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Never Judge A Book

Never judge a book … How many times have we heard this phrase in our life times  ?  How many times have we been guilty of doing just that  ? I would guess that there is  not 1 person ( if they are honest ) who has not looked at someone or something and made a snap judgement  on that person or thing . Then only later on to find out just how wrong  that snap judgement is , but too many people do not even care  , they make that  decision then stick to it no matter how much  proof to the contrary  there is that  they are wrong.  Some people just take the attitude that they are right and everyone else is wrong  and nothing or nobody will change that  in them  they are so closed up . Know way too many like that and my guess is that everyone knows someone like that .

Take overweight people for example , some people ( far too many ) see an overweight person and just ” snap ”  they decide that , that person is a pig  , sits around and eats all day  , and yes some do that but  also there are those who don’t , they think the fat 1 never  moves , never does any exercise  , never for 1 min do they stop to think there maybe a medical reason some people are  fat . There are people on life saving drugs  and those very drugs make weight loss impossible , a lot of cancer patients are like that , and some  kidney patients , what would these judgemental  people have them do stop the drugs that are keeping them alive  just so they look better to them  ? Yes there are people who over eat or just plain eat the wrong sort of food but that does not mean everyone is the same and we should be more tolerant  of what we don’t understand  till we know the facts .

Now I am going to tell you a little about me , only this once and only for reference  to this same subject . If  you look at me the very 1st thing you think is huh! a fat pig who never moves , who eats all day  , and you could not be further from the truth  but that is what people think. In actual fact  I walk very fast and  quite some distances , till the pain in my back gets too much and  I have to stop , but the exercise I get is way more than enough to  make me lose weight, but it never happens . The reason it  doesn’t is because  I have a medical problem , thanks to my daughter who did the research  I now know the name of , but to do anything about it I have to go to a doctor , and that I will not do as the last 1 I went to was  obnoxious and rude to me and  I will not allow that to happen again , so I will just manage my own way and if I don’t look as good as people think I should fine that is their problem not  mine , I will not be treated like a piece of s**t by any other doctor again no matter how much help I need .

The  there are the people who judge people for going to pubs , yes most do go just to drink and get drunk  , but some , like me , just go for a couple of beers and some company as they are alone so much  they get sick of talking to themselves . Some just go for lunch or dinner as do we on weekends , I hardly ever go out during the week now as my medical problems make walking alone a bit risky so it has to be important  for me to go out alone.  So basically we just go on the weekends  and usually for meals as well as drinks as it is the only time really we get to be together these days owing to hubby’s work schedules, but again as we are at a pub people think we just  go  to get drunk  , rather than what we really do , have a good meal , couple of drinks , then go home. Unless there is  a show on we may stay longer  but  usually just a nice relaxing time after a working week we are not the alcoholics  many try to  paint us  as we are just a happy couple  relaxing in each others company at the weekends .

So how judgemental are you ? Do you ever worry about finding out the truth ? Or are you  just like the ones who take 1 look , judge then pass people over  because of the way they look ? How would you like to be judged  this same way  ? Would it hurt you to be judged under the same rules you yourself use to judge others ? Would you come out looking or feeling any better knowing someone thought  you were just a fat lazy drunk  when in truth you are none of these things  ? How would you like this same rule applied to you  ? So wake up people ! Wake up and realise  that  you just cannot judge a book by it’s cover , things are never the way they seem to be at 1st glance , wait till you know what the truth is before judging  anyone else . Way too many these days just are so into themselves that they  care for nothing or no one but themselves  and do not care 1 bit if they hurt others .

Haven’t you ever bought a book or a dress or something else and got it home only to find out it is not what you thought it was and you now don’t want it  ? That happens more times than people think and once again proves you cannot judge a book by it’s cover you need to check it out  thoroughly  before you commit to buying it. that of course is just plain  common sense but these days that is almost impossible to find in people  they are so selfish and so sure of themselves  and even though they are  quite often wrong they just don’t care ..    Anyway it is not our place to judge anyone …. Judge not lest ye be judged ….a very good rule to live by makes us  better humans .

