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Beauty ….. No  not as a lot of people say it , in the ” beer holder  ”  lol  but in the eye  of the beholder , that is you and me , what we see , what we perceive , what we accept  as beauty . We all see things differently  for sure  , what 1 person sees as beauty  another might  look at it and say yukk , so every person  has a different perspective on all we see in life. Some see  beauty in plants , some in  birds , some in animals , some in  people , but far too many see it in money , that is all they seem to focus on , so they miss out on all the real beauty around them . A lot of people too will look at people  and just because they don’t look exactly how they like to see  people  they right away fail to see the beauty of the person inside  . People who are beautiful  inside do not often look beautiful on the outside  and so get over looked as worthwhile people  just because of the way they look. That usually does not matter to the really beautiful people as they  are too busy  being the lovely people they are and helping others , they do not care about looks but  care about being beautiful  to those who need them to be  and they are worth far more  to this world than those who only look at skin deep  beauty .

There is just so much evil in this world  today it is really hard at times to just stop and  ” smell the roses  ”  as it were  that too many people  just do not see it and  miss a world  of peace , as beauty , real beauty  brings with it inner peace  as the people with this sort of beauty  have that peace . So many people  and so much evil make it very hard indeed to see  anything but hate , and hurt , and money driven  greed , and power hungry leaders  who just want to be Ruler over all in the world , but even though there is that there is also the beauty  , but you really do need to look hard for it sometimes  believe me . It is there if you can take the time to look for it  , and if you find it  you can find  a little peace for a little while and that is so worth it  , so worth a little  looking for if we can only find the time to look. This  world these days is so busy it  never stops it goes 24/7  and does not stop , so just finding the time is the very hard part .

If we want to look   there is beauty right around us , in our partners, our children  , our pets , our surroundings  , it is there and  though we see it every day   it is still beauty  , we may not  see it in things we see and interact with every day  but if we take but a moment to really look we can find it . We love our husbands and wives , that is beauty right there , love is a beautiful thing  even if we lose sight of it at times , our children  truly a gift from God  and lovely beyond  measure ,  also a beautiful  thing  is the plants that we have , there are so many  kinds of plants and so varied  and so many colours  , shapes, and sizes  it just blinds you almost with the absolute variety  of them , no wonder we have so many in our homes  , inside and out they are just amazing .

Animals too can be very beautiful  in so many ways  , there are those that we tame to use as pets , these can be a real comfort to those that have them , then there are the working  ones we use as guide dogs , and sniffer dogs and petting dogs for hospitals  , also cats can be used like this , as can rabbits , without these kinds of beautiful animals a lot of people would  find life just that bit harder to cope with . Horses and cows and sheep and pigs etc etc  all used to help us out in 1 way or another  either as direct help or as food or just  companionship  , I used to love riding a horse once upon a time   it felt so good  to be able to ride . Also used to milk a cow  a long time ago  and the  milk right from the cow was  warm and delicious   and the cats used to sit there and let you squirt milk right into their mouths , lol, that was a lot of fun back then. That was a time , a long time ago when the world was not so full of technology  that we were overrun by it  , back then we had time to mess about , and  yes , squirt cats with milk  as you milked a cow  it  was a lot of fun , oh for those nicer , quieter  days of back then .

Today even finding  time for each other is  almost impossible , so trying to see the beauty that is around us still is  very very hard to do and takes  practice , it might be hard at first but the more you look for it  the more you will find  beauty, real beauty does not stay hidden but is there if you but make yourself look for it . I find myself when  I am out walking  that I now look for the what seems  to be hidden beauty and yes  I do see it in people and plants etc makes the walking much more enjoyable I just try to ignore all the other stuff , it works too . So next time you walk , or maybe just sitting in your office , if you can , take a moment to look out the window and see what is out there , plants, birds , animals etc  there  must be something of beauty to see . One of the best places to see beauty is up in the sky , the clouds, the sun , the moon ,  birds flying or sitting in trees  , I love most of  all seeing the stars on a clear night , so lovely the sky is so immense  it is wonderful to look at and  I find it relaxing too  , the night sky and the moon and stars , just beautiful .  …


Ok ok ok I love this status here because by the time you read it and realize it doesn’t say nothing at all it’s too  late to stop reading …



Some Mothers Do Have Em !

