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For Women Only ..

This is for women only  but if I am any guess the men  will read it too , lol they won’t be able to resist , so ok men read on you might learn something too ( we can only hope ) lol …

This is about something so  unusual  it is almost funny , but to start I have to say something  some might not want to read but it needs to be said anyway  so here we go  . When I make love to my husband I orgasm  every single time , no joke always have always will , I tell you this for a very special reason , that has to do with  this blog.

For a very long time  I have battled with a weight problem nothing works ,no matter what  I do or don’t do, or eat or don’t eat , absolutely nothing shifts it  and until just recently I had no idea why and was at my wits end  as to why it will not shift . My daughter sent me a link to something she thought might be the problem and on reading it  realised that this was exactly what was wrong , she was spot on  so now in seeking an answer to it , without having to go to a Doctor ( last 1 I went to insulted me horribly so  not been to 1 since )  so have been trying to solve the problem myself  without medical intervention ,  what I tried and the reason for this blog  is what happened.

In searching for the answer someone suggested I try ” turmeric ”  no worries right  ? Safe ? Organic ? No worries , well now let me tell you what such a so called simple and safe  ” alternative ” thing  did to me  . As far as the symptoms  go  nothing  changed  after taking it in tablet form as it was easier for me that way  for a few weeks  noticed no real change but kept on thinking it might be  slow to work  . How wrong was  I  ? Very wrong it was working alright but not where it was supposed to or on anything  that was wrong , all of a sudden , like a switch being turned off  I could no longer orgasm when I made love to hubby !! I  was horrified  but thought ok its just this once  , but very next time  nope couldn’t again or the next time , so by this time I did some serious thinking and realised the only thing different was the turmeric ,  Wow ! how could something so supposedly  healthy and organic and safe  be doing this  ? So to be sure  I stopped them right away  and waited to see what would  happen .

What happened ? Well within about 2 weeks ( yes it took that long ) once  it was out of my system  I was back to normal  and could orgasam again ( phew )  Well the reason for this blog is that if something so seemingly safe  could cause  such a dramatic change  what else might happen if we blindly  take things  just because we are told it is safe  ? It seems to me  all this so called safe organic stuff also has hidden  things in it , if not then why such a reaction  in a part of the body that has nothing to do with  the condition I was trying to fix  ? Just proves to me that we need to check and double check  what we put into our mouths  be it chemical or all this so called safe organic  alternatives nothing is really safe so we need to really check before we  take anything.

So basically the reason for this blog is to warn women especially  to be so very careful  what they eat or take  , how many of you use this turmeric  in your cooking ? A lot I know  love to use it in cooking and use it  a lot , but if this did this to me , what might it do to some other woman  ? Also what about all the other so called safe , organic spices and flavourings  we use  ? What might they be doing to us  and we have no idea , I only found this out because the reaction to it was so sudden and so severe  it really shocked me  , it only took about a week to 10 days  before  this reaction happened   so what else is doing  what to us and we have no idea  ? I for 1 will no longer just take something  just because someone said it might work , I know the advice was given in good faith and  I love  the woman who suggested it she was only trying to help but  I should have been more careful and checked it out more before I took it  and this could not have happened .

So if this  could happen to me makes you think about what we are feeding our families , things we think are safe and organic and  turn out not to be safe  ? Everytime we cook  and add heaps of spices and flavourings  do we really know what we are doing to ourselves and our families  ? No we do not  but  I think after this we sure need to take stock  of what we blindly  put into our systems  and check things out much more thoroughly than we do today . I realize that these days we are so horribly busy  we do not have as much time as we  used to have  but we need to make more time for this . Ok it didn’t cause any life threatening  problems  but it was so sudden so dramatic  that it made me think , made me wonder what else we do that we should take more time  to think about before  we do it or take it.  We need to really look at labels and see what is really in things  before we just go ahead and use it and maybe  cut down on the amounts of the things we add to our cooking I know I will be even more careful after this ..