Finds it fascinating how some  ppl know more about my life than I do,cant wait to find out what I’ve been up to …


Spare Time ?

Spare time ….Who has spare time these days ? There are so many things to do , places to go  to even think of having spare time  yet it’s funny how as you get older people start saying things like ” wow you will have lots of spare time now  ” I wonder  just how they think that works  , lol, do we suddenly have no children , no grandchildren  to look after  ? No more washing , and shopping , and cleaning  , where do all these things  suddenly vanish to  so we actually do have all this spare time  ?? I certainly wish it would all disappear  would love to have no  washing  or chores of any kind  to do  then I might actually be able to be lazy and do nothing as  the younger ones seem to think we are anyway  ? I bet right now if we did suddenly stop doing all the things we still do that the younger ones would be the first ones to complain  because  who would have to do it then huh ? Lol give you 1 guess…

Then of course if you have a husband then you have the equivalent  of 3 kids right there  , men are terrors at making work , extra  washing , cooking, etc  you know what I mean    like with the kids but more so . Their excuse  ? I have to work so I can’t do this as well , ok that is fair enough but  do they have to make  as much mess as they do  ? Yikes  go around after they go to work and just see how much you have to do to get the place back in some sort of order  , sheesh takes a while to get it all sorted out again. Then of course it only  stays nice  until they get home then off we go again and by the time they leave  again you are back to square 1 all over again, round and round in circles  , lol,  but for some reason we still love them so we keep doing it and doing it  over and over again. Makes you wish you were rich enough to have a maid to do the worst of it  but  * sigh * 1 can only dream .

So  lets look a little more closely , the washing takes about an hour by the time it’s sorted , put through the machine , then hung up or put through the dryer if you have 1 , then there is  shopping , well if you don’t do it online where it usually only takes about 20 – 30 mins tops  to get done  then you have to go to the food stores. Man I hate going to supermarkets , they are so full of people  who just barge around  and maybe bump into you , or they just stand in front of something you want for ages not caring that someone else might want something from there too . If by any chance you need help with something  then you have little or no hope of finding  a staff member as  I think they go into hiding if they are not on the  registers  so you can’t make them do anything , you can’t if you can’t find them . So now we know how long the shopping can take if you actually go to the shops , put yourself  through all this and  all just for the food that you then have to cook.

Cooking  love it or hate it  you have to do it at some point  if you have a husband and/or  children  to feed , and  try not doing it and see where that gets you , lol , your an awful person if meals are not on time and on the table when family  want  it . Some meals are easy and take not too much time , but others take a lot of prep , specially if you  are loading a slow cooker ( love mine  ) it takes time to prep all the ingredients to go into it  and it can take ages if there are a lot of them . If it is a casserole there are all sorts of veg to be chopped and  peeled etc. before you can put it in , then you have to mix the fluid you are using to cook it in mix in any sauces and herbs etc  that you want , then and only then is it done , done until it’s cooked then you need to finish it  off for eating.  Then  once eaten joy of joys there is the dishes to do  and any left over to be put into the freezer for another day . Dishes , lol these things breed  I tell you , 1 min a small pile easy to do , next min a whole pile of them , it never ends  grrrrrrr  lol .

Now what was this about spare time  ? Would love to see some of these younger ones who seem to think because we are older that we have nothing to do , or that we are now some how incapable  , just try to keep up  for just 1 of the busy days . A day when for some reason or other all these chores need to be done in the 1 day . Start with coffee ( about a gallon lol )  to wake up then  ….

A  put the washing in  and while it is doing …

B do the dishes ….

C  prep all the ingredients  for the slow cooker ….

Now if you have time left in your day  you can then clean the rest of the house , or if need be go out and get other things done  like pay bills or  for a change  go relax and  have a little time to yourself and have a coffee out or a beer , let’s face it we earned it … Spare time  ? Lol show me someone who lives alone and  I will show you someone who actually knows what spare time is , these electronic days  make it almost impossible to have spare time as it too seems to find a way to keep us busy .  So will someone please explain what exactly spare time is  ?? #askingforafriend …….

