Never Judge A Book

Never judge a book … How many times have we heard this phrase in our life times  ?  How many times have we been guilty of doing just that  ? I would guess that there is  not 1 person ( if they are honest ) who has not looked at someone or something and made a snap judgement  on that person or thing . Then only later on to find out just how wrong  that snap judgement is , but too many people do not even care  , they make that  decision then stick to it no matter how much  proof to the contrary  there is that  they are wrong.  Some people just take the attitude that they are right and everyone else is wrong  and nothing or nobody will change that  in them  they are so closed up . Know way too many like that and my guess is that everyone knows someone like that .

Take overweight people for example , some people ( far too many ) see an overweight person and just ” snap ”  they decide that , that person is a pig  , sits around and eats all day  , and yes some do that but  also there are those who don’t , they think the fat 1 never  moves , never does any exercise  , never for 1 min do they stop to think there maybe a medical reason some people are  fat . There are people on life saving drugs  and those very drugs make weight loss impossible , a lot of cancer patients are like that , and some  kidney patients , what would these judgemental  people have them do stop the drugs that are keeping them alive  just so they look better to them  ? Yes there are people who over eat or just plain eat the wrong sort of food but that does not mean everyone is the same and we should be more tolerant  of what we don’t understand  till we know the facts .

Now I am going to tell you a little about me , only this once and only for reference  to this same subject . If  you look at me the very 1st thing you think is huh! a fat pig who never moves , who eats all day  , and you could not be further from the truth  but that is what people think. In actual fact  I walk very fast and  quite some distances , till the pain in my back gets too much and  I have to stop , but the exercise I get is way more than enough to  make me lose weight, but it never happens . The reason it  doesn’t is because  I have a medical problem , thanks to my daughter who did the research  I now know the name of , but to do anything about it I have to go to a doctor , and that I will not do as the last 1 I went to was  obnoxious and rude to me and  I will not allow that to happen again , so I will just manage my own way and if I don’t look as good as people think I should fine that is their problem not  mine , I will not be treated like a piece of s**t by any other doctor again no matter how much help I need .

The  there are the people who judge people for going to pubs , yes most do go just to drink and get drunk  , but some , like me , just go for a couple of beers and some company as they are alone so much  they get sick of talking to themselves . Some just go for lunch or dinner as do we on weekends , I hardly ever go out during the week now as my medical problems make walking alone a bit risky so it has to be important  for me to go out alone.  So basically we just go on the weekends  and usually for meals as well as drinks as it is the only time really we get to be together these days owing to hubby’s work schedules, but again as we are at a pub people think we just  go  to get drunk  , rather than what we really do , have a good meal , couple of drinks , then go home. Unless there is  a show on we may stay longer  but  usually just a nice relaxing time after a working week we are not the alcoholics  many try to  paint us  as we are just a happy couple  relaxing in each others company at the weekends .

So how judgemental are you ? Do you ever worry about finding out the truth ? Or are you  just like the ones who take 1 look , judge then pass people over  because of the way they look ? How would you like to be judged  this same way  ? Would it hurt you to be judged under the same rules you yourself use to judge others ? Would you come out looking or feeling any better knowing someone thought  you were just a fat lazy drunk  when in truth you are none of these things  ? How would you like this same rule applied to you  ? So wake up people ! Wake up and realise  that  you just cannot judge a book by it’s cover , things are never the way they seem to be at 1st glance , wait till you know what the truth is before judging  anyone else . Way too many these days just are so into themselves that they  care for nothing or no one but themselves  and do not care 1 bit if they hurt others .

Haven’t you ever bought a book or a dress or something else and got it home only to find out it is not what you thought it was and you now don’t want it  ? That happens more times than people think and once again proves you cannot judge a book by it’s cover you need to check it out  thoroughly  before you commit to buying it. that of course is just plain  common sense but these days that is almost impossible to find in people  they are so selfish and so sure of themselves  and even though they are  quite often wrong they just don’t care ..    Anyway it is not our place to judge anyone …. Judge not lest ye be judged ….a very good rule to live by makes us  better humans .

Finds it fascinating how some  ppl know more about my life than I do,cant wait to find out what I’ve been up to …

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