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How Exactly ?

How Exactly ? …… Yes how exactly do you thank someone who did for you what no one else has ever done for you in your entire life before ? Done something that was to totally and completely change your life and the direction  of your life forever  ? Take it to  a place it would never have been able to go  without that help ? Change it so much for the better that no matter what problems have been  around since , they have been overcome  ? Also in the changing of your life it also changes the life of someone else  , also for the better  and now both lives are joined  together and going well , lives that would never have even met , much less  been able to join without  his help ?  In giving  the help he has made  not only 1 person happy but 2 , by changing the  course of their lives completely  as both are now in a place they would never have been otherwise , and it is all for the better , much better .

So what happened  ? How  did it happen ?

It was like this , here  I was  minding my own  business , in a chat room , when along came a man who wanted more than to chat , those who know me know the story from this point . What they may not know is that   as we were working out just what to do next , someone  who I had been chatting to for a very long time and who had gone off chat and  I had not seen him in the chat room for years  came back into chat and right away wanted to know all about what was going on with me and the man . So after telling him all about it  he said , so when you going to go and meet him ? As we were talking the fact that we were half a world away  I told him it would not be for while as we had lots to work out to get us together , most know this bit anyway , so no need to say it again .

So what next ?

He then did what no one  else would ever do mostly , he gave us the means to get together , he gave me a 1st class return ticket to London , now think about that for a min ok ? He and  I , just like the man I wanted to go to , had never met in real life , we only knew each other in chat . So then why would he give me something  that was to mean so much to the 2 of us  when he never knew either of us?  Only  in chat , only on -line , and we all know the dangers  of meeting up in real life that  can be there  sometimes, so why this time  ? Why did this time be  the 1 time that everything worked  out perfectly ? I say it was meant to be  , God had his hand on it all , I will always believe that .

That though is not  what this is about , this is about how do you … 1 Thank someone who did something so special for you  ,  and 2  Find this man again  since he then disappeared again right after he gave you the tickets  ? We both would give anything  to be able just to meet  this man  , to take him to dinner or get him a drink or something , anything  to be able  to show him just how much he did for us  ? How much we have done , how far we have come since he did that for us , it was not just for me it was for my now hubby too , so it was 2 lives he changed for good  not just 1 .  He has opened up the world to me for a start , I have now been to places  I would never in my wildest dreams have thought  I would ever be able to see . I personally have been  halfway around the world 3 times  so far and who knows if I will get a chance to do it again , but  I have been there done that and seen wonders that  I never knew existed  and been amazed .

What makes someone like this decide to give you the 1 thing you both need  so very much  ? How does he realise that these 2 people really are genuine and really do want to be together ? How does he work out that  you 2 are the ones to help  ? I mean there are so many out there who need help 1 way or another , so why did he pick us and why did he then disappear as soon as he knows  we now have what we needed  ? This is something  I never stop thinking about and never stop thanking  God for  as it was indeed a miracle , we may never have been able to get together even much less marry  if we had not had that help . It would have cost a small fortune back then as it was 1st class for me all the way and that is not cheap by any means . Whatever made him do this we just would love   to meet him and let him know what a great thing he did .

So  my dear friend  , the 1  we only know as  ” Ramage  ”  whoever you are , wherever  you are , if  by any small chance you  do see this  please , please get in touch again so we can thank you , I still own that chat room so you can still come there to chat to us , we would love that so very much , you  have done so very much for us .  Thank You ..xx

We should all learn to: Laugh a little louder, Smile a little larger, Dream a little further, Love a little extra and Live a little Happier!  Have a fun day!  We did and it works  !!


Love Honour and Annoy ….

Love Honour and  Annoy …… Wait …What  ??  Isn’t there supposed to be an obey in there somewhere  ?? Hrmmm if men already have this simple thing wrong  what else have they got wrong about this thing called  marriage  ? Let me see now  if they got this bit wrong they must also have got the bit wrong about helping too right  ? Their idea of helping is to put things off till they decide  they can’t put it off anymore , they  then do it wrong anyway usually  , lol how many times  have we had to re-do the things they finally got round to  ” helping ” us with  ? The phrase  ” If at first you don’t succeed , do it the way your  wife told you to do it  ” did not come about by accident  , it came about by so many wives  having to re – do so many of the things that husbands helped with , sheesh  so it has not come about by accident lol .

Trouble is when us women get married  we marry what we think is our ideal man and  99% of the time this is true and all is well but we also believe that these men will be able  to help us if and when we need them to . I mean all it will be will be for some small things around the house  right  ? How Hard Can It  Be ? lol Now where have  I heard that phrase before  , right before an absolute disaster  ? Ooops  we may have  under estimated  the ability our men  have  to get the simplest of tasks  around  the house right  , how many times have we had to  call the professional people in to repair what our husbands “fixed ”  Too many times it seems or we would not have those sorts of phrases  all to hand  so easily seems our men have not been much use fixing things  around the house for a very long time.