Okay I have places to go, things to do and people to torment so I’ll be back to deal with you later…


If I was a Crook

If  I was a crook ….. Man  I tell you I could be rich without even trying , the things  I see when out walking  , the amount of different ways I could rob or rip people off is unbelieveable , my mind actually boggles at times at the sheer stupidity of people these days  . Was about to say of some people but decided to say people as most of them are as stupid , if  I was able to set up a  sting type thing for 1 day with  police help they and the people would be just amazed  at how quick I could get rich . Just as well I believe  in nothing but honesty  having been on the wrong end too many times  I know the heartbreak it causes , and how very hard it is  to catch back up when you have been the victim  of any kind of robbery .

I find it amazing just how many times in just 1 outing  I could make a heap  of money , time after time  I see people not paying attention to what they are doing  never mind where they are going , as I  have said before  about people on phones head down paying no attention to anything  but that phone. So while they are so busy they do not notice  , if they have a stroller / pusher  the child throws out of  it a purse or wallet , how easy it would be to scoop it up and into your pocket  then if  asked just say  no sorry never saw it  . When in the big shopping centers  is the best place  people go into change rooms , leave baby / children outside  bingo! Either things can be lifted from  stroller / pusher  or worse yet the child / children taken as quick as a wink and  no one would even notice  as they too are all too pre-occupied . Talking of shops even they are not very vigilant  as time and again  I see the products they  are trying to sell in places where someone could just pick them up and walk away  there is little or no staff watching or they are too busy making it all too easy they have got very lax in their security these days .

Then of course there is the lovely  public transport , wow what a smorgasbord of  choices  , kids , strollers / pushers  a rich field right there yet again  , and yet again no one would even notice as they are too busy watching for their station  or got head in phone , once again all too easy . Also on the train there are so many bags , cases  , boxes that people take on the train then seem to forget they have them till they get off  why ? Do they not realise how easy a target they are making of their things ? Would they not be the first to  yell loud and long if someone did take what they are so readily  offering  ? Strangely enough I have even seen people take a bicycle  on a train then go off and sit away from it , how easy would it be to  grab it at the next station  and out the doors at the last moment  and you now have a bike you can sell for cash , by the time the owner wakes up it’s gone it’s way too late .

Now to what  I call the richest field of all , the local pub , time after time  I have seen people leave wallets and phones just sitting on the table while they go to the bar or the toilet  , now just how stupid is this  ? Just the other week a friend and I watched 1 bloke do this very thing leaving both on the table as he went to the toilet  , and he did it at least 3 times in the short space of time we were watching  amazing! Yet again you  can guess who would be the first to yell loud and long  if they got nicked . There was  1 time when same friend and  I were there talking having a drink and this bloke left his phone a couple of  times to go somewhere  , after watching him do it about 3 times I said to friend think I will try and wake him up to what he is doing . So next time he left it  , I picked it up and put it in a completely different position  thinking that by doing that he would look around and then not leave it like that  again. Well I am flabbergasted  to say he never even noticed !! Wow !! If that was  me  , not that  I ever leave it alone but the very fact it was in a different position would have rung alarm bells and would not have been left  there again almost made me wonder what planet he was on , and before you say it , no he was not drunk he only stayed for a couple .

Yet another  field ripe for picking , the car …seen so many left unlocked  or  with kids in the car and no adult about , how easy is this  ? Look in unlocked unattended  car take what you want  easy ! Or car with just kids in , just tell them , mum  or dad sent me to get something they forgot can you please hand it over , and yep kid hand it over , job done. Like a video  I watched last week on faceache , a sting set up to see if kids would answer  the door to a stranger and worse yet if they would let him in the house , sorry to say every child in that vid. opened the door and let stranger in . What does this say about  what we teach our children ? We leave ourselves  wide open to theft of every type  mainly  because  we are just too busy , too pre-occupied  , there is just too much  going on in our lives these days so that we are just overwhelmed  by it all and lose our focus  too easily . Family and friends are just being ignore too often just because we are too busy and this is not a good thing  , we need to take stock of what is really important in our lives .