Some mothers do have em …. lol I am pretty sure almost everyone remembers this  TV  show   it was 1 of the funniest on TV at the time and gave us many a laugh . We thought how silly was this man  ? How would anyone get into so many  situations  like that  ? How  could anyone be that stupid  ? We laughed and laughed and thought  how much better we were than this silly bloke , we wouldn’t  do anything like that  , we have much more sense than that . Every time we watched an episode  we laughed  and as we laughed we judged , yes we did , because we sat there and thought there is no way we would be that stupid , we have more sense than that … But !! Did we then ? Do we now  ??

My answer is no  we don’t , you only have to do what I love doing when I can get out , is go somewhere and just sit and watch people , I have had so many laughs  at what these so called sensible people  do that just blows my mind  and makes me wonder how they are still alive  * sheeesh *  amazing is all I can say . Seeing them wander around not looking not watching where they are going , laughing  ( I know I shouldn’t but  lol ) as they walk into other people  or poles or  trip over or almost get run over . The looks on their faces when they see how stupid they have been is priceless  , makes me giggle every time  right or wrong  I can’t help it  , they are the ones being stupid not me  I just watch  them . If  they want to be that silly then who am  I to deny them an audience  ? I mean it’s a free show right  ?

The best places to sit and watch people  are at cafes in shopping centres  , so many people so much stupidity , makes my day sometimes just sitting watching and trying not to choke on my coffee  when I see yet another act of stupidity , trust me that bit is not easy as there is so much of it about , hence my comment about how on earth are they still alive  ?? Never ceases to make me wonder  , next best place to people watch is a pub or a club , because you have an added bonus to the already stupid people of  booze , lol, now that just makes it even funnier  the more they drink  while still walking about with phone in hand  the more mistakes are  made  and the more giggles . You also have to be careful  not to choke on your  beer or food while sitting and watching  it gets quite hard at times , trust me on this  have  come close to choking myself at times . It is more fun in a pub as there are more people and more posts  and stairs and things for them to bang into  and ” heaven forbid ”  they might drop the precious phone , me I just  giggle at the stupidity of it all . I mean it is just a phone   and not  to be stared at constantly to the amusement of all around , put the dam thing in your pocket  for a while and enjoy people , but then again the free entertainment would be gone if they did  …hrmmm

Leaving people watching aside for a while  have you ever wondered about yourself and your  own family  ? Lol I do all the time  when  I walk into a room and forget why I went into the room , or go to make a second cup of coffee and find  I have left the coffee cup over on the desk , sheesh how do you make a cup of coffee without  a cup ? Or  you see your  hubby trip over a  doona  and can’t stop giggling . You  say to yourself time and time again  you will not  forget  to get something out of the freezer for dinner next day  , or that you will not forget what you went to the shops for , or that you not forget to pick up all the dirty laundry  before you put the machine on ,  lol , need  I go on ? Lol doubt it  we all know how many times we do these things so the title of ” some mothers do have em ” really , honestly  applies to everyone if  we are being honest , but then again who wants to admit to being that silly  ?

Face it  there is hardly a day goes by we don’t do or say something really silly and sometimes just plain stupid  , so rather than laughing at others  ( though it is hard not to ) we need to just look at ourselves and our families  to get a good giggle . At the time we used to watch that show we never even thought that we are exactly the same now did we  ? The only  difference is they never made a TV  show out of us , lol, might be even funnier if they had going on some of the things  I have seen and even done . Admit it there are times when you realise what you have done and then just sat and laughed till you thought you would burst as you realise you are just as silly or clumsy as that  bloke in the show was  and yet we survived it lol . Now how we managed that little trick is again beyond me , people as  a whole  really can be even sillier than some of the animals we see all the time in vids. on  social media  , and some of  their antics leave you  gasping with laughter . You must wonder at times how people even think to do some of the silly things they do  ? What were they thinking ?? Ah – Ha ! That’s it !! They didn’t  stop to think it through at all , maybe because they were drunk or distracted , but  I daresay if , and that’s a big if ,  they had stopped  to think they would not have done it at all and so saved quite a lot of grief and giggling on other peoples  parts. As they say though such is life , lol, go with it and try to keep out of trouble …lol..slim hope there …

You know you’re stupid when you wake someone up by asking if they’re asleep.

