Consequences …..  I’m  talking now about all these people who are so self obsessed  they have to take selfies all the time wherever  they are and post it on faceache . Then there are those who take them in very extreme  and dangerous places , and now there is a growing list of people who have done that and been killed in the process , saw  some pics of a lot of these the other day on faceache  , these idiots seem only to want to be ” famous ” by getting the most extreme pic  but sadly all they got was dead . Now they have grieving  families left to cry and wonder not only why , but what they did wrong to prompt  the offspring to do such a stupid thing that killed them . Trust  me the  family would think like that , they would tear themselves apart wondering what if anything they could have done to have stopped them doing it. Just what drives them to do such things  ?

Consequences … This time let’s look at the so called  ” thrill seekers ”  me  I just call them idiots , but they think they know it all they are young there is no problem we can do this . So off they go on skateboard, bicycle, motor bike , car , skis , body boards , you name it there are so many ways the young these days can kill  themselves  just trying to be  ” famous ”  and yes they too mostly only end up dead . They were not famous then and they are not famous now as no one ever knows them  because they died doing the idiotic stunts  so they  did not get what they wanted  anyway and paid the highest price , again leaving behind grieving families wonder why  .

So what is  it that drives these idiots? Why the ever increasing need to be famous  ? What do they hope to achieve  ? What on earth drives them to be so stupid ? Are the lives they live so awful that they think this is the only way to fix it  ? Or are they just so unutterably  selfish that they think the world needs to worship them or give them all the trappings that go with fame ? There is no end of things to be tried to achieve  this , but the percentage of people who actually make it  through  is so low it just amazes me how many still try  , still try to be  ” famous ” Seems like that is about all the kids of today want out of life , not to have to do anything   good  but just to be famous  so they can sit back and be pandered to  for the rest of their lives why work when with 1 simple trick  you can be famous  and so then set for life  ?

All that seems obvious to me is that not 1 of these idiots sat down and seriously thought about what they were about to do  and what could possibly happen . To quote 3 very well known idiots from our favourite car show  ” How hard can it be ? ” every time we hear that phrase we laugh and say uh oh it’s car crash time  and with those 3 it always was in a very funny way , but having said that they had all protections in place and it was always safe , no possibility of death when they did  the silly stunts , though  there was 1 close call when something not planned for happened , but even then he lived and after a while in hospital he was ok again. So  if  even the best , well planned stunt can go horribly wrong  ,what hope do these kids have then  ?

When do they sit and think ok if this stunt goes wrong  I might be dead or crippled for life and be a burden on society  for the rest of my life , either way will devastate  my family , I seriously doubt that any 1 of them  do this or there would not be so many deaths . No one it seems ever stops to consider the consequences  of what they are about to do , all  they have in what passes for a mind is  I am going to do this and  I am going to be famous  never thinking for a single second it could all go very wrong and break a lot of hearts  and cause unending  pain , all that matters to them is …them . What they hope their new life might be like must be amazing for them to take so many stupid risks  without  thought of anyone else .

My favourite saying of all time , and 1 I have always lived by and so wished  others did too  is ……

For each and every action ….There is an equal and opposite re-action …. If more people even knew this and lived by it there would be  a lot less  war and hatred and broken families  trouble is as  I said before people just don’t  think full stop , much less think of any consequences  to themselves or anyone else.  Why are there so many people who just think they are an island and that nothing they do will affect others  ?  there is nothing we can do in life  that does not have an effect on others  in some way , unless we live on an island  and alone .

Since everyone is complaining about how much information people share on Facebook via their status…I just wanted you all to know…I have the hiccups lol….

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