We Have Come A Long Way

We have come a long way ………. Or have we ? Makes you wonder sometimes when you see the way things are in the world today , even in the last 20 years so much has changed , science has has gone ahead in leaps and bounds and electronics  now  are out of this world literally , men on the moon probes on Mars , probes even further out  it is truly amazing what man has achieved . Medicine and research has also gone ahead with amazing strides , these days  so many diseases  have been all but eradicated due to immunisation , surgery has also changed millions of lives  for people born with problems or who have problems  as results of accidents or some other  reason. There is hardly anything man cannot do in the field of medicine or science or surgery , people who would have died  a few years ago now can live a full and hopefully happy life  as a result of all this science.

Look back also  to where all this technology  really began , when they first really started messing with  phones, TV’s, computers , things were relatively simple then  and did a reasonable job . Now though  look at the  Tv how much have they changed ? Also video players/recorders  now you  can program them to start recording  up to a month ahead of when a program is  going to be on , also now if you have forgotten to record something  no worries , get your nice  new smart phone out , go to the ap and set the video to record  from wherever you are easy job done. The phone now is not just the simple thing it used to be , now there are so many aps on these things you can do your shopping , your banking, set your video to record , tweet , faceache , e mail, there are way more aps than that but you get the idea , gone is the simple phone.  The once easy and simple phone used just to keep in touch has evolved  into a real piece of  scientific  genius  no longer so simple , you almost need to be a scientist yourself to use it .

Medicine is another  thing that has  come ahead in leaps and bounds , now people no longer die from a lot of diseases  because they can now have immunisation  against the worst of them and this has saved countless lives. People who once would have died either from burns, car accidents, birth defects , or something ,through the skill of the medical profession   now have a much better chance at living a good life . Seems there is not a lot these days that we need worry too much about as all  these sciences  have and still  are going ahead  all the time  and finding new ways to improve our lives , sometimes for the better sometimes not  guess we will find out  eventually .

Then look at travel  how long did it used to take  to go from just say 1 side of a country to another  in Australia  it could take days to cross it at the widest part , now  I can fly  from here to the other side in just a few hours even with a stop or 2 on the way it takes almost no time. Going from 1 side of the world to the other used to also take  many days even weeks now at most you can fly from Australia to London in at the longest 26 hours ,   and that also with 1 or 2 breaks along the way  so you can get off and stretch  your legs and still get there in what seems like no time at all . Trains also have been upgraded to the point now you can even have driverless trains  , not too sure  I like those but it’s the way of it now . Also these  new trains have halved the time it takes to go from 1 place to another , now they seem almost to fly , just look  at the new super trains  amazing things , again not too sure I would want to ride on 1 .

So what else has ” improved ” ? Banking for 1 thing  you used to have to go physically  to the bank to put money in or take it out or pay bills , now no need for that as no matter where you are as long as you have your nice smart phone you can do all of your banking on the move , need never have to actually go into the bank at all . You can pay all your  bills , transfer money from account to account  all on the phone , or if your at home you can do it online same thing all so easy  no need to even get out of bed if you don’t want to . Let’s face it   who  doesn’t  like to stay in bed or at home if they can instead of having to get up , get dressed  and head off to the bank just to get things done.

So all these changes , we have come a very long way , in all these things and many more  I can think of , but , and to me this is a big but, has it made us any better  ? Are we better people for it  ? Has it made us more forgiving, more helpful ,  more human ? In some cases yes but in all too many cases no it hasn’t it has just made people  more greedy more selfish  as they see that more and more they are ” self ” sufficient  and do not need other people  so they just cling to the technology  and people get left behind . All this new technology  should be able to be used  to do more good for others instead too much of it is used against others as  more and more is used to fight wars , so it  is a double edged sword  really , it is up to us how and when we use it  but we really need to look at how we intend to use it and think long and hard before we do . Let us hope that the people with their fingers on all the wrong buttons do not use them for the wrong reasons  , but that  I am very much afraid will not happen , seems the world is imploding on itself  and we seem not to be able to stop it sadly.


Give a man a gun he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob everybody..


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