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We Have Come A Long Way

We have come a long way ………. Or have we ? Makes you wonder sometimes when you see the way things are in the world today , even in the last 20 years so much has changed , science has has gone ahead in leaps and bounds and electronics  now  are out of this world literally , men on the moon probes on Mars , probes even further out  it is truly amazing what man has achieved . Medicine and research has also gone ahead with amazing strides , these days  so many diseases  have been all but eradicated due to immunisation , surgery has also changed millions of lives  for people born with problems or who have problems  as results of accidents or some other  reason. There is hardly anything man cannot do in the field of medicine or science or surgery , people who would have died  a few years ago now can live a full and hopefully happy life  as a result of all this science.

Look back also  to where all this technology  really began , when they first really started messing with  phones, TV’s, computers , things were relatively simple then  and did a reasonable job . Now though  look at the  Tv how much have they changed ? Also video players/recorders  now you  can program them to start recording  up to a month ahead of when a program is  going to be on , also now if you have forgotten to record something  no worries , get your nice  new smart phone out , go to the ap and set the video to record  from wherever you are easy job done. The phone now is not just the simple thing it used to be , now there are so many aps on these things you can do your shopping , your banking, set your video to record , tweet , faceache , e mail, there are way more aps than that but you get the idea , gone is the simple phone.  The once easy and simple phone used just to keep in touch has evolved  into a real piece of  scientific  genius  no longer so simple , you almost need to be a scientist yourself to use it .

Medicine is another  thing that has  come ahead in leaps and bounds , now people no longer die from a lot of diseases  because they can now have immunisation  against the worst of them and this has saved countless lives. People who once would have died either from burns, car accidents, birth defects , or something ,through the skill of the medical profession   now have a much better chance at living a good life . Seems there is not a lot these days that we need worry too much about as all  these sciences  have and still  are going ahead  all the time  and finding new ways to improve our lives , sometimes for the better sometimes not  guess we will find out  eventually .

Then look at travel  how long did it used to take  to go from just say 1 side of a country to another  in Australia  it could take days to cross it at the widest part , now  I can fly  from here to the other side in just a few hours even with a stop or 2 on the way it takes almost no time. Going from 1 side of the world to the other used to also take  many days even weeks now at most you can fly from Australia to London in at the longest 26 hours ,   and that also with 1 or 2 breaks along the way  so you can get off and stretch  your legs and still get there in what seems like no time at all . Trains also have been upgraded to the point now you can even have driverless trains  , not too sure  I like those but it’s the way of it now . Also these  new trains have halved the time it takes to go from 1 place to another , now they seem almost to fly , just look  at the new super trains  amazing things , again not too sure I would want to ride on 1 .

So what else has ” improved ” ? Banking for 1 thing  you used to have to go physically  to the bank to put money in or take it out or pay bills , now no need for that as no matter where you are as long as you have your nice smart phone you can do all of your banking on the move , need never have to actually go into the bank at all . You can pay all your  bills , transfer money from account to account  all on the phone , or if your at home you can do it online same thing all so easy  no need to even get out of bed if you don’t want to . Let’s face it   who  doesn’t  like to stay in bed or at home if they can instead of having to get up , get dressed  and head off to the bank just to get things done.

So all these changes , we have come a very long way , in all these things and many more  I can think of , but , and to me this is a big but, has it made us any better  ? Are we better people for it  ? Has it made us more forgiving, more helpful ,  more human ? In some cases yes but in all too many cases no it hasn’t it has just made people  more greedy more selfish  as they see that more and more they are ” self ” sufficient  and do not need other people  so they just cling to the technology  and people get left behind . All this new technology  should be able to be used  to do more good for others instead too much of it is used against others as  more and more is used to fight wars , so it  is a double edged sword  really , it is up to us how and when we use it  but we really need to look at how we intend to use it and think long and hard before we do . Let us hope that the people with their fingers on all the wrong buttons do not use them for the wrong reasons  , but that  I am very much afraid will not happen , seems the world is imploding on itself  and we seem not to be able to stop it sadly.


Give a man a gun he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob everybody..

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What Would You Do?

