Less is More

Less is more …. In that there is  not a thing we can do or use that has not been ” enhanced ” in some way  , I cannot think of anything we eat, drink, wash with, wash clothes with ,  clean our house with , spray on ourselves , paint on ourselves , adinfinitum  that has not in some way or another been what the so called experts say  ” enhanced ” for our own good . Enhanced to last longer , to do more , to make things better for us  and we should just shut up and use or do all these things  because they know better and we don’t.  So without even bothering to tell us anymore they add what they like to anything and everything  because it is , in their opinion  better for us , say what  ? Last time  I checked  filling our lives with so many chemicals  in so many areas  was not good for  anyone  so why do they think it is good for us ? Give you 1 clue $$$$ that is why they do it  , never mind anything else that is what it is done for us , whether we like/want it or not , also because we now go along blindly with all this  they have us  just like sheep going from 1 thing to another because they say it is good for us. We have been doing this for so long we don’t even notice it anymore and that is just wrong.

So now because  some of us have started questioning  this and reading labels  we are starting to find out just how many of our  things are enhanced and trust me it is more than you think . Start with the easy stuff , food , drink, washing detergent , cleaning agents , deodorants , paints, lawn food , clothes , actually it would be harder to say what is not enhanced  than try to  show you just how many things are . So much has been done to us for our own good that  I seriously doubt it can be stopped ,  it has been going on for too long to be stopped now it has a life of it’s own . It makes so much money for those who started all this there is no way it will ever be stopped  , if we do start trying to complain they just come up with some silly saying or other  and there you go  no more problem for them  not that they care about us anyway , we too easily fall for whatever guff they spout .

All we can do  is our best to minimize the damage to ourselves by  reading labels , yes it is a giant pain in the posterior  but it is either that or keep using this stuff we know is doing us harm . As well as all this there is the great big halal scam  ripping us off to fund the atrocities  that are going on all over the world . It is up to us to try to make a difference , if we care at all for ourselves and those we love , we have to try and not just be another sheep on the way to the slaughter house  blindly following the sheep in front of us. Reading labels has got to be something  we all start doing , if enough of us do this and start making choices   that are good for us and not the big companies then who knows ? Maybe just maybe we might begin to make a difference  , it is sure worth a shot  , I know it might not sound like much but if we all do it , it can make a difference . It does make shopping a lot longer  but it is so worth it to try and stop the rot somehow , we have to try  if we care at all.

Along with all this what we do not realise is that with all these chemicals  added to our lives  something else is going on , over the years because we have been told we must disinfect everything we do and everyone  we come in contact with we have done 1 terrible thing to ourselves . The more we disinfect everything the weaker our immune systems become , ever so slowly year by year  they get weaker  and we don’t even notice  it is all so subtle , it sneaks up on us and first thing we  know is  we are getting sicker quicker or  colds and flu  are taking a lot longer to shake .  For this reason alone we do these days really need to immunize , we now have to fight the chemicals they have been feeding us with yet another chemical to counteract the others , if we don’t suddenly people are dying of things we thought were eradicated . It is not just about us  but about all around us we all need to think of others .

Now we have people being born with all these defects  and allergies  that are increasing in number , more and more people are becoming  ” lactose intolerant ” nut intolerant ”  again ad infinitum , so many allergies these days it makes your  head spin  trying just to live . People are now being born with deformities   that would never have happened if we were not so chemically imbalanced  with the way nature intended us to be , we were never meant  to be filled with so many chemicals . We were meant to be natural , grow food naturally , drink pure liquids ,   wash without a million chemicals  , and clean without them too , we need to back track and go back to the way things used to be and stop letting the powers that be  order our lives for us . We need to try as much as we can  take back our lives  and try to live more naturally , not easy but can be done if we really try .

I know it won’t be easy  but if we do nothing then we achieve nothing and do not help ourselves 1 little bit , and we just get more and more  allergic to our surroundings . Less is more way more in fact the more we can cut down , or at least try to cut down on the chemicals we will find ourselves getting stronger in body and mind as a result . Our forefathers had it right when everything they did  was simple and it worked , we over think things too much now and we need to step back and go back , go back to trusting in the  less is more  way of life.

Cooked the kids, cleaned the dinner and bathed the house..what next.???

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