Spare Time ?

Spare time ….Who has spare time these days ? There are so many things to do , places to go  to even think of having spare time  yet it’s funny how as you get older people start saying things like ” wow you will have lots of spare time now  ” I wonder  just how they think that works  , lol, do we suddenly have no children , no grandchildren  to look after  ? No more washing , and shopping , and cleaning  , where do all these things  suddenly vanish to  so we actually do have all this spare time  ?? I certainly wish it would all disappear  would love to have no  washing  or chores of any kind  to do  then I might actually be able to be lazy and do nothing as  the younger ones seem to think we are anyway  ? I bet right now if we did suddenly stop doing all the things we still do that the younger ones would be the first ones to complain  because  who would have to do it then huh ? Lol give you 1 guess…

Then of course if you have a husband then you have the equivalent  of 3 kids right there  , men are terrors at making work , extra  washing , cooking, etc  you know what I mean    like with the kids but more so . Their excuse  ? I have to work so I can’t do this as well , ok that is fair enough but  do they have to make  as much mess as they do  ? Yikes  go around after they go to work and just see how much you have to do to get the place back in some sort of order  , sheesh takes a while to get it all sorted out again. Then of course it only  stays nice  until they get home then off we go again and by the time they leave  again you are back to square 1 all over again, round and round in circles  , lol,  but for some reason we still love them so we keep doing it and doing it  over and over again. Makes you wish you were rich enough to have a maid to do the worst of it  but  * sigh * 1 can only dream .

So  lets look a little more closely , the washing takes about an hour by the time it’s sorted , put through the machine , then hung up or put through the dryer if you have 1 , then there is  shopping , well if you don’t do it online where it usually only takes about 20 – 30 mins tops  to get done  then you have to go to the food stores. Man I hate going to supermarkets , they are so full of people  who just barge around  and maybe bump into you , or they just stand in front of something you want for ages not caring that someone else might want something from there too . If by any chance you need help with something  then you have little or no hope of finding  a staff member as  I think they go into hiding if they are not on the  registers  so you can’t make them do anything , you can’t if you can’t find them . So now we know how long the shopping can take if you actually go to the shops , put yourself  through all this and  all just for the food that you then have to cook.

Cooking  love it or hate it  you have to do it at some point  if you have a husband and/or  children  to feed , and  try not doing it and see where that gets you , lol , your an awful person if meals are not on time and on the table when family  want  it . Some meals are easy and take not too much time , but others take a lot of prep , specially if you  are loading a slow cooker ( love mine  ) it takes time to prep all the ingredients to go into it  and it can take ages if there are a lot of them . If it is a casserole there are all sorts of veg to be chopped and  peeled etc. before you can put it in , then you have to mix the fluid you are using to cook it in mix in any sauces and herbs etc  that you want , then and only then is it done , done until it’s cooked then you need to finish it  off for eating.  Then  once eaten joy of joys there is the dishes to do  and any left over to be put into the freezer for another day . Dishes , lol these things breed  I tell you , 1 min a small pile easy to do , next min a whole pile of them , it never ends  grrrrrrr  lol .

Now what was this about spare time  ? Would love to see some of these younger ones who seem to think because we are older that we have nothing to do , or that we are now some how incapable  , just try to keep up  for just 1 of the busy days . A day when for some reason or other all these chores need to be done in the 1 day . Start with coffee ( about a gallon lol )  to wake up then  ….

A  put the washing in  and while it is doing …

B do the dishes ….

C  prep all the ingredients  for the slow cooker ….

Now if you have time left in your day  you can then clean the rest of the house , or if need be go out and get other things done  like pay bills or  for a change  go relax and  have a little time to yourself and have a coffee out or a beer , let’s face it we earned it … Spare time  ? Lol show me someone who lives alone and  I will show you someone who actually knows what spare time is , these electronic days  make it almost impossible to have spare time as it too seems to find a way to keep us busy .  So will someone please explain what exactly spare time is  ?? #askingforafriend …….

Okay I have places to go, things to do and people to torment so I’ll be back to deal with you later…


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