Some Mothers Do Have Em !

Some mothers do have em …. lol I am pretty sure almost everyone remembers this  TV  show   it was 1 of the funniest on TV at the time and gave us many a laugh . We thought how silly was this man  ? How would anyone get into so many  situations  like that  ? How  could anyone be that stupid  ? We laughed and laughed and thought  how much better we were than this silly bloke , we wouldn’t  do anything like that  , we have much more sense than that . Every time we watched an episode  we laughed  and as we laughed we judged , yes we did , because we sat there and thought there is no way we would be that stupid , we have more sense than that … But !! Did we then ? Do we now  ??

My answer is no  we don’t , you only have to do what I love doing when I can get out , is go somewhere and just sit and watch people , I have had so many laughs  at what these so called sensible people  do that just blows my mind  and makes me wonder how they are still alive  * sheeesh *  amazing is all I can say . Seeing them wander around not looking not watching where they are going , laughing  ( I know I shouldn’t but  lol ) as they walk into other people  or poles or  trip over or almost get run over . The looks on their faces when they see how stupid they have been is priceless  , makes me giggle every time  right or wrong  I can’t help it  , they are the ones being stupid not me  I just watch  them . If  they want to be that silly then who am  I to deny them an audience  ? I mean it’s a free show right  ?

The best places to sit and watch people  are at cafes in shopping centres  , so many people so much stupidity , makes my day sometimes just sitting watching and trying not to choke on my coffee  when I see yet another act of stupidity , trust me that bit is not easy as there is so much of it about , hence my comment about how on earth are they still alive  ?? Never ceases to make me wonder  , next best place to people watch is a pub or a club , because you have an added bonus to the already stupid people of  booze , lol, now that just makes it even funnier  the more they drink  while still walking about with phone in hand  the more mistakes are  made  and the more giggles . You also have to be careful  not to choke on your  beer or food while sitting and watching  it gets quite hard at times , trust me on this  have  come close to choking myself at times . It is more fun in a pub as there are more people and more posts  and stairs and things for them to bang into  and ” heaven forbid ”  they might drop the precious phone , me I just  giggle at the stupidity of it all . I mean it is just a phone   and not  to be stared at constantly to the amusement of all around , put the dam thing in your pocket  for a while and enjoy people , but then again the free entertainment would be gone if they did  …hrmmm

Leaving people watching aside for a while  have you ever wondered about yourself and your  own family  ? Lol I do all the time  when  I walk into a room and forget why I went into the room , or go to make a second cup of coffee and find  I have left the coffee cup over on the desk , sheesh how do you make a cup of coffee without  a cup ? Or  you see your  hubby trip over a  doona  and can’t stop giggling . You  say to yourself time and time again  you will not  forget  to get something out of the freezer for dinner next day  , or that you will not forget what you went to the shops for , or that you not forget to pick up all the dirty laundry  before you put the machine on ,  lol , need  I go on ? Lol doubt it  we all know how many times we do these things so the title of ” some mothers do have em ” really , honestly  applies to everyone if  we are being honest , but then again who wants to admit to being that silly  ?

Face it  there is hardly a day goes by we don’t do or say something really silly and sometimes just plain stupid  , so rather than laughing at others  ( though it is hard not to ) we need to just look at ourselves and our families  to get a good giggle . At the time we used to watch that show we never even thought that we are exactly the same now did we  ? The only  difference is they never made a TV  show out of us , lol, might be even funnier if they had going on some of the things  I have seen and even done . Admit it there are times when you realise what you have done and then just sat and laughed till you thought you would burst as you realise you are just as silly or clumsy as that  bloke in the show was  and yet we survived it lol . Now how we managed that little trick is again beyond me , people as  a whole  really can be even sillier than some of the animals we see all the time in vids. on  social media  , and some of  their antics leave you  gasping with laughter . You must wonder at times how people even think to do some of the silly things they do  ? What were they thinking ?? Ah – Ha ! That’s it !! They didn’t  stop to think it through at all , maybe because they were drunk or distracted , but  I daresay if , and that’s a big if ,  they had stopped  to think they would not have done it at all and so saved quite a lot of grief and giggling on other peoples  parts. As they say though such is life , lol, go with it and try to keep out of trouble …lol..slim hope there …

You know you’re stupid when you wake someone up by asking if they’re asleep.

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