Travel Bug

Travel Bug …. It is official I now have the travel bug  ….can’t do anything about it but  I sure have it , having done so much travelling , and now having been home for 3 years   I want to go again  . There are so many places  I still want to see , places I have only waved at as  I went past  , but now have an urge to go see them in more detail , the beauty and the allure of these places is overwhelming  to me. Having to just stay home  and do the  ” wife  ”  thing all this time  ( lol sorry dear )  I am about ready to go again , have got itchy feet to get moving again  and see more of the beauty this world has to offer  , and trust me it has so much to offer still  it just calls out to be visited . So  many places so little time , and yes so little money ( dammit )  every day you see on TV  on social media pictures of places you have never seen  and  of places you have only been able to wave at , but not had the time to go visit properly .

The 1st place that springs to my mind  is  Paris , waved at it as  I went past  but had no time  to go in and it has always had an attraction to me for some reason would love to be able to stand in front of that tower and just see the  majesty of such a structure . Then there is  Italy  again no time to go  but to be able to stand in front of the  tower of  Pizza  and wonder at what men have built  it must be amazing to see in real life. Germany  is another place  I want to see, not as  I did before in just a couple of days but to be able to have more time there to really see  the place. The Rhine River, the castles , the markets  , all only  seen briefly  but would love to  take more time  and go further into  Germany than  I got before . Japan also is a place  I would love to see  from the pictures I have seen it just looks so lovely and the people seem to be so nice.

China too is a place  I would love to see  especially The  Great Wall  that would be awesome  to stand and see that in real life so to speak  , and  I so love chinese food  lol , and to be able to get that right at the source would be just great , and to see the markets too the way they do them  also the architecture  it looks  so good would love to see it up close . Hong Kong  is yet another place that I would so love to see , there was a time a few years back when  I was about to go there but that did not eventuate so have not been there . Poland  too and  Russia  and all those in between  , lol the saying comes to mind so many places so little time , and it is so true  if  I could go see all the places  I would love to I would never be home , lol , sounds good to me  , there is only housework here and thats boring .

When passing through some of the airports I have ,  I have only ever got a glimpse of some of these countries , and that has just whetted my appetite  to want to see more of them , some of the airports are just so amazing  gives you an idea of what the country itself would be like if you could visit. Some though to be fair are dead set  awful  and make you wonder what the country  is like inside , so far though I have only seen 1 such airport like that the rest have just made  me wish I could go explore more . The 1 constant thing about airports though is that no matter how good or bad they are  they are a right pain in the proverbial , lol,  it always seems to take forever to get  from the side your on , whether coming or going  to where you need to be . By the time you  show  your ticket , your  passport , your travel documents  , just doing  that can take over an hour , then of course there is the luggage side of the equation  and there goes another hour or so * sigh * Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to take luggage ? How much quicker  would that make your trip ?

So the travel bug , lol , yes  even after all the messing about it takes to just get from 1 place to another    yep still got it , still want to go , would  be off tomorrow if  I could no worries . The thing is just sitting here day after day and seeing very little  is just so boring and  all the travelling  I have already done has just opened my eyes to what else there might be there to see and I do so much want to go see . There are  so many other  countries I have not listed yet , lol, would fill this up if I named them all  , that my itchy feet would love to be walking around , seeing to use another well known quote ” how the other half lives ”  and we all know that  no 2 lots of people  live the same way  so the differences would be fascinating to see , well for me anyway just to be able to learn from them , I am always  ready to learn something new and to appreciate  what others have done .

So all in all despite all the hassles of travelling  I would in a heartbeat  be off to explore this wonderful world  if  I could , all the places  I have not yet seen , just for the learning about  other places and other people , to see how much different they are to me , and to see how they do things as opposed to the way I do them , we can learn so much from each other  if we are open minded  and willing to learn.  Maybe 1 day huh ?

No. I’m not talking to myself because I’m crazy, I’m talking to myself because it’s the only intelligent conversation I can get around here sometimes!!


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