Travel Bug

Travel Bug …. It is official I now have the travel bug  ….can’t do anything about it but  I sure have it , having done so much travelling , and now having been home for 3 years   I want to go again  . There are so many places  I still want to see , places I have only waved at as  I went past  , but now have an urge to go see them in more detail , the beauty and the allure of these places is overwhelming  to me. Having to just stay home  and do the  ” wife  ”  thing all this time  ( lol sorry dear )  I am about ready to go again , have got itchy feet to get moving again  and see more of the beauty this world has to offer  , and trust me it has so much to offer still  it just calls out to be visited . So  many places so little time , and yes so little money ( dammit )  every day you see on TV  on social media pictures of places you have never seen  and  of places you have only been able to wave at , but not had the time to go visit properly .

The 1st place that springs to my mind  is  Paris , waved at it as  I went past  but had no time  to go in and it has always had an attraction to me for some reason would love to be able to stand in front of that tower and just see the  majesty of such a structure . Then there is  Italy  again no time to go  but to be able to stand in front of the  tower of  Pizza  and wonder at what men have built  it must be amazing to see in real life. Germany  is another place  I want to see, not as  I did before in just a couple of days but to be able to have more time there to really see  the place. The Rhine River, the castles , the markets  , all only  seen briefly  but would love to  take more time  and go further into  Germany than  I got before . Japan also is a place  I would love to see  from the pictures I have seen it just looks so lovely and the people seem to be so nice.

China too is a place  I would love to see  especially The  Great Wall  that would be awesome  to stand and see that in real life so to speak  , and  I so love chinese food  lol , and to be able to get that right at the source would be just great , and to see the markets too the way they do them  also the architecture  it looks  so good would love to see it up close . Hong Kong  is yet another place that I would so love to see , there was a time a few years back when  I was about to go there but that did not eventuate so have not been there . Poland  too and  Russia  and all those in between  , lol the saying comes to mind so many places so little time , and it is so true  if  I could go see all the places  I would love to I would never be home , lol , sounds good to me  , there is only housework here and thats boring .

When passing through some of the airports I have ,  I have only ever got a glimpse of some of these countries , and that has just whetted my appetite  to want to see more of them , some of the airports are just so amazing  gives you an idea of what the country itself would be like if you could visit. Some though to be fair are dead set  awful  and make you wonder what the country  is like inside , so far though I have only seen 1 such airport like that the rest have just made  me wish I could go explore more . The 1 constant thing about airports though is that no matter how good or bad they are  they are a right pain in the proverbial , lol,  it always seems to take forever to get  from the side your on , whether coming or going  to where you need to be . By the time you  show  your ticket , your  passport , your travel documents  , just doing  that can take over an hour , then of course there is the luggage side of the equation  and there goes another hour or so * sigh * Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to take luggage ? How much quicker  would that make your trip ?

So the travel bug , lol , yes  even after all the messing about it takes to just get from 1 place to another    yep still got it , still want to go , would  be off tomorrow if  I could no worries . The thing is just sitting here day after day and seeing very little  is just so boring and  all the travelling  I have already done has just opened my eyes to what else there might be there to see and I do so much want to go see . There are  so many other  countries I have not listed yet , lol, would fill this up if I named them all  , that my itchy feet would love to be walking around , seeing to use another well known quote ” how the other half lives ”  and we all know that  no 2 lots of people  live the same way  so the differences would be fascinating to see , well for me anyway just to be able to learn from them , I am always  ready to learn something new and to appreciate  what others have done .

So all in all despite all the hassles of travelling  I would in a heartbeat  be off to explore this wonderful world  if  I could , all the places  I have not yet seen , just for the learning about  other places and other people , to see how much different they are to me , and to see how they do things as opposed to the way I do them , we can learn so much from each other  if we are open minded  and willing to learn.  Maybe 1 day huh ?

No. I’m not talking to myself because I’m crazy, I’m talking to myself because it’s the only intelligent conversation I can get around here sometimes!!

When Did I Sign Up For This ?