What would you do if  ….. you won a million dollars  ? No doubt we have all dreamed of this  at some point  suddenly having a million dollars that is all ours  to  do what we want with , with no restrictions on what we spend it on. I know I have  but as someone who can’t even win an argument it is not likely to happen for me . However  supposing it did happen to you what would you do ? After you woke up from the  fainting spell you had when you found out  ? The possibilities  are endless  are they not  ? Let’s see now pay bills surely would be the first thing you got done , put a bit away for later , now what ? Mind you a million dollars these days is not worth as much as it sounds anymore  it sounds like with that  you are set for life with a bit left over  for fun  and games. The  way I see it now though  by the time the bills are paid a safety net in place  there is not  really much left  over , the value of the $ has gone down so much now it is just amazing . I actually wonder  how much that million dollars  is really worth now  , by the time you add in  all the extras when you buy something or  go away or anything  ? Once you add in all the little  extras  like the hidden taxes and add ons  plus the  GST or VAT or whatever  tax is relevant  or any other taxes plus exchange rates etc  your  million dollars has  shrunk quite a bit  now yes?

So what would  you do  ? Let’s say for arguments  sake it was me ( lol asif  ) first thing would be all bills paid , safety net in place , depending on what’s left then  I would seriously think  about  what next , would it be a car or a really good holiday  ? The  choice for me would be very hard as we need both  lol not even had a honeymoon yet , so the holiday would be  very desirable , also we don’t have a car  so that too is desirable , decisions , decisions ,  lol so really I am glad I will never have to make the choice , it would drive me bats lol yeah I know I already am ..  that’s a given really after all I am married  , lol sorry dear  ..Giggles ..

Talking of him  lol he is the same as me in that  he would do the same  , pay bills , safety net aside , then  just see what to do from there  . He has the same thought as me too in that it is so unlikely to ever happen he does not torture himself with all the what ifs , what is the point of working it all out if it is never going to happen ?  Why torture yourself  with impossibilities  when there are there  are so many other thing we need to think about ? To be fair though sometimes when  I’m bored out of my nutty head the thought does go through  and  I start to think what would I do ? Sigh  it is a pain but I do find myself thinking like this when things are tough and every dollar has to be squeezed till it screams , then the mind tends to wander off on these tours of fantasy .

So got me to thinking what anyone else would do  , would they even bother to pay the bills and put a safety net in  or would they just live for the minute and  blow it all on trips  or parties or things ? The possibilities  as  I said before are endless  and can  make your head spin trying to work it out  do I or don’t I ? Do I do the sensible things or do I just say sod it  I’m going to blow it all and hang tomorrow , actually a lot of people live their whole lives with that attitude  and that really is a worry . Back to the million yes it would be  fun just to have a nice cruise or  to fly around the world  or just have 1 huge party , but could you really be like that  ? Could you really have the  guts  so to speak to just blow it without a thought of what tomorrow might brings ? Could you really be that irresponsible  and blow it all ? I know I just could not do that , I would have to do the sensible thing , but just because I am like that doesn’t mean anyone else would do that .

So the million dollar question then is , what would you do with a million dollars ? Spend it all ? Do the right thing and be sensible ? Help others out  ? Just put it away for later  ? So many ways to spend it  , so many things become possible now . To many people the sudden acquisition  of so much money  changes them immensely  and not all for the good , some just let it go to their heads and become power hungry , some realise  that now they have lots of money they can say or do what ever they feel like , that type of thinking leads to trouble   for all concerned .  So what would you do  ??? Well at least  I unless really really bored do not worry about the what if  lol I may be silly but  I’m not silly , well not that silly anyway to worry about  impossibilities . There are way too many real things to be worried about and sorted out to waste time like this on things that do  not matter , living day to day  , looking after my home and my hubby are way more important to me than  this mindless  merry go round of things that can never happen.


My fantasy is having two men at once. One cooking. One cleaning….


