get in again then you better start learning how to live on nothing at all  because we will be the same as Greece exactly . Once upon a time  you could look with hope and belief  forward to better things knowing that if you worked hard  you would be ok and it would all be worth it , now thanks to last government  stuff ups that has all gone down the drain and made it so much harder, and they continue to lie about the state of things * sigh * why are people so dumb ?

When people came over for holidays they used to be able to have a great time , only having to worry about the  ” Wild Life ” lol no not me either  😛  Now with so many unwanted and illegal  people here  they too run the risk of being hurt by terrorists  who snuck in here under last government , the Sydney siege  being 1 example of what has been inflicted on us , and there are so many , many more in sleeper cells  just waiting  for their time to inflict more carnage on us , all in the name of pure evil    , they are so full of hate , they hate to see people happy  so they want to destroy it all and so far are doing what they want , where they want , but at last we have a government  that cares and is trying to stop them and protect us. While all the previous so called  government   can do is lie about it and try to block what needs to be done to fix it . Makes you wonder whose  side they are on , it’s not the side of Australia that’s for sure , unless that puts more money in their own pockets then they will be .

Having said that and yes it is all very true unfortunately  , there is still our wonderful beaches , friendly people , our lovely animals ( yes the nice ones lol )  and so many great things to see and  do here it is  very well worth coming to visit . The views  from some of our outstanding  mountains and Ayers Rock to name just a couple are worth the trip  just on their own , those and the lovely bush walks and  surfing  and as  I said just before so many things to see and do , well worth the trip.  Just imagine a lovely summer night on the beach or in a lovely bush setting , or by a river or  lake , relaxing with a BBQ  just enjoying the lovely night skies . There is always too the lovely sunshine of which we have plenty , easy to get a nice tan, go swimming , surfing , diving  whatever , there are so many water sports to be enjoyed here .

I guess Australia like too many other countries these days has now got terrorist  problems , financial problems  and such like  , you have to just try to see the beauty , and here there is so much  beauty  you don’t have to go very far to see some , and it sure takes your breath away , so lovely to enjoy and to just soak up the atmosphere . It can be very hard to keep positive sometimes  but a walk in a nice  quiet bush setting  , or a lovely walk on a soft sandy beach , just listening  to the waves  pounding the shore is just the most relaxing thing you can do . For those that love camping too there are so many  great camping sites now to go to that there is nothing to stop avid campers from experiencing the bush or the seaside  easily .Then of course the lovely mountains , some of our mountain places are just as breath taking as the bush or the sea , if you like skiing or sledding or just playing in the snow then yes there is lots of that too  so something for everyone’s type of holiday .

I love a sunburnt country …. A land of sweeping plains ….. that and so much more is here , it is just a pity that people are the main problem , not the animals , or the birds , or the fish , but it’s people who spoil everything.

You say ‘pervert with a telescope’ … I say ‘biological astronomer’.

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