When did  I sign up for this  ??  I mean when did  being an adult become something you signed up for  ? Why wasn’t  I told  ?? Why wasn’t  I told  how hard it could be , And that there is no escape  ? How sneaky of  the other adults to keep this secret so well and for so many  years , not even 1 word of this conspiracy  got out  , if it had I bet you most people would have said  no thanks , not interested , pass , too many strings attached , don’t wanna … Would you have signed up to something that turned out to be ( once it was too late to stop it )  so damm hard  ? Not me that’s  for sure there must be easier ways to do things  and  I for 1 would be quite happy to go find them  anything would be better than having to be an adult , that’s too much work .

I mean no one ever said being  an adult  would mean  you have to be responsible  , you would have to learn to get along with others for a start ( bugger ) also to learn to live with them  ( without wanting to kill them ) and generally be a nice person . Now that in its’elf  if at times dam near impossible as some people are just too much like hard work  and others are just plain not on this planet at all , but as being adult  means you have to get along  with them  then there goes all the fun for a start it’s  just not fair ( can’t even get a refund  dammit ) So once you get saddled  with being an adult it seems  you are stuck with it  ready or not , and let me tell you most people are not ready for it , and it seems to sneak up on you when you are not looking. Sheeesh go to bed 1 night , wake up next day and ” presto ” you are now an adult  with all that comes with it  whether  you like it or not  (  I don’t ) but there is  sod all you can do about it as you are stuck with it ( mutter * grumble * )all you can do is make the best of it  , lol, or worst your choice.

How many times in a day even do you want to just say  Stop!!  I  do not wanna adult today !!  Leave me alone and go find someone else to annoy  ?   My guess is there are a lot of days like that , specially if you have to go * ugh *  shopping  and have to deal with other so called adults . Another time you may not want to adult is if you have  school age children and have to deal with all that comes with that particular  job , and  there is a lot that comes with that  , trust me been there done that , lol,  it’s too hard . School age children are a world of problems all by themselves  and can be quite a problem to sort out as most people know , I am not saying it is not fun because it is and can be lots of fun , but there is always too a lot of times when being the adult is something you just do not want to do , but there is no option to pass or get someone else to take over you just have to do it and smile .

See when you have to adult you can no longer do all the fun  things you used to do  , like building a  fort , playing in the rain, running  along the beach , swim naked  , follow people around for fun ( they call it stalking  now )  you cannot play hide and seek with people either  ( that’s  being a peeping  Tom )  You can no longer  do all the fun things you used to do and no one will let you go to places you really want to go to , like   the zoo , or the circus  as these places now cost too much to go to or no one has the time anymore . Playing with dolls and cars  is also out as they say you need to grow up , if you  go crook about it they  think you need to be put into a little rubber room  all by yourself , fine as long as mine has lots of bubble wrap in it then bring it on ..

So here we are  being forced to be something we are not ready for an adult , with no way out , no refunds, no way to pass  so we have to do it ready or not  and try to do it well , we do it seems manage to do ok at it as we still seem to be here and doing all the things we were not warned about  and , ( so far so good  )  not done too  bad a job at it . As I see it we should have been warned  , there should have been warning labels attached  to it as there is with most  other things these days . Then again if we had been warned  ?  How many of us would have taken the warning seriously ? Would we have listened ? I doubt it very much as  we would be too busy hoping to be an adult asap not realising just what the full implications of being adult were   and some were in such a hurry to be adult  that they would have told you to nick off they don’t believe  you it can’t be that hard after all ” how hard can it be ? ”

Well anyway warning or no warning, ready or not it sneaks up on you  and you have to do it , you have no choice , all we can do is make the most of it  , and take a time out  when we need to so we don’t quite lose  control , lol , very good luck with that too . Being adult is the  hardest job you will get apart from being a parent  which is even harder , being a wife is also a very hard job ( at times )  lol , so it  seems there is not a lot of good in this job of being adult  but  being adult is what we have to do like it or not , so hop to it  you so called adults  and try not to mess up too much ok ??

Growing old is mandatory …growing up is optional ….and  I don’t wanna am off to play with my bubble wrap …be back in a year or 3 ….


If You Could ….