Maybe it is the very phrase Love Honour and  Annoy  that they did hear and that is the 1 they do so very well  they have got it so right they do it 150%  right , maybe it  was us who got it wrong  maybe it is time we started to do the same thing back to them  then let’s see how they like it  lol should be fun  to see how they handle that sort of help  when they need it . Imagine if you will , dear I need help finding  my sox or my jocks  and need you to help me  , now this could be fun we could  run them  round in circles  and giggle while they still cannot find something that is usually right under their  noses . Nine  times out of 10  that is the case  and they just never learn , but  I think it is not that  they do not learn  I think it is because it is part of the Love  Honour and Annoy  conspiracy   they get way too much fun out of doing the annoy  thing , they do it for fun ( sods  lol ) .

How many times have we said to ourselves  ” just as well we love them ” ? Having said that how many times too have we wished they would at least try to keep the annoy thing  down to a minimum  so we don’t  have to stifle  the overwhelming desire to  belt them 1 even though we love them ? What I want to know is are they born with this annoy  gene  or do they learn  it as they grow up ? However  they  learn it  , it has to be the most  irritating  thing they do and we need to start teaching them to stop with the annoying  !!  We have to start  when they are young , you know train them  like we train puppies , it might even  work  you never know lol and it could be fun . Then again puppy training can be more fun  lol men are so annoying , mostly when they  try to help lol  as they never ever do it the way we  tell them too and it usually has to be re-done.

So where do  us poor women go from here  ? We cant train them it seems , we cant just ignore them , lol, they never let us do that  which is why I say we need to do it all back to them for a while  see if they like being annoyed all the time , bet they wouldn’t like that 1 bit lol , you know do as I say not do as  I do ?? We need to find a way that is guaranteed to annoy them so much they will stop  doing it to us   , seems fair to me  right  ? How  can we just let them get away with this just because we love them ? Seem fair to you  ? Nope didn’t think so  , lol, we need to take action to stop the annoying  before it gets more out of control than it is now  ( lol we got no hope )  really if you look at it , been trying it with mine  for years and it don’t work  , lol sheeesh …


Wait…Wait for it…I think i…Maybe i…Nope i thought i had it for a moment there but i don’t false alarm..


Chivalry …. It seems chivalry is not dead yet , well not entirely anyway , was very surprised  the other week when hubby and  I were out house hunting  ( no we didn’t catch any ) that  when we had need to get on public transport , every time I got on  someone  and mostly male if  I remember rightly got  up and gave me a seat . It has been a very long time since this happened  so as you  can imagine  I was  quite shocked by this  and also very very pleased  as  I had  by this time come to the conclusion  that it was well dead and buried .  It was a real relief to me too as by the time we boarded each time , my pain levels  were so high I wanted to scream  so being able to sit down just then was wonderful  it made a huge difference to me , made all the  travelling about  we were doing that little bit easier.

As no doubt most of you know now that  mostly people just  look to themselves and  no one else , they are so tied up in themselves that they neither see nor care about anyone else. Mostly these days heads are in phones or  they just do not notice if anyone needs a helping hand , so wrapped up in what they are doing  that the are blind to the world around them . This is why so many get killed because they are  virtually blind and deaf to the world around them , so sure that they are all that matters and the rest of the world  can go and get lost . Must come as a huge shock to them  then when  they get run over or fall off a building or some such thing  so  blind to their surroundings have they become  these days and it is just so very sad . Next time you go out just have a look at people walking about and see if you can see any actually watching what is going on around them.

So you can imagine my complete surprise  when  first 1 then another gave  me their seat on that week we were  travelling so much  and  I was so in need of being able to sit for a while , it has been so long  since it had happened  that  i just loved it , sure made things  just that little bit better . We need sometimes to be able to see things like this happen to keep our hopes up that someday  maybe  that people will learn to be nice to each other again  and will go back to the old ways of helping out our  fellow  people  it would be great . Each and every time too it was with a lovely smile   that the seats  were offered  , which also made me feel that bit better  no one seems to smile at anyone anymore  they all seem to be so worn down with how their lives are going  it is such a shame when you think about it.  Makes you wonder what goes on in their worlds  that makes them so introspective , so self absorbed  , that they see almost nothing else , are their lives so stressful that they just shut themselves away in their own little cocoons  so they can handle what life is dishing out to them  ?

I know only too well how it can be , so much to do , so little time it seems to get anything done so it is all rush  rush rush  no time to stop  and think about anything , they might just change their  ways  if they actually had time  to stop and think . Society has them going almost 24/7  now , you have to  rush to work , to shop , to do anything  , gone are the days when you could just take your time  and enjoy what you are doing , or take any time off to enjoy the scenery , just no time anymore  for any of the fun things in life . Wake up , get ready , go to work, come home , have dinner , go to bed , repeat adinfinitum , what sort of a life is that  ? What must it do to the way we think  about ourselves and everyone around us ? Again I ask how have we let this happen to our society  and our lives  ?