People are like a box of Chocolates, some are hard, some are soft and the rest are nuts…


What Have We Done ?

What have we done  ?  When we look at the kids of today what do we see? For the most part  I think more by good luck than good management  the kids are ok , but when we take a good long look at how  much things have changed  in the raising of them  it scares me for the future of the kids of today . I will show you  in a few mins  just what I mean by that and if it does not scare you too then you are a big part of the problem  and really need to re – think  the way you do things . It may already be too late for yours and a lot of other kids but somewhere somehow someone needs to change things hopefully before it is way too late.

Right  first , the right for parents to discipline their children was removed  , the  government  of the day said you will go to jail if  you do , that was when the rot started  , since then what have we done to help our  kids ? Not a lot if you look around today and see how badly behaved some kids are  and see how many are now either in custody or  dead because they were never taught right from wrong from parents , because parents gave up when faced with the consequences of disciplining  them  after they were told they could not. So now we have generations of kids brought up to think they are entitled to have what they want when they want and look out if they don’t get it  right now . Saw 1 woman who had a son  of 20  who has got so out of control and so violent she has been begging the cops to arrest him  this has not happened  so can only see this as ending very badly , she is so desperate she even put him on a current affairs program to shame him  but I doubt it will work he is too far gone.

Remember when  the kids got up in the morning , had breakfast and went outside to play ? Then played outside all day  till  called in and then ate a cooked meal , a healthy meal of mainly  meat and veg ? Mostly the veg was home grown and chemical free  and the meat was good fresh from the butcher , this was before the powers that be decided to start fiddling with the foods we ate  while convincing us what they were doing  was for our  own good , and we being too lazy to question  this went along with it hence all the chemicals that are now in everything we eat or drink. How we let it get to this stage  is beyond me , why did we never think to stop and ask why ? To ask them to prove that we needed all this stuff put in everything  before we would let them do it ? Too late now it is done and  I see no way of it ever being removed again any time soon  it makes them too much money for them to want to take it out again  now.

Remember too when our kids played outside  all day  ? Got dirty , got wet playing in the rain ? Then just came inside  had a bath and sat down to a good home cooked dinner  and had dinner with all the family  ? What happens now  ? Now we have kids who mostly do what they want  and when they want , and mostly what they want is to  sit in front of some sort of screen either  phone, TV, computer, games console , they sit at these almost all of the day , no longer going out to play  , to build up their immunity systems  to keep them healthy , no more getting a bit dirty or playing in the sun to get natural vitamins , no more eating  healthy food. There is yet another problem we have created by not having the kids outside or eating healthy  their immune systems weaken so they pick up every bug going around  and seem to be forever  sick 1 way or another .

The other thing  that we have now gone totally mad about is  how we clean , man have you seen the products we obsess over now  ? How many of them are  ” anti-bacterial “?  We have gone totally mad about  disinfecting everything and everyone and every surface , we have anti-bacterial  wipes, spray, room fresheners , even things to put in the cars !! Sheesh it is so stupid has no one ever seen what this is doing to the kids  ? Using  all this  stuff as much as we do what do you think the effect is on the kids ? The 1st thing is the slow but sure weakening of their immune systems  so now those that used to be healthy now get sick often .  Now more than ever we need immunization  as the bugs also have got stronger because they too have been exposed to all this anti-bacterial  stuff and instead of getting weaker like our kids , they just got stronger . So those that do not immunize are  being very selfish to those about them , it’s not a matter of their kid so much as what their kid can pass on , it really isn’t hard we do not live  alone what we do or do not do does have effects on others .

Fair enough we did not do all this ourselves but we do have to live in society and that means with or near other people  so surely making sure we do not hurt those around us is a duty  we all have ? Why should we lose a child of ours because someone else didn’t get their child immunized ? We allowed  this to happen , this shoving chemicals into everything  so we need to  help not hinder  and to find ways of fighting it all , we have to stop being so easily convinced  that we really  ” NEED ”  to have all these chemicals that have weakened our immune systems  and  try to get back to healthy living , and stop spoiling the kids by giving them everything  they want , we need to go back to the simple way of living  if we want our good health back .The kids need to start being outside more like in the old days  it really was better for them ..