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Idiots Per Square Mile

Idiots  per square mile ……….  this is for you Wayne …

It seems the idiot per square mile quotient is rising daily  , no , make that hourly now  I think  , let’s face it you can not escape seeing them everywhere even if you really really don’t want to know . They invade your world  no matter how hard you try to avoid them , just like a plague of  locusts , sometimes  I think I would rather have the locusts  than some of the idiots that force themselves to my  notice no matter what , they did not start out as idiots seems like they have evolved that way in the last decade or so  and are rapidly breeding. It sure makes you wonder  just how some of these people are even still alive , honestly some of the things they do are so stupid they out stupid  the most stupid person you have ever known. The trouble is they are surviving  and worse yet breeding as there are now so many you just cannot count them all , but what contraception can you use to breed out the stupid  ? mmmm ?

1st  kind of idiot  is those that refuse to look where they are going , always got heads in phones and then too often get run over , and turn around and blame the poor sod who hit them . Next kind of  idiot are those that are so into this ” selfie ”  craze and  simply must take the perfect  selfie , and you only have to see on faceache the many pics of those who have died doing them . They just can’t resist doing what they think is a perfect selfie that might make them famous , only problem is in too many cases it just made them dead , now what good is that perfect selfie ?

A new  breed of idiot to my mind is those that do this so called ” free running ” it looks impressive  at first and they make it look so good and so much fun , but ask yourself how many have died doing this thing  called free running ? All that got them was dead too so why on earth do this sort of thing that only leads to a coffin ? Surely there are  other things to do that do not endanger  yourself or anyone else ? What is the attraction  for wanting to do something so extreme   that it could kill you ? Has your life become so boring you want to end it  ? If so surely you could find a better way  than to scare  the daylights out of someone else while you’re doing it  .

Next kind of idiot  to me are those who scale buildings  and cliffs without any or no ropes or parachutes or anything that may help save their lives  , add some hang gliders to this list as well, as some of the things I have seen them do are just terrifying and ridiculous  it’s as if they are just either bored silly or  tired of life. Either way their death wishes in all too many cases are granted and other people are the ones who have to clean up the mess , but these idiots never think of that . For everyone of these idiots  that actually make it work I wonder how many have died trying to emulate them ? We all know how in built it is in people to copy  cat things they see even if it is dangerous  to them and those around them , all they care about is what they want , not what could really happen and who has to clean up after them when it fails , they just blind themselves to reality .

Another kind of idiot are those who ride those dam skate boards all over the place , man alive  I have seen some stupid stunts pulled by these  what  i call a special kind of idiot  because  they are more likely to hurt more people or get run over than any of the previous idiots I have mentioned  above. They are more likely to hurt more because too many of them are on the roads and the foot paths running into innocent pedestrians or cars . Add to those the scooters that now seem to be everywhere  , just the other week almost got run over by a scooter 2 skate boards and a bicycle  all riding right down a foot path in front of shops that already had half the path blocked with tables , leaving very little room for pedestrians . These are the arrogant idiots who only think of themselves and do not care 1 bit if there is a disabled person or a child in their way  , even though they are on the foot path  and there will be people walking and shopping  what they want is all that matters , selfishness taken to it’s awful limits.

The next kind of idiot  is those that on all the social media now available  put so much personal information  on line that any crook of any kind can get at them and their family . They put all their details , address , even their phone numbers for heaven’s  sake , then wonder why they get cyber bullied , that is so obvious  even   a blind man could see it , they have not learned nor do they seem to want to that too much information on line is downright dangerous . They also put pictures of themselves , their babies , their houses , their streets , you name it everything goes on line , then they wonder why they either get bullied or robbed ! If you publish  all over  social media  that you are going to go on holidays or away working then with all the information you have previously put up there for the world to see you are  obviously inviting them to come to your house and help them selves . The same thing applies to people putting  the same information up  and pedophiles  see it and once again you and your children are asking for trouble so why on earth don’t people stop and think  and fix it  ?  Are  they so sure they will be ok and that it will not happen to them ? That sort  of thinking is dangerous in the extreme  , and sure as eggs are eggs that  is asking for trouble in a very big way . So get on your social media and re do all your info , take off all the  extra that does not need to be there and is only asking for trouble.

Wake up people before these things happen , don’t wait till it’s too late then cry and yell and ask why , you know why , it is because you got too lazy and too cocky thinking it can never happen to me , trust me it does happen . We need to be more careful than ever these days with the pure evil that’s  around now every day we hear of things that just make you cry with the evilness of them  . Too many have done too little to protect themselves and the ones they love and now the world is paying for it big time  , it is way past time people stopped looking inward and started looking around them and being more vigilant , for themselves and their loved ones.

