Save Us !!

Save us !! …. From what  ? From plastic cards  !! Yikes those  things have taken over  !! You need plastic cards for everything these days , shopping, banking, travelling , store discounts, driving , entertainment , you name it and you can bet your sweet bippy  you will need a plastic card for it . There is not hardly a place in the world now that does not have those  insidious  plastic monsters , there is hardly a place  you go to or anything you do that does not require  1 of the little blighters . Also have you noticed how they seem to multiply ? 1 minute  you look in your purse /wallet  and there are just a few  , look  again just a few measly months later and  uh oh  there are a few more , a few months later a few more  then yikes heaps of them  they just keep on breeding the more they are left alone .

These little plastic  monsters  get up to no good in the darkness of your purse /wallet and that,s  how the little sods breed  they  only do it where you are not looking  , so you cannot stop them , clever little monsters they are . How many times do you check to see how many you have  ? If like me you only look once in a while  then when you finally do check  you almost fall off your chair  when you see how many you actually do have , now where in the world did they all come from ?? Seems like just yesterday there was only 3 , now there seems to be dozens of them huh ?? See? you were not watching them , left them to their own devices  for too long and they got into mischief  and multiplied , it’s all your own fault for not checking up on these smart little monsters . Told you they was clever they wait and wait then , when you do not check they get into it  , and  then there are twice as many , the longer you leave them unattended  the more they get into mischief , so stop it!! Stop leaving them alone so long or we will all drown in plastic cards and it will all be self inflicted  you will have all done it to yourselves  .

So how did it come to this  ? What idiot started all this  ? I mean you can use maybe 1 or 2 but how did they manage to make them breedable ? Who looked at them and said , ok lets fix it so when they are being ignored for too long they can breed , that will teach people to ignore  them , and so they did it  , the smartie pants  they knew what would happen but did not tell us  so now we stand the very real risk of drowning in the bloody things … sheeesh …If we had only been told what would happen if we just shoved them in purse / wallet  and forgot them  then they would start the mischief  and before any of us could even blink there are more of them and we didn’t even notice it  !! See how sneaky it all is  ? See how we all got tricked  ? They con us into have just 1 or 2 then Wham!! next thing we know we have a ton of the little monsters ,  and  not once were we told  what the consequences  would be for ignoring the sneaky sods , it was very well done that very well done  … I mean  I like monsters as much as the next bloke but this !! No way no how  this is over the top  for getting us , anyone got any monster repellent  ??

Having said all that let me ask this  , everytime we are offered  a new 1 do we ever stop to think if we really need it or not  ? Or if we already have quite enough  of the monsters  ? No we don’t  we just accept them and shove it into the mix  and not having checked  what we already have , we unknowingly add to the mix of monsters  see how being too lax  leads to more monsters  ? Now if we took the time to have checked our stash of the little monsters we would be shocked and would have said no thank you  I already got too many  and we could have saved ourselves  a lot of botheration …. Being lazy is good sometimes but sometimes it can lead too all sorts of trouble  we need to be much more wary  hopefully before it’s too late if it isn’t already  we can be such slack tarts at times  and look how that can get us into all sorts of trouble  it does not pay to be too slack …all procrastinators please take note !!

Every store has a card , every bank has a card to drive we have a card to not drive we have a card  to travel we have a card  see what they did there ? They got us before  we even realised we were being got at , makes you wonder where else we have been got at that we didn’t notice either . Where will this all end  ? Just how many cards will we end up with ? How long will we continues to just let the little monsters  do what they want  ? When will we say no to the little  sods ? When it is too late , nahh scratch that  it already is too late  they are winning  and we did it all ourselves.

So Rise  Up!! Stop these little monsters from breeding anymore  , don’t you be the 1 who keeps it all going , say NO  to the next little plastic monster that you are offered !! Start rejecting them  !! Claim  your purse / wallet back !!

If you laid out all of the people in the world who were ever mean to me, I could then drive my car over them.

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