Men and Their Hair Styles

Men and their hair styles  …. I don’t know about you  but these days I am bemused by the way they wear their hair , are they men  ? or what  ? To me it is just not masculine to see men with pony tails  or long hair or  those stupid top knots , they just look ridiculous . Even funnier is when they combine it with a beard  , what’s that all about  ? Have  men become so confused that they don’t know if they should dress like men or women ? How did all our once very masculine men  become so namby pamby that they are wearing womens hair styles  ? Why do they think that it is acceptable to look like a woman  ? It just boggles my mind ,these days of all the  ” confusion ” about who  or what people are , are they male , female, or none of the above , it is all so very confusing and too many are falling for the lies and decide to change sex , and that is just wrong we are born the right way and should live that way.

So it is no surprise that you have women walking round with men’s  styles  too and men with womens , the world has gone mad making people believe that they are something different when that is so not true  . Everytime you go out you see men getting round with pony tails or top knots and all I want to do is get a pair of scissors and cut them off , and tell them to grow up they are men not women. When did all this ” become a thing ” ? To use another idiotic new saying that is all over the place now , not only are so called men  looking like a ” sheila ”  they are speaking  rubbish talk with all these stupid new phrases being added . In actual fact  it seems to me that they are all just becoming lazier , too lazy to do hair correctly  , too lazy to talk properly , and a lot of the time too lazy to even dress properly , and even more too lazy to remember how to respect and be nice to others  . Seems to me that as usual it all gets down to money again as they get more money from being  selfish than  being the type of person they should  be . Also don’t get me started on spelling !! Sheesh people these days cannot spell , nor can a lot of them even read , they seem to have become too lazy too to even learn to spell , it’s just crazy stuff .

This  phase of looking like anything but what you were born to be has been around for a while  but now more than ever you see it everywhere , you can’t miss it  when you go out , like all this new fashion , well that’s what they call it ,it’s just spread everywhere  ( like the plague ) seems like it has become a challenge now to dress and behave like this . Wonder just how many or few of real people there are now ? Going on when I see daily  not too many  because too many are just trying to ” fit in ” and go with the crowd , for me it is just a nonsense and it would be lovely to see people  ignoring all these so called fashions  and just be natural and do the right thing , but doubt that will happen anytime soon. Too many are convinced too easily just to go with the flow and not to be themselves  and be an individual ,seems they are too scared of being different , and that is a big worry when you think about it .

The more you see of the men and women doing or not doing as the case maybe the same as everyone else and wearing hair styles that just do not suit them  just makes you see how far this sort of corruption  has  spread . It has obviously spread a long way as there  is just no getting away from it  , and it just  breaks my heart that so many have been fooled into believing they are something that they are not , they have been talked into it  and so go along with the crowd , and that is something we should never do . Be yourself   be natural be real do not let all these people tell you what you are or what you should be  , that is between you and  God , not the masses who have already decided  to go with the flow , even little children are being convinced they are something that they are not and that is just wrong on every level , as a parent my heart breaks when I see more and more of this happening to the children of the world.

Why do we have a need to change what is already right into something that is just gross ? We are born right and are right , till some idiot or another  decides we have to be  changed . So  by this you can guess that  I really do not like men or women getting round with pony tails on men  and women with men’s hair  cuts , it is all wrong   but everyone just goes along with it , and  everytime  I go out it is hard not to take scissors with me  , lol, love to chop some of them off they are not 1 bit masculine they just make men look like sissies , even with the beards now a lot wear with them too just makes them look even sillier . Alas as far as  I can tell there is no way to stop the rot either as the ones doing the corrupting have become so good at it they convince people  that if given a choice and allowed to actually think about things they would not go along with it all . It is so well done even those that  would not usually go along with it end up doing so , it is all just so wrong. * sigh *

Someone just told me to “Have a good morning”. What about the rest of my day do you want me to stuff that up?


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