Do u ever use big words to sound smart? I mean, utilizing gargantuan idioms to fabricate intelligence? OH you didn’t know i could do that did you???


Consequences …..  I’m  talking now about all these people who are so self obsessed  they have to take selfies all the time wherever  they are and post it on faceache . Then there are those who take them in very extreme  and dangerous places , and now there is a growing list of people who have done that and been killed in the process , saw  some pics of a lot of these the other day on faceache  , these idiots seem only to want to be ” famous ” by getting the most extreme pic  but sadly all they got was dead . Now they have grieving  families left to cry and wonder not only why , but what they did wrong to prompt  the offspring to do such a stupid thing that killed them . Trust  me the  family would think like that , they would tear themselves apart wondering what if anything they could have done to have stopped them doing it. Just what drives them to do such things  ?

Consequences … This time let’s look at the so called  ” thrill seekers ”  me  I just call them idiots , but they think they know it all they are young there is no problem we can do this . So off they go on skateboard, bicycle, motor bike , car , skis , body boards , you name it there are so many ways the young these days can kill  themselves  just trying to be  ” famous ”  and yes they too mostly only end up dead . They were not famous then and they are not famous now as no one ever knows them  because they died doing the idiotic stunts  so they  did not get what they wanted  anyway and paid the highest price , again leaving behind grieving families wonder why  .

So what is  it that drives these idiots? Why the ever increasing need to be famous  ? What do they hope to achieve  ? What on earth drives them to be so stupid ? Are the lives they live so awful that they think this is the only way to fix it  ? Or are they just so unutterably  selfish that they think the world needs to worship them or give them all the trappings that go with fame ? There is no end of things to be tried to achieve  this , but the percentage of people who actually make it  through  is so low it just amazes me how many still try  , still try to be  ” famous ” Seems like that is about all the kids of today want out of life , not to have to do anything   good  but just to be famous  so they can sit back and be pandered to  for the rest of their lives why work when with 1 simple trick  you can be famous  and so then set for life  ?

All that seems obvious to me is that not 1 of these idiots sat down and seriously thought about what they were about to do  and what could possibly happen . To quote 3 very well known idiots from our favourite car show  ” How hard can it be ? ” every time we hear that phrase we laugh and say uh oh it’s car crash time  and with those 3 it always was in a very funny way , but having said that they had all protections in place and it was always safe , no possibility of death when they did  the silly stunts , though  there was 1 close call when something not planned for happened , but even then he lived and after a while in hospital he was ok again. So  if  even the best , well planned stunt can go horribly wrong  ,what hope do these kids have then  ?

When do they sit and think ok if this stunt goes wrong  I might be dead or crippled for life and be a burden on society  for the rest of my life , either way will devastate  my family , I seriously doubt that any 1 of them  do this or there would not be so many deaths . No one it seems ever stops to consider the consequences  of what they are about to do , all  they have in what passes for a mind is  I am going to do this and  I am going to be famous  never thinking for a single second it could all go very wrong and break a lot of hearts  and cause unending  pain , all that matters to them is …them . What they hope their new life might be like must be amazing for them to take so many stupid risks  without  thought of anyone else .

My favourite saying of all time , and 1 I have always lived by and so wished  others did too  is ……

For each and every action ….There is an equal and opposite re-action …. If more people even knew this and lived by it there would be  a lot less  war and hatred and broken families  trouble is as  I said before people just don’t  think full stop , much less think of any consequences  to themselves or anyone else.  Why are there so many people who just think they are an island and that nothing they do will affect others  ?  there is nothing we can do in life  that does not have an effect on others  in some way , unless we live on an island  and alone .