So next time also you go out  keep watching and if you see a way to help someone then do it  , it might  be just what they need too to make their day  , to brighten up their day just that little bit as it did for me . Try to watch out and try to not let ourselves become the people we  hate the most , the ones that bang into us because we are not in their little world so cannot see us , we are in danger of becoming like that  if we don’t watch out and really too many are like that now for us to do the same when we know how to stop being like that . All we need is just a little compassion and a little caring now and then for others it could mean the world to them  , and to us too i the long run as it all  passes along . They  call it  ” pay it forward ”  so every time we help someone else we are in effect  helping ourselves somewhere  further down the line , it all adds up ad in the end makes us feel better too .

If I knew everything I didn’t know, I would know everything I don’t know so in that case I would know a lot about nothing.

Less is More

Less is more …. In that there is  not a thing we can do or use that has not been ” enhanced ” in some way  , I cannot think of anything we eat, drink, wash with, wash clothes with ,  clean our house with , spray on ourselves , paint on ourselves , adinfinitum  that has not in some way or another been what the so called experts say  ” enhanced ” for our own good . Enhanced to last longer , to do more , to make things better for us  and we should just shut up and use or do all these things  because they know better and we don’t.  So without even bothering to tell us anymore they add what they like to anything and everything  because it is , in their opinion  better for us , say what  ? Last time  I checked  filling our lives with so many chemicals  in so many areas  was not good for  anyone  so why do they think it is good for us ? Give you 1 clue $$$$ that is why they do it  , never mind anything else that is what it is done for us , whether we like/want it or not , also because we now go along blindly with all this  they have us  just like sheep going from 1 thing to another because they say it is good for us. We have been doing this for so long we don’t even notice it anymore and that is just wrong.

So now because  some of us have started questioning  this and reading labels  we are starting to find out just how many of our  things are enhanced and trust me it is more than you think . Start with the easy stuff , food , drink, washing detergent , cleaning agents , deodorants , paints, lawn food , clothes , actually it would be harder to say what is not enhanced  than try to  show you just how many things are . So much has been done to us for our own good that  I seriously doubt it can be stopped ,  it has been going on for too long to be stopped now it has a life of it’s own . It makes so much money for those who started all this there is no way it will ever be stopped  , if we do start trying to complain they just come up with some silly saying or other  and there you go  no more problem for them  not that they care about us anyway , we too easily fall for whatever guff they spout .

All we can do  is our best to minimize the damage to ourselves by  reading labels , yes it is a giant pain in the posterior  but it is either that or keep using this stuff we know is doing us harm . As well as all this there is the great big halal scam  ripping us off to fund the atrocities  that are going on all over the world . It is up to us to try to make a difference , if we care at all for ourselves and those we love , we have to try and not just be another sheep on the way to the slaughter house  blindly following the sheep in front of us. Reading labels has got to be something  we all start doing , if enough of us do this and start making choices   that are good for us and not the big companies then who knows ? Maybe just maybe we might begin to make a difference  , it is sure worth a shot  , I know it might not sound like much but if we all do it , it can make a difference . It does make shopping a lot longer  but it is so worth it to try and stop the rot somehow , we have to try  if we care at all.

Along with all this what we do not realise is that with all these chemicals  added to our lives  something else is going on , over the years because we have been told we must disinfect everything we do and everyone  we come in contact with we have done 1 terrible thing to ourselves . The more we disinfect everything the weaker our immune systems become , ever so slowly year by year  they get weaker  and we don’t even notice  it is all so subtle , it sneaks up on us and first thing we  know is  we are getting sicker quicker or  colds and flu  are taking a lot longer to shake .  For this reason alone we do these days really need to immunize , we now have to fight the chemicals they have been feeding us with yet another chemical to counteract the others , if we don’t suddenly people are dying of things we thought were eradicated . It is not just about us  but about all around us we all need to think of others .

Now we have people being born with all these defects  and allergies  that are increasing in number , more and more people are becoming  ” lactose intolerant ” nut intolerant ”  again ad infinitum , so many allergies these days it makes your  head spin  trying just to live . People are now being born with deformities   that would never have happened if we were not so chemically imbalanced  with the way nature intended us to be , we were never meant  to be filled with so many chemicals . We were meant to be natural , grow food naturally , drink pure liquids ,   wash without a million chemicals  , and clean without them too , we need to back track and go back to the way things used to be and stop letting the powers that be  order our lives for us . We need to try as much as we can  take back our lives  and try to live more naturally , not easy but can be done if we really try .

I know it won’t be easy  but if we do nothing then we achieve nothing and do not help ourselves 1 little bit , and we just get more and more  allergic to our surroundings . Less is more way more in fact the more we can cut down , or at least try to cut down on the chemicals we will find ourselves getting stronger in body and mind as a result . Our forefathers had it right when everything they did  was simple and it worked , we over think things too much now and we need to step back and go back , go back to trusting in the  less is more  way of life.

Cooked the kids, cleaned the dinner and bathed the house..what next.???