For Women Only ..

This is for women only  but if I am any guess the men  will read it too , lol they won’t be able to resist , so ok men read on you might learn something too ( we can only hope ) lol …

This is about something so  unusual  it is almost funny , but to start I have to say something  some might not want to read but it needs to be said anyway  so here we go  . When I make love to my husband I orgasm  every single time , no joke always have always will , I tell you this for a very special reason , that has to do with  this blog.

For a very long time  I have battled with a weight problem nothing works ,no matter what  I do or don’t do, or eat or don’t eat , absolutely nothing shifts it  and until just recently I had no idea why and was at my wits end  as to why it will not shift . My daughter sent me a link to something she thought might be the problem and on reading it  realised that this was exactly what was wrong , she was spot on  so now in seeking an answer to it , without having to go to a Doctor ( last 1 I went to insulted me horribly so  not been to 1 since )  so have been trying to solve the problem myself  without medical intervention ,  what I tried and the reason for this blog  is what happened.

In searching for the answer someone suggested I try ” turmeric ”  no worries right  ? Safe ? Organic ? No worries , well now let me tell you what such a so called simple and safe  ” alternative ” thing  did to me  . As far as the symptoms  go  nothing  changed  after taking it in tablet form as it was easier for me that way  for a few weeks  noticed no real change but kept on thinking it might be  slow to work  . How wrong was  I  ? Very wrong it was working alright but not where it was supposed to or on anything  that was wrong , all of a sudden , like a switch being turned off  I could no longer orgasm when I made love to hubby !! I  was horrified  but thought ok its just this once  , but very next time  nope couldn’t again or the next time , so by this time I did some serious thinking and realised the only thing different was the turmeric ,  Wow ! how could something so supposedly  healthy and organic and safe  be doing this  ? So to be sure  I stopped them right away  and waited to see what would  happen .

What happened ? Well within about 2 weeks ( yes it took that long ) once  it was out of my system  I was back to normal  and could orgasam again ( phew )  Well the reason for this blog is that if something so seemingly safe  could cause  such a dramatic change  what else might happen if we blindly  take things  just because we are told it is safe  ? It seems to me  all this so called safe organic stuff also has hidden  things in it , if not then why such a reaction  in a part of the body that has nothing to do with  the condition I was trying to fix  ? Just proves to me that we need to check and double check  what we put into our mouths  be it chemical or all this so called safe organic  alternatives nothing is really safe so we need to really check before we  take anything.

So basically the reason for this blog is to warn women especially  to be so very careful  what they eat or take  , how many of you use this turmeric  in your cooking ? A lot I know  love to use it in cooking and use it  a lot , but if this did this to me , what might it do to some other woman  ? Also what about all the other so called safe , organic spices and flavourings  we use  ? What might they be doing to us  and we have no idea , I only found this out because the reaction to it was so sudden and so severe  it really shocked me  , it only took about a week to 10 days  before  this reaction happened   so what else is doing  what to us and we have no idea  ? I for 1 will no longer just take something  just because someone said it might work , I know the advice was given in good faith and  I love  the woman who suggested it she was only trying to help but  I should have been more careful and checked it out more before I took it  and this could not have happened .

So if this  could happen to me makes you think about what we are feeding our families , things we think are safe and organic and  turn out not to be safe  ? Everytime we cook  and add heaps of spices and flavourings  do we really know what we are doing to ourselves and our families  ? No we do not  but  I think after this we sure need to take stock  of what we blindly  put into our systems  and check things out much more thoroughly than we do today . I realize that these days we are so horribly busy  we do not have as much time as we  used to have  but we need to make more time for this . Ok it didn’t cause any life threatening  problems  but it was so sudden so dramatic  that it made me think , made me wonder what else we do that we should take more time  to think about before  we do it or take it.  We need to really look at labels and see what is really in things  before we just go ahead and use it and maybe  cut down on the amounts of the things we add to our cooking I know I will be even more careful after this ..

People are like a box of Chocolates, some are hard, some are soft and the rest are nuts…

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