Variety …. Well they say it is the spice of life  , but  somehow I don’t think that is applicable  to everything in life , lol , imagine the chaos  if it was  and trust me people are quite silly enough  without that . We find it hard enough now to make decisions  without having  too much variety , man you could be stuck forever just making a choice about something  and making decisions at times is too hard anyway . Imagine if you had to sift through a huge variety of things  before you could even do a thing  how long would it take you to even get sorted for the day ? I can see it would be horrendous  just trying to get a start on the day  . Be night time before you even got a single thing done  and that would not be good for anyone or anything   that is for sure , sometimes we are better off without so much variety . Just think about the procrastinators in our lives … yikes !! What a nightmare that would be when they take forever just to make 1 choice !! I personally think I would  be kicking my favourite procrastinator  up the bum in frustration  lol , come close to that enough now  if I am honest . Shhhhh  don’t tell him I said that  …lol

Variety can be good in some instances  but I still think there are way too many times where variety is just a pain in the proverbial  like , what colour  car/dress/ shoes/ house … you know what colour do we want and have you any idea at all how many colours  you can get these days  ?? Sheeesh there are literally  thousands of colour combinations  now , or there is the  huge variety of plants if you are making a new garden  or wanting plants  for inside or on a balcony . What size / colour/ shape/ flowering type /perfume/ sustainability , lol , as you  see way too much variety yet again .What if you are renovating a house/boat/bus/car ?? all the same parameters come into  play yet again  what style/colour/shape when renovating you come up with a whole new world of decisions  on a huge variety of things and styles and situations it’s enough to drive you barmy if you ain’t already lol .

Well now we decide we want to get a car , right here we go again on variety , you have to decide , car, station wagon, van, ute, bus ,convertible  or maybe even a motor bike …now what ? After  you finally make your mind up what type  you want  next question how big a motor do you want ? A big 1 with a V8 , a 6 cylinder , a 4 cylinder  or if its a bike it is maybe only 2 cylinder , all depends  on how much it costs  to run  and how much you are prepared to pay  for the fuel you will need . Now  you have decided that  next is the colour , lol, not going to even try to list the  many colours  available here  but you get the drift. So then  what’s next ? What’s next is what brand  ?? Lol now have a guess how many brands of cars , vans , etc  there are out there  ? There are heaps of course, here is that variety we started out talking about yet again , there seems to be no end of things that give us a huge variety , that takes us ages and ages to make a decision  on , never seems to be an end does there ?Lol and don’t get me started on computers !! Just how many types and kinds of these are there now  ?? I give up  lol.

Is it always a good thing to have so much variety in our lives  ? Having  some variety is good  but really there are times when it all gets too much for the poor old human brain to sort through , who had the bright idea  to give us so many  things  or situations   that have such variety making is so very hard  for us to just get what we want or want done ,  get done ? As I said a small variety is good so we don’t all have the same things or look the same or do the same , but somehow it has all got way out of control  so we now have a huge variety  to sort through  even when we wish we didn’t . How long did the last thing you had to make a choice  for  out of a big variety  take  , 1 hour , 2 , 3 , more ? For the big things  it can take days and weeks to make the decisions , blimey ..makes me tired now just thinking about it  lol . Might be the perfect time to ” phone a friend ”  lol make them nuts too if they aint already .

So in this so called enlightened era  is it a good thing or a bad to have so much variety in so many things ? Is it good for us to have to make so many decisions  so many times in our lives  ? To be honest I am not sure but boy  at times it can be fun at other times a dam night mare …Lol.. Here’s to variety  ..!! Long may it go on  and long may it drive us all nuts !! Not that I can see it stopping anytime soon ..

Warning: Personality switch in progress…approach at your own risk…unable to determine which personality will be taking over…good luck! You will need it trust me !!

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