Just for fun, next time I see a snooty, rich woman at the grocery store, I’m going to ask her if she works there.

Save Us !!

Save us !! …. From what  ? From plastic cards  !! Yikes those  things have taken over  !! You need plastic cards for everything these days , shopping, banking, travelling , store discounts, driving , entertainment , you name it and you can bet your sweet bippy  you will need a plastic card for it . There is not hardly a place in the world now that does not have those  insidious  plastic monsters , there is hardly a place  you go to or anything you do that does not require  1 of the little blighters . Also have you noticed how they seem to multiply ? 1 minute  you look in your purse /wallet  and there are just a few  , look  again just a few measly months later and  uh oh  there are a few more , a few months later a few more  then yikes heaps of them  they just keep on breeding the more they are left alone .

These little plastic  monsters  get up to no good in the darkness of your purse /wallet and that,s  how the little sods breed  they  only do it where you are not looking  , so you cannot stop them , clever little monsters they are . How many times do you check to see how many you have  ? If like me you only look once in a while  then when you finally do check  you almost fall off your chair  when you see how many you actually do have , now where in the world did they all come from ?? Seems like just yesterday there was only 3 , now there seems to be dozens of them huh ?? See? you were not watching them , left them to their own devices  for too long and they got into mischief  and multiplied , it’s all your own fault for not checking up on these smart little monsters . Told you they was clever they wait and wait then , when you do not check they get into it  , and  then there are twice as many , the longer you leave them unattended  the more they get into mischief , so stop it!! Stop leaving them alone so long or we will all drown in plastic cards and it will all be self inflicted  you will have all done it to yourselves  .

So how did it come to this  ? What idiot started all this  ? I mean you can use maybe 1 or 2 but how did they manage to make them breedable ? Who looked at them and said , ok lets fix it so when they are being ignored for too long they can breed , that will teach people to ignore  them , and so they did it  , the smartie pants  they knew what would happen but did not tell us  so now we stand the very real risk of drowning in the bloody things … sheeesh …If we had only been told what would happen if we just shoved them in purse / wallet  and forgot them  then they would start the mischief  and before any of us could even blink there are more of them and we didn’t even notice it  !! See how sneaky it all is  ? See how we all got tricked  ? They con us into have just 1 or 2 then Wham!! next thing we know we have a ton of the little monsters ,  and  not once were we told  what the consequences  would be for ignoring the sneaky sods , it was very well done that very well done  … I mean  I like monsters as much as the next bloke but this !! No way no how  this is over the top  for getting us , anyone got any monster repellent  ??

Having said all that let me ask this  , everytime we are offered  a new 1 do we ever stop to think if we really need it or not  ? Or if we already have quite enough  of the monsters  ? No we don’t  we just accept them and shove it into the mix  and not having checked  what we already have , we unknowingly add to the mix of monsters  see how being too lax  leads to more monsters  ? Now if we took the time to have checked our stash of the little monsters we would be shocked and would have said no thank you  I already got too many  and we could have saved ourselves  a lot of botheration …. Being lazy is good sometimes but sometimes it can lead too all sorts of trouble  we need to be much more wary  hopefully before it’s too late if it isn’t already  we can be such slack tarts at times  and look how that can get us into all sorts of trouble  it does not pay to be too slack …all procrastinators please take note !!

Every store has a card , every bank has a card to drive we have a card to not drive we have a card  to travel we have a card  see what they did there ? They got us before  we even realised we were being got at , makes you wonder where else we have been got at that we didn’t notice either . Where will this all end  ? Just how many cards will we end up with ? How long will we continues to just let the little monsters  do what they want  ? When will we say no to the little  sods ? When it is too late , nahh scratch that  it already is too late  they are winning  and we did it all ourselves.

So Rise  Up!! Stop these little monsters from breeding anymore  , don’t you be the 1 who keeps it all going , say NO  to the next little plastic monster that you are offered !! Start rejecting them  !! Claim  your purse / wallet back !!

If you laid out all of the people in the world who were ever mean to me, I could then drive my car over them.

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