I just found out my smoke detector comes with a warranty. WHAT FOR? If it don’t work, what’s left?

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Men and Their Hair Styles

Men and their hair styles  …. I don’t know about you  but these days I am bemused by the way they wear their hair , are they men  ? or what  ? To me it is just not masculine to see men with pony tails  or long hair or  those stupid top knots , they just look ridiculous . Even funnier is when they combine it with a beard  , what’s that all about  ? Have  men become so confused that they don’t know if they should dress like men or women ? How did all our once very masculine men  become so namby pamby that they are wearing womens hair styles  ? Why do they think that it is acceptable to look like a woman  ? It just boggles my mind ,these days of all the  ” confusion ” about who  or what people are , are they male , female, or none of the above , it is all so very confusing and too many are falling for the lies and decide to change sex , and that is just wrong we are born the right way and should live that way.

So it is no surprise that you have women walking round with men’s  styles  too and men with womens , the world has gone mad making people believe that they are something different when that is so not true  . Everytime you go out you see men getting round with pony tails or top knots and all I want to do is get a pair of scissors and cut them off , and tell them to grow up they are men not women. When did all this ” become a thing ” ? To use another idiotic new saying that is all over the place now , not only are so called men  looking like a ” sheila ”  they are speaking  rubbish talk with all these stupid new phrases being added . In actual fact  it seems to me that they are all just becoming lazier , too lazy to do hair correctly  , too lazy to talk properly , and a lot of the time too lazy to even dress properly , and even more too lazy to remember how to respect and be nice to others  . Seems to me that as usual it all gets down to money again as they get more money from being  selfish than  being the type of person they should  be . Also don’t get me started on spelling !! Sheesh people these days cannot spell , nor can a lot of them even read , they seem to have become too lazy too to even learn to spell , it’s just crazy stuff .

This  phase of looking like anything but what you were born to be has been around for a while  but now more than ever you see it everywhere , you can’t miss it  when you go out , like all this new fashion , well that’s what they call it ,it’s just spread everywhere  ( like the plague ) seems like it has become a challenge now to dress and behave like this . Wonder just how many or few of real people there are now ? Going on when I see daily  not too many  because too many are just trying to ” fit in ” and go with the crowd , for me it is just a nonsense and it would be lovely to see people  ignoring all these so called fashions  and just be natural and do the right thing , but doubt that will happen anytime soon. Too many are convinced too easily just to go with the flow and not to be themselves  and be an individual ,seems they are too scared of being different , and that is a big worry when you think about it .

The more you see of the men and women doing or not doing as the case maybe the same as everyone else and wearing hair styles that just do not suit them  just makes you see how far this sort of corruption  has  spread . It has obviously spread a long way as there  is just no getting away from it  , and it just  breaks my heart that so many have been fooled into believing they are something that they are not , they have been talked into it  and so go along with the crowd , and that is something we should never do . Be yourself   be natural be real do not let all these people tell you what you are or what you should be  , that is between you and  God , not the masses who have already decided  to go with the flow , even little children are being convinced they are something that they are not and that is just wrong on every level , as a parent my heart breaks when I see more and more of this happening to the children of the world.

Why do we have a need to change what is already right into something that is just gross ? We are born right and are right , till some idiot or another  decides we have to be  changed . So  by this you can guess that  I really do not like men or women getting round with pony tails on men  and women with men’s hair  cuts , it is all wrong   but everyone just goes along with it , and  everytime  I go out it is hard not to take scissors with me  , lol, love to chop some of them off they are not 1 bit masculine they just make men look like sissies , even with the beards now a lot wear with them too just makes them look even sillier . Alas as far as  I can tell there is no way to stop the rot either as the ones doing the corrupting have become so good at it they convince people  that if given a choice and allowed to actually think about things they would not go along with it all . It is so well done even those that  would not usually go along with it end up doing so , it is all just so wrong. * sigh *

Someone just told me to “Have a good morning”. What about the rest of my day do you want me to stuff that up?