If you could … Have  just 1 wish , knowing that this 1 time you could have what you wished for  , what would you wish for ? My guess almost everyone would say money as  money these days is the key to everything , if you have it  you are ok  but if not then you are in deep do do’s . How much money  would you wish for  ? Just enough to pay your bills  and have a bit left over  ,  or enough for that then a bit more to help out family  ? Or would you think really big and just say give me millions then I can do all that and more  ? If wishing like that tho you have to remember  that  once you have that sort of money it changes you  , and not for the good  you sit back  and say ” well all is well now I am in charge  of my life now ” but are you ? Are you really ? That to me is the  million $ question  , but for me personally I very much doubt it  as that much money brings about that many problems too  and  I could do quite well without  any more problems.

Would you wish for  a new house or a new car  or a holiday  ? If you got a  new house where would it  be  , somewhere different or just around where you are now  ? Would  the house be a mansion  with  it’s own pool , it’s own park , a boat and a jetty to go with it  , and a nice new car or 2 to suit the new situation ? This would mean  if you went this way  you  would then be in a whole new class of people  , and don’t tell me that doesn’t happen as it does , class is still very much an issue  all over the world. So a new mansion and all that goes with it  , means a whole new you and a new lifestyle  would you wish for this ? Getting it all in 1 go so you don’t have to run round and get it all bit by bit  , letting someone else do the leg work while you sit back with a drink  , it would be a huge change in your life could you handle that  ?

Would you wish for your own island ? A place where you can go to escape from all the pressure and reality of real life  and all that goes with it  , that has some merit but again  I think there would be quite a few drawbacks to this lifestyle  as well , there is no 1 lifestyle that has no drawbacks  so I think  you would have to seriously think it through . It sounds so good  to just be able to be your own boss, have who you want on your island , have what you want  on it  but unless you have the right kind of company  it could also  be very lonely  and end up like a prison , your own prison but yes a prison none the less . Do not think I would want to do this , then there is the medical side  of things you would be too far away from any real help if you needed it , it may well turn out to be too good to be true .

How about a nice big boat  ?? A nice big boat that you could live on and go where you want when you want  , and as  I  know you can get them  anywhere and they are just the bees knees of boats  they have everything you could ever want as long as you stay on them , some even have  storage for  cars so you can dock and go ashore  without having to worry about transport , they also have smaller  boats  if you just want a bit of speed racing or sight seeing if you don’t want to go from the big boat . Sure sounds like fun  but again  there would be drawbacks  to living on a boat  all the time  , as well as the sorts of problems you would get with that island  you would get those and more if you tried to live on a  boat . Tho to be fair  with both of those options you could even have your own helicopter or light plane which would  help a lot  in time of need , but they will not help in a storm or  high seas .

So what way would your thinking go ?  would you go the all for me option, or the help everyone option or  help some and retire to your own world  ? Would you even want to help others  ? Too many  people these days are only for themselves  so too many would take this option  and just do their own thing and  sod the rest of the world . Or  would you go so far  with trying to help everyone that you lost yourself  in it all  and it became too much and you ended back at square 1  ? Just because you suddenly got a lot of money does not mean all of a sudden you have no more worries  , if anything it  just gives you more of them  , then you have problems you didn’t have to start with , you need a whole new mindset to cope with something  that life changing .

So what would your wish be for  ? Money  ? Fame ? Glory ?  Or something entirely different  ? Something  that money cannot buy  , like happiness for you and your family  or just for you  , or health for you and your loved ones or again just for you ? This is a question that again  could  take you round and round in circles if you just sat and thought about it , give you a right headache trying to work out what way to go with it  , but the thinking needed for it is not for everyone , a lot would just react with  passion , and while in heat of passion before thought has even had a chance , they have made a decision that had it been made with a bit of thought and not rushed into could have been so much better for you and all around you.

My wish if I was allowed to have just 1 would be for just 1 day , 24 hours pain free , and  to be able to do things that  I have not been able to do for many years owing to  ongoing pain , coupled with that for my loved ones to find the  way to God  who tho I hurt lots has still been and always will be right by my side .  So think hard and think right , what would your wish be for  ??

Based on the amount of money in my retirement account I have no objection to them raising the retirement age to 247…