Since everyone is complaining about how much information people share on Facebook via their status…I just wanted you all to know…I have the hiccups lol….


Variety …. Well they say it is the spice of life  , but  somehow I don’t think that is applicable  to everything in life , lol , imagine the chaos  if it was  and trust me people are quite silly enough  without that . We find it hard enough now to make decisions  without having  too much variety , man you could be stuck forever just making a choice about something  and making decisions at times is too hard anyway . Imagine if you had to sift through a huge variety of things  before you could even do a thing  how long would it take you to even get sorted for the day ? I can see it would be horrendous  just trying to get a start on the day  . Be night time before you even got a single thing done  and that would not be good for anyone or anything   that is for sure , sometimes we are better off without so much variety . Just think about the procrastinators in our lives … yikes !! What a nightmare that would be when they take forever just to make 1 choice !! I personally think I would  be kicking my favourite procrastinator  up the bum in frustration  lol , come close to that enough now  if I am honest . Shhhhh  don’t tell him I said that  …lol

Variety can be good in some instances  but I still think there are way too many times where variety is just a pain in the proverbial  like , what colour  car/dress/ shoes/ house … you know what colour do we want and have you any idea at all how many colours  you can get these days  ?? Sheeesh there are literally  thousands of colour combinations  now , or there is the  huge variety of plants if you are making a new garden  or wanting plants  for inside or on a balcony . What size / colour/ shape/ flowering type /perfume/ sustainability , lol , as you  see way too much variety yet again .What if you are renovating a house/boat/bus/car ?? all the same parameters come into  play yet again  what style/colour/shape when renovating you come up with a whole new world of decisions  on a huge variety of things and styles and situations it’s enough to drive you barmy if you ain’t already lol .

Well now we decide we want to get a car , right here we go again on variety , you have to decide , car, station wagon, van, ute, bus ,convertible  or maybe even a motor bike …now what ? After  you finally make your mind up what type  you want  next question how big a motor do you want ? A big 1 with a V8 , a 6 cylinder , a 4 cylinder  or if its a bike it is maybe only 2 cylinder , all depends  on how much it costs  to run  and how much you are prepared to pay  for the fuel you will need . Now  you have decided that  next is the colour , lol, not going to even try to list the  many colours  available here  but you get the drift. So then  what’s next ? What’s next is what brand  ?? Lol now have a guess how many brands of cars , vans , etc  there are out there  ? There are heaps of course, here is that variety we started out talking about yet again , there seems to be no end of things that give us a huge variety , that takes us ages and ages to make a decision  on , never seems to be an end does there ?Lol and don’t get me started on computers !! Just how many types and kinds of these are there now  ?? I give up  lol.

Is it always a good thing to have so much variety in our lives  ? Having  some variety is good  but really there are times when it all gets too much for the poor old human brain to sort through , who had the bright idea  to give us so many  things  or situations   that have such variety making is so very hard  for us to just get what we want or want done ,  get done ? As I said a small variety is good so we don’t all have the same things or look the same or do the same , but somehow it has all got way out of control  so we now have a huge variety  to sort through  even when we wish we didn’t . How long did the last thing you had to make a choice  for  out of a big variety  take  , 1 hour , 2 , 3 , more ? For the big things  it can take days and weeks to make the decisions , blimey ..makes me tired now just thinking about it  lol . Might be the perfect time to ” phone a friend ”  lol make them nuts too if they aint already .

So in this so called enlightened era  is it a good thing or a bad to have so much variety in so many things ? Is it good for us to have to make so many decisions  so many times in our lives  ? To be honest I am not sure but boy  at times it can be fun at other times a dam night mare …Lol.. Here’s to variety  ..!! Long may it go on  and long may it drive us all nuts !! Not that I can see it stopping anytime soon ..

Warning: Personality switch in progress…approach at your own risk…unable to determine which personality will be taking over…good luck! You will need it trust me !!