If You Could ….

If you could … Have  just 1 wish , knowing that this 1 time you could have what you wished for  , what would you wish for ? My guess almost everyone would say money as  money these days is the key to everything , if you have it  you are ok  but if not then you are in deep do do’s . How much money  would you wish for  ? Just enough to pay your bills  and have a bit left over  ,  or enough for that then a bit more to help out family  ? Or would you think really big and just say give me millions then I can do all that and more  ? If wishing like that tho you have to remember  that  once you have that sort of money it changes you  , and not for the good  you sit back  and say ” well all is well now I am in charge  of my life now ” but are you ? Are you really ? That to me is the  million $ question  , but for me personally I very much doubt it  as that much money brings about that many problems too  and  I could do quite well without  any more problems.

Would you wish for  a new house or a new car  or a holiday  ? If you got a  new house where would it  be  , somewhere different or just around where you are now  ? Would  the house be a mansion  with  it’s own pool , it’s own park , a boat and a jetty to go with it  , and a nice new car or 2 to suit the new situation ? This would mean  if you went this way  you  would then be in a whole new class of people  , and don’t tell me that doesn’t happen as it does , class is still very much an issue  all over the world. So a new mansion and all that goes with it  , means a whole new you and a new lifestyle  would you wish for this ? Getting it all in 1 go so you don’t have to run round and get it all bit by bit  , letting someone else do the leg work while you sit back with a drink  , it would be a huge change in your life could you handle that  ?

Would you wish for your own island ? A place where you can go to escape from all the pressure and reality of real life  and all that goes with it  , that has some merit but again  I think there would be quite a few drawbacks to this lifestyle  as well , there is no 1 lifestyle that has no drawbacks  so I think  you would have to seriously think it through . It sounds so good  to just be able to be your own boss, have who you want on your island , have what you want  on it  but unless you have the right kind of company  it could also  be very lonely  and end up like a prison , your own prison but yes a prison none the less . Do not think I would want to do this , then there is the medical side  of things you would be too far away from any real help if you needed it , it may well turn out to be too good to be true .

How about a nice big boat  ?? A nice big boat that you could live on and go where you want when you want  , and as  I  know you can get them  anywhere and they are just the bees knees of boats  they have everything you could ever want as long as you stay on them , some even have  storage for  cars so you can dock and go ashore  without having to worry about transport , they also have smaller  boats  if you just want a bit of speed racing or sight seeing if you don’t want to go from the big boat . Sure sounds like fun  but again  there would be drawbacks  to living on a boat  all the time  , as well as the sorts of problems you would get with that island  you would get those and more if you tried to live on a  boat . Tho to be fair  with both of those options you could even have your own helicopter or light plane which would  help a lot  in time of need , but they will not help in a storm or  high seas .

So what way would your thinking go ?  would you go the all for me option, or the help everyone option or  help some and retire to your own world  ? Would you even want to help others  ? Too many  people these days are only for themselves  so too many would take this option  and just do their own thing and  sod the rest of the world . Or  would you go so far  with trying to help everyone that you lost yourself  in it all  and it became too much and you ended back at square 1  ? Just because you suddenly got a lot of money does not mean all of a sudden you have no more worries  , if anything it  just gives you more of them  , then you have problems you didn’t have to start with , you need a whole new mindset to cope with something  that life changing .

So what would your wish be for  ? Money  ? Fame ? Glory ?  Or something entirely different  ? Something  that money cannot buy  , like happiness for you and your family  or just for you  , or health for you and your loved ones or again just for you ? This is a question that again  could  take you round and round in circles if you just sat and thought about it , give you a right headache trying to work out what way to go with it  , but the thinking needed for it is not for everyone , a lot would just react with  passion , and while in heat of passion before thought has even had a chance , they have made a decision that had it been made with a bit of thought and not rushed into could have been so much better for you and all around you.

My wish if I was allowed to have just 1 would be for just 1 day , 24 hours pain free , and  to be able to do things that  I have not been able to do for many years owing to  ongoing pain , coupled with that for my loved ones to find the  way to God  who tho I hurt lots has still been and always will be right by my side .  So think hard and think right , what would your wish be for  ??

Based on the amount of money in my retirement account I have no objection to them raising the retirement age to 247…

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