What Would You Do?

What would you do if  ….. you won a million dollars  ? No doubt we have all dreamed of this  at some point  suddenly having a million dollars that is all ours  to  do what we want with , with no restrictions on what we spend it on. I know I have  but as someone who can’t even win an argument it is not likely to happen for me . However  supposing it did happen to you what would you do ? After you woke up from the  fainting spell you had when you found out  ? The possibilities  are endless  are they not  ? Let’s see now pay bills surely would be the first thing you got done , put a bit away for later , now what ? Mind you a million dollars these days is not worth as much as it sounds anymore  it sounds like with that  you are set for life with a bit left over  for fun  and games. The  way I see it now though  by the time the bills are paid a safety net in place  there is not  really much left  over , the value of the $ has gone down so much now it is just amazing . I actually wonder  how much that million dollars  is really worth now  , by the time you add in  all the extras when you buy something or  go away or anything  ? Once you add in all the little  extras  like the hidden taxes and add ons  plus the  GST or VAT or whatever  tax is relevant  or any other taxes plus exchange rates etc  your  million dollars has  shrunk quite a bit  now yes?

So what would  you do  ? Let’s say for arguments  sake it was me ( lol asif  ) first thing would be all bills paid , safety net in place , depending on what’s left then  I would seriously think  about  what next , would it be a car or a really good holiday  ? The  choice for me would be very hard as we need both  lol not even had a honeymoon yet , so the holiday would be  very desirable , also we don’t have a car  so that too is desirable , decisions , decisions ,  lol so really I am glad I will never have to make the choice , it would drive me bats lol yeah I know I already am ..  that’s a given really after all I am married  , lol sorry dear  ..Giggles ..

Talking of him  lol he is the same as me in that  he would do the same  , pay bills , safety net aside , then  just see what to do from there  . He has the same thought as me too in that it is so unlikely to ever happen he does not torture himself with all the what ifs , what is the point of working it all out if it is never going to happen ?  Why torture yourself  with impossibilities  when there are there  are so many other thing we need to think about ? To be fair though sometimes when  I’m bored out of my nutty head the thought does go through  and  I start to think what would I do ? Sigh  it is a pain but I do find myself thinking like this when things are tough and every dollar has to be squeezed till it screams , then the mind tends to wander off on these tours of fantasy .

So got me to thinking what anyone else would do  , would they even bother to pay the bills and put a safety net in  or would they just live for the minute and  blow it all on trips  or parties or things ? The possibilities  as  I said before are endless  and can  make your head spin trying to work it out  do I or don’t I ? Do I do the sensible things or do I just say sod it  I’m going to blow it all and hang tomorrow , actually a lot of people live their whole lives with that attitude  and that really is a worry . Back to the million yes it would be  fun just to have a nice cruise or  to fly around the world  or just have 1 huge party , but could you really be like that  ? Could you really have the  guts  so to speak to just blow it without a thought of what tomorrow might brings ? Could you really be that irresponsible  and blow it all ? I know I just could not do that , I would have to do the sensible thing , but just because I am like that doesn’t mean anyone else would do that .

So the million dollar question then is , what would you do with a million dollars ? Spend it all ? Do the right thing and be sensible ? Help others out  ? Just put it away for later  ? So many ways to spend it  , so many things become possible now . To many people the sudden acquisition  of so much money  changes them immensely  and not all for the good , some just let it go to their heads and become power hungry , some realise  that now they have lots of money they can say or do what ever they feel like , that type of thinking leads to trouble   for all concerned .  So what would you do  ??? Well at least  I unless really really bored do not worry about the what if  lol I may be silly but  I’m not silly , well not that silly anyway to worry about  impossibilities . There are way too many real things to be worried about and sorted out to waste time like this on things that do  not matter , living day to day  , looking after my home and my hubby are way more important to me than  this mindless  merry go round of things that can never happen.


My fantasy is having two men at once. One cooking. One cleaning….



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