When Did I Sign Up For This ?

When did  I sign up for this  ??  I mean when did  being an adult become something you signed up for  ? Why wasn’t  I told  ?? Why wasn’t  I told  how hard it could be , And that there is no escape  ? How sneaky of  the other adults to keep this secret so well and for so many  years , not even 1 word of this conspiracy  got out  , if it had I bet you most people would have said  no thanks , not interested , pass , too many strings attached , don’t wanna … Would you have signed up to something that turned out to be ( once it was too late to stop it )  so damm hard  ? Not me that’s  for sure there must be easier ways to do things  and  I for 1 would be quite happy to go find them  anything would be better than having to be an adult , that’s too much work .

I mean no one ever said being  an adult  would mean  you have to be responsible  , you would have to learn to get along with others for a start ( bugger ) also to learn to live with them  ( without wanting to kill them ) and generally be a nice person . Now that in its’elf  if at times dam near impossible as some people are just too much like hard work  and others are just plain not on this planet at all , but as being adult  means you have to get along  with them  then there goes all the fun for a start it’s  just not fair ( can’t even get a refund  dammit ) So once you get saddled  with being an adult it seems  you are stuck with it  ready or not , and let me tell you most people are not ready for it , and it seems to sneak up on you when you are not looking. Sheeesh go to bed 1 night , wake up next day and ” presto ” you are now an adult  with all that comes with it  whether  you like it or not  (  I don’t ) but there is  sod all you can do about it as you are stuck with it ( mutter * grumble * )all you can do is make the best of it  , lol, or worst your choice.

How many times in a day even do you want to just say  Stop!!  I  do not wanna adult today !!  Leave me alone and go find someone else to annoy  ?   My guess is there are a lot of days like that , specially if you have to go * ugh *  shopping  and have to deal with other so called adults . Another time you may not want to adult is if you have  school age children and have to deal with all that comes with that particular  job , and  there is a lot that comes with that  , trust me been there done that , lol,  it’s too hard . School age children are a world of problems all by themselves  and can be quite a problem to sort out as most people know , I am not saying it is not fun because it is and can be lots of fun , but there is always too a lot of times when being the adult is something you just do not want to do , but there is no option to pass or get someone else to take over you just have to do it and smile .

See when you have to adult you can no longer do all the fun  things you used to do  , like building a  fort , playing in the rain, running  along the beach , swim naked  , follow people around for fun ( they call it stalking  now )  you cannot play hide and seek with people either  ( that’s  being a peeping  Tom )  You can no longer  do all the fun things you used to do and no one will let you go to places you really want to go to , like   the zoo , or the circus  as these places now cost too much to go to or no one has the time anymore . Playing with dolls and cars  is also out as they say you need to grow up , if you  go crook about it they  think you need to be put into a little rubber room  all by yourself , fine as long as mine has lots of bubble wrap in it then bring it on ..

So here we are  being forced to be something we are not ready for an adult , with no way out , no refunds, no way to pass  so we have to do it ready or not  and try to do it well , we do it seems manage to do ok at it as we still seem to be here and doing all the things we were not warned about  and , ( so far so good  )  not done too  bad a job at it . As I see it we should have been warned  , there should have been warning labels attached  to it as there is with most  other things these days . Then again if we had been warned  ?  How many of us would have taken the warning seriously ? Would we have listened ? I doubt it very much as  we would be too busy hoping to be an adult asap not realising just what the full implications of being adult were   and some were in such a hurry to be adult  that they would have told you to nick off they don’t believe  you it can’t be that hard after all ” how hard can it be ? ”

Well anyway warning or no warning, ready or not it sneaks up on you  and you have to do it , you have no choice , all we can do is make the most of it  , and take a time out  when we need to so we don’t quite lose  control , lol , very good luck with that too . Being adult is the  hardest job you will get apart from being a parent  which is even harder , being a wife is also a very hard job ( at times )  lol , so it  seems there is not a lot of good in this job of being adult  but  being adult is what we have to do like it or not , so hop to it  you so called adults  and try not to mess up too much ok ??

Growing old is mandatory …growing up is optional ….and  I don’t wanna ..so am off to play with my bubble wrap …be back in a year or 3 ….


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