Beauty ….. No  not as a lot of people say it , in the ” beer holder  ”  lol  but in the eye  of the beholder , that is you and me , what we see , what we perceive , what we accept  as beauty . We all see things differently  for sure  , what 1 person sees as beauty  another might  look at it and say yukk , so every person  has a different perspective on all we see in life. Some see  beauty in plants , some in  birds , some in animals , some in  people , but far too many see it in money , that is all they seem to focus on , so they miss out on all the real beauty around them . A lot of people too will look at people  and just because they don’t look exactly how they like to see  people  they right away fail to see the beauty of the person inside  . People who are beautiful  inside do not often look beautiful on the outside  and so get over looked as worthwhile people  just because of the way they look. That usually does not matter to the really beautiful people as they  are too busy  being the lovely people they are and helping others , they do not care about looks but  care about being beautiful  to those who need them to be  and they are worth far more  to this world than those who only look at skin deep  beauty .

There is just so much evil in this world  today it is really hard at times to just stop and  ” smell the roses  ”  as it were  that too many people  just do not see it and  miss a world  of peace , as beauty , real beauty  brings with it inner peace  as the people with this sort of beauty  have that peace . So many people  and so much evil make it very hard indeed to see  anything but hate , and hurt , and money driven  greed , and power hungry leaders  who just want to be Ruler over all in the world , but even though there is that there is also the beauty  , but you really do need to look hard for it sometimes  believe me . It is there if you can take the time to look for it  , and if you find it  you can find  a little peace for a little while and that is so worth it  , so worth a little  looking for if we can only find the time to look. This  world these days is so busy it  never stops it goes 24/7  and does not stop , so just finding the time is the very hard part .

If we want to look   there is beauty right around us , in our partners, our children  , our pets , our surroundings  , it is there and  though we see it every day   it is still beauty  , we may not  see it in things we see and interact with every day  but if we take but a moment to really look we can find it . We love our husbands and wives , that is beauty right there , love is a beautiful thing  even if we lose sight of it at times , our children  truly a gift from God  and lovely beyond  measure ,  also a beautiful  thing  is the plants that we have , there are so many  kinds of plants and so varied  and so many colours  , shapes, and sizes  it just blinds you almost with the absolute variety  of them , no wonder we have so many in our homes  , inside and out they are just amazing .

Animals too can be very beautiful  in so many ways  , there are those that we tame to use as pets , these can be a real comfort to those that have them , then there are the working  ones we use as guide dogs , and sniffer dogs and petting dogs for hospitals  , also cats can be used like this , as can rabbits , without these kinds of beautiful animals a lot of people would  find life just that bit harder to cope with . Horses and cows and sheep and pigs etc etc  all used to help us out in 1 way or another  either as direct help or as food or just  companionship  , I used to love riding a horse once upon a time   it felt so good  to be able to ride . Also used to milk a cow  a long time ago  and the  milk right from the cow was  warm and delicious   and the cats used to sit there and let you squirt milk right into their mouths , lol, that was a lot of fun back then. That was a time , a long time ago when the world was not so full of technology  that we were overrun by it  , back then we had time to mess about , and  yes , squirt cats with milk  as you milked a cow  it  was a lot of fun , oh for those nicer , quieter  days of back then .

Today even finding  time for each other is  almost impossible , so trying to see the beauty that is around us still is  very very hard to do and takes  practice , it might be hard at first but the more you look for it  the more you will find  beauty, real beauty does not stay hidden but is there if you but make yourself look for it . I find myself when  I am out walking  that I now look for the what seems  to be hidden beauty and yes  I do see it in people and plants etc makes the walking much more enjoyable I just try to ignore all the other stuff , it works too . So next time you walk , or maybe just sitting in your office , if you can , take a moment to look out the window and see what is out there , plants, birds , animals etc  there  must be something of beauty to see . One of the best places to see beauty is up in the sky , the clouds, the sun , the moon ,  birds flying or sitting in trees  , I love most of  all seeing the stars on a clear night , so lovely the sky is so immense  it is wonderful to look at and  I find it relaxing too  , the night sky and the moon and stars , just beautiful .  …


Ok ok ok I love this status here because by the time you read it and realize it doesn’t say nothing at all it’s too  late to stop reading …


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