If I was a Crook

If  I was a crook ….. Man  I tell you I could be rich without even trying , the things  I see when out walking  , the amount of different ways I could rob or rip people off is unbelieveable , my mind actually boggles at times at the sheer stupidity of people these days  . Was about to say of some people but decided to say people as most of them are as stupid , if  I was able to set up a  sting type thing for 1 day with  police help they and the people would be just amazed  at how quick I could get rich . Just as well I believe  in nothing but honesty  having been on the wrong end too many times  I know the heartbreak it causes , and how very hard it is  to catch back up when you have been the victim  of any kind of robbery .

I find it amazing just how many times in just 1 outing  I could make a heap  of money , time after time  I see people not paying attention to what they are doing  never mind where they are going , as I  have said before  about people on phones head down paying no attention to anything  but that phone. So while they are so busy they do not notice  , if they have a stroller / pusher  the child throws out of  it a purse or wallet , how easy it would be to scoop it up and into your pocket  then if  asked just say  no sorry never saw it  . When in the big shopping centers  is the best place  people go into change rooms , leave baby / children outside  bingo! Either things can be lifted from  stroller / pusher  or worse yet the child / children taken as quick as a wink and  no one would even notice  as they too are all too pre-occupied . Talking of shops even they are not very vigilant  as time and again  I see the products they  are trying to sell in places where someone could just pick them up and walk away  there is little or no staff watching or they are too busy making it all too easy they have got very lax in their security these days .

Then of course there is the lovely  public transport , wow what a smorgasbord of  choices  , kids , strollers / pushers  a rich field right there yet again  , and yet again no one would even notice as they are too busy watching for their station  or got head in phone , once again all too easy . Also on the train there are so many bags , cases  , boxes that people take on the train then seem to forget they have them till they get off  why ? Do they not realise how easy a target they are making of their things ? Would they not be the first to  yell loud and long if someone did take what they are so readily  offering  ? Strangely enough I have even seen people take a bicycle  on a train then go off and sit away from it , how easy would it be to  grab it at the next station  and out the doors at the last moment  and you now have a bike you can sell for cash , by the time the owner wakes up it’s gone it’s way too late .

Now to what  I call the richest field of all , the local pub , time after time  I have seen people leave wallets and phones just sitting on the table while they go to the bar or the toilet  , now just how stupid is this  ? Just the other week a friend and I watched 1 bloke do this very thing leaving both on the table as he went to the toilet  , and he did it at least 3 times in the short space of time we were watching  amazing! Yet again you  can guess who would be the first to yell loud and long  if they got nicked . There was  1 time when same friend and  I were there talking having a drink and this bloke left his phone a couple of  times to go somewhere  , after watching him do it about 3 times I said to friend think I will try and wake him up to what he is doing . So next time he left it  , I picked it up and put it in a completely different position  thinking that by doing that he would look around and then not leave it like that  again. Well I am flabbergasted  to say he never even noticed !! Wow !! If that was  me  , not that  I ever leave it alone but the very fact it was in a different position would have rung alarm bells and would not have been left  there again almost made me wonder what planet he was on , and before you say it , no he was not drunk he only stayed for a couple .

Yet another  field ripe for picking , the car …seen so many left unlocked  or  with kids in the car and no adult about , how easy is this  ? Look in unlocked unattended  car take what you want  easy ! Or car with just kids in , just tell them , mum  or dad sent me to get something they forgot can you please hand it over , and yep kid hand it over , job done. Like a video  I watched last week on faceache , a sting set up to see if kids would answer  the door to a stranger and worse yet if they would let him in the house , sorry to say every child in that vid. opened the door and let stranger in . What does this say about  what we teach our children ? We leave ourselves  wide open to theft of every type  mainly  because  we are just too busy , too pre-occupied  , there is just too much  going on in our lives these days so that we are just overwhelmed  by it all and lose our focus  too easily . Family and friends are just being ignore too often just because we are too busy and this is not a good thing  , we need to take stock of what is really important in our lives .


Just for fun, next time I see a snooty, rich woman at the grocery store, I’m going to ask her if she works there.

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