Chivalry …. It seems chivalry is not dead yet , well not entirely anyway , was very surprised  the other week when hubby and  I were out house hunting  ( no we didn’t catch any ) that  when we had need to get on public transport , every time I got on  someone  and mostly male if  I remember rightly got  up and gave me a seat . It has been a very long time since this happened  so as you  can imagine  I was  quite shocked by this  and also very very pleased  as  I had  by this time come to the conclusion  that it was well dead and buried .  It was a real relief to me too as by the time we boarded each time , my pain levels  were so high I wanted to scream  so being able to sit down just then was wonderful  it made a huge difference to me , made all the  travelling about  we were doing that little bit easier.

As no doubt most of you know now that  mostly people just  look to themselves and  no one else , they are so tied up in themselves that they neither see nor care about anyone else. Mostly these days heads are in phones or  they just do not notice if anyone needs a helping hand , so wrapped up in what they are doing  that the are blind to the world around them . This is why so many get killed because they are  virtually blind and deaf to the world around them , so sure that they are all that matters and the rest of the world  can go and get lost . Must come as a huge shock to them  then when  they get run over or fall off a building or some such thing  so  blind to their surroundings have they become  these days and it is just so very sad . Next time you go out just have a look at people walking about and see if you can see any actually watching what is going on around them.

So you can imagine my complete surprise  when  first 1 then another gave  me their seat on that week we were  travelling so much  and  I was so in need of being able to sit for a while , it has been so long  since it had happened  that  i just loved it , sure made things  just that little bit better . We need sometimes to be able to see things like this happen to keep our hopes up that someday  maybe  that people will learn to be nice to each other again  and will go back to the old ways of helping out our  fellow  people  it would be great . Each and every time too it was with a lovely smile   that the seats  were offered  , which also made me feel that bit better  no one seems to smile at anyone anymore  they all seem to be so worn down with how their lives are going  it is such a shame when you think about it.  Makes you wonder what goes on in their worlds  that makes them so introspective , so self absorbed  , that they see almost nothing else , are their lives so stressful that they just shut themselves away in their own little cocoons  so they can handle what life is dishing out to them  ?

I know only too well how it can be , so much to do , so little time it seems to get anything done so it is all rush  rush rush  no time to stop  and think about anything , they might just change their  ways  if they actually had time  to stop and think . Society has them going almost 24/7  now , you have to  rush to work , to shop , to do anything  , gone are the days when you could just take your time  and enjoy what you are doing , or take any time off to enjoy the scenery , just no time anymore  for any of the fun things in life . Wake up , get ready , go to work, come home , have dinner , go to bed , repeat adinfinitum , what sort of a life is that  ? What must it do to the way we think  about ourselves and everyone around us ? Again I ask how have we let this happen to our society  and our lives  ?

So next time also you go out  keep watching and if you see a way to help someone then do it  , it might  be just what they need too to make their day  , to brighten up their day just that little bit as it did for me . Try to watch out and try to not let ourselves become the people we  hate the most , the ones that bang into us because we are not in their little world so cannot see us , we are in danger of becoming like that  if we don’t watch out and really too many are like that now for us to do the same when we know how to stop being like that . All we need is just a little compassion and a little caring now and then for others it could mean the world to them  , and to us too i the long run as it all  passes along . They  call it  ” pay it forward ”  so every time we help someone else we are in effect  helping ourselves somewhere  further down the line , it all adds up ad in the end makes us feel better too .

If I knew everything I didn’t know, I would know everything I don’t know so in that case I would know a lot